Sunday, December 30, 2007

Entertainment Abroad

I thought that I was going to take a relaxing vacation over break that would allow me to leave behind Hollywood and my role as Entertainment Director. While my stay in Huatulco, Mexico was certainly wasn't entertainment free.
My resort was home to more than one celebrity on vacation. I was fortunate enough to hang out with Zach Levi, star of NBC's Chuck, and Joel Moore, one of the stars of "Dodgeball" and "Grandma's Boy".
This encounter wasn't just a "view from afar". Trust me most views from afar don't get a close up of a celebrity's ass (Zach mooned my friend Taylor and I more than once). And, a view from afar doesn't include playing "find the stick" (get your minds out of the's a pool game!)
I was really impressed with how nice these guys were. They weren't celebrities (even though when I went back to my room at night I frequently saw Zach on TV), they were just a couple of guys looking to have a good time.
I played two truths and lie with Zach...I'll give you his and let you try to pick out the lie. For the record, I guessed it on the first try ;)

1.) He drives a Mercedes
2.) He has gone sky-diving with Paris Hilton
3.) He is allergic to hay

For the answer reply to this post and I'll put up Zach's lie!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The apple doesn't far fall from the tree after all

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS IS PREGNANT!!! Holy crap. So we all know that Britney is a screw up. You'd have thought that her 16 year old little sister, Jamie Lynn, would have learned from her mistakes. Apparently NOT. The star of the Nickelodeon series "Zoey 101" has confirmed to "OK Magazine" that she is, indeed pregnant. Spears said that she informed her mother over Thanksgiving and that the father is her boyfriend.
This whole situation just boggles my mind. I thought she had so much potential. She seemed so against all the things Britney was getting in trouble for. And, seriously, we are living in an age where there is absolutely NO excuse for not using contraception. I know it isn't 100 percent effective. BUT, combine birth control with a condom and you've got yourself a pretty solid line of defense. To think that Jamie Lynn could throw away any potential for a future career, and jeopardize the role she already has (yeah Nickelodeon, try explaining this one to the parents of the tweens that watch her show)because she failed to have safe sex is truly incredible. I hope it was worth it.
Good news though. The CW just announced they will be filming a real life Gilmore Girls style reality series based on Jamie Lynn and her child. It will just be the red-neck version. I really think it could go places.
In other good news, Jamie Lynn won't have to worry about staying sober during her pregnancy considering how she is still FIVE years away from even being able to BUY alcohol.
I'm thinking the Spears family gene pool could use a good shock of chlorine right about

Monday, December 17, 2007

It IS the holiday season...SO LET'S GIVE SOME STUFF AWAY!!!

Alright loyal the spirit of the holiday season I am giving away some great entertainment prizes. You want to win the "Balls of Fury" or "American Pie: Beta House" DVDs, a Bourne Supremacy key chain, and some killer shot glasses? I thought you might. All you have to do to win is respond to this post with your name and email. The best part is, I'll be delivering the goods whether you've been NAUGHTY or NICE ;)

While you're at it...I want some ideas for new year's resolutions. What can Ebuzz do to better your entertainment experience? What are we lacking in the show and/or blog that you think should be part of our new year's campaign for a more entertaining 'U'?
Don't be shy!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now THIS is entertainment...

In the midst of the writer's strike, and the fact that it's past one in the morning, I was contemplating watching reruns to put me to sleep, when the sounds of child-like screaming aroused me from my almost slumber. Thanks to a deep-rooted tradition fire alarms at the nearby dorms forced students out into the chilly night for the annual snow ball fight. I, from the comfort of my heated apartment, sat watching and listening to the truly entertaining display. Who needs television when you have freshman and athletes hauling snow at each other? Take that WGA. Take that.

A note, since I've started writing, the DPS is now involved. Kids are wrestling in the parking lot. There is still much yelling, large amounts of snow are being tossed across the street, and I'm pretty sure some girl just face-planted while trying to dodge a potential blow. If only I were out there documenting this effort I'd have something a visual to accompany my stunning editorial skills. As it is cold, I'm too lazy to go get a camera, and being plastered with a snow ball doesn't seem like a great way to end my day, this will just have to suffice.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Holidays!

As it is the season for giving..."The Entertainment Buzz" has a gift for you. Get in the holiday spirit and feel free to sing along ;)

Jessica Alba is Knocked Up!

Reports have confirmed that super-hot Hollywood sensation Jessica Alba is pregnant. Alba and beau Cash Warren are expecting their first child sometime this summer. Alba is still slated to star in a number of upcoming films, including: "The Eye" and "The Love Guru".
Is it just me or is there something in the water in Hollywood right now?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top Holiday Movies!

Hey all you Ebuzzers. If you have already checked out the holiday edition of "The Entertainment Buzz" then you already know we featured some of the all time greatest Holiday films to help get you in the spirit.
I want to hear what movies make your list! Below are my personal top ten and a brief reason why. Come on now, don't be shy, I know you are a closet "Miracle" fan ;) So share the wealth! It is the season of giving.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
-I'm talking the original. Granted I love the Jim Carrey edition, but I grew up with the cartoon and I am all about tradition.

2. A Christmas Story.
- "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!" Need I say more?

3. Home Alone
- I think I had a minor celebrity crush on Makuley Caulkin (sorry about the spelling, I'm too lazy to look it up).

4. The Family Stone
- This isn't so much a classic, but it's certainly a new favorite. The cast blew me away. How can you go wrong with the likes of Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson, Claire Daines, and Craig T. Nelson? You can't.

5. A Christmas Carol
-I always had a soft spot of Ebenezar Scrooge, especially when he was a muppet.

6. I'll Be Home for Christmas
- Ok so this one didn't win any awards for being a cinematic masterpiece. The fact that it's stars include Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Adam Lavorgnia, and Jessica Biel say a lot about it's quality as a film. But, I watched this with my friends on my 16th birthday (which is basically like having a Christmas party considering how close my birthday is to Christmas), and it has given me good memories ever since. And, for the record, I like this movie BEFORE Jessica Biel became a mega-star.

7. Santa Claus
- Tim Allen isn't just a comedic genius, he is a comedic genius from the State of Michigan...which automatically makes him a winner in my book. Seeing him in the fat suit was the icing on the cake for me.

8. Christmas with the Kranks
- Again not a classic. And honestly I didn't pick another Tim Allen movie on purpose. To be honest I am not even that big a fan of the film, but I LOVE the book that the movie is based on. John Grisham wrote it and the message has, on more than one occasion, hit a little too close to home.

9. What a Wonderful Life
- Get over the fact that it's in Black and White. This is Christmas at its finest. The only reason it is so low on my list is because I kind of forgot about it when I was talking about one and two. I could cut and past but you get the point.

10. The Polar Express
- Chris Van Alsburg (A Michigan man, might I add) won me over as a child with his book. I cried every time I read it as a child. I can honestly say I cried watching the movie too. Tom Hanks was incredible in this Robert Zemekis film. For me, this is what the holidays is all about.

(11.) Cheaper By the Dozen
- I didn't know where to add this film. It came out I think on Christmas day, and it has a holiday scene, so I'm considering it a holiday film. Again the ensemble cast does it for me. Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, and Ashton Kutcher. This is a feel good film that is good for any time of the year.

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What is...a Heart Attack?

I'll take medical conditions that will send a celebrity to the hospital for 100 please.

This cardiac condition was the reason for my recent hospital stay.

What is...a minor heart attack, Alex?

Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner. Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek has suffered a minor heart attack and has been hospitalized. The 67 year old television host was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical center where he was treated on Tuesday. He was expected to remain a couple of days for testing and observations.

In the middle of a writers strike, this could not have come at a worse time for TV executives. Jeopardy! has been one of the top rated syndicated TV programs for more than 20 years. The two-time Emmy award winner will be back, says a rep, and taping of Jeopardy will resume.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

An Award for What?

The Grammy nominations have come out. Amy Whinehouse is in the running for multiple awards after her big year of hits including the fan favorite "Rehab". My question, however, is this: Should we be celebrating someone who has made a career out of doing drugs? Think about it. Part of "Rehab"'s popularity was the fact that it mimicked Whinehouse's real life. I am not saying that she is not a talented musician. Barry Bonds is a talented baseball player. But should he be inducted in the hall of fame and given award after award if he used steroids and in effect cheated? Should we, as a society, celebrate someone who achieved greatness even if they did so only because they broke the rules? I would never want my children looking up to someone like Whinehouse. Musicians do drugs. It's a cliche that unfortunately is often too true. But is it right?
Let's look at this situation on a smaller scale. I know of a high school student who was caught drinking alcohol at her senior party. The day before she had been named the school's "All Around Senior", the most prestigious of her high school's awards. As a result she was stripped of that title. I don't think that was unfair. High school athletes caught drinking and/or doing drugs are suspended, many lose the chance at college scholarships. Why shouldn't these same principles extend to Hollywood and celebrity culture?
I am not saying that Amy Whinehouse should/could never be awarded for her work. Let's say years down the road she has proven her sobriety, and the work she was going to be awarded for was produced without the influence of drugs or alcohol, then that would be acceptable. It just makes me sick to think that she will most likely walk away from this with one, if not more, of music's most coveted prizes over someone who has put together equally good material and is equally talented who doesn't do drugs.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Check out J.B.!

I had the chance to interview Michigan football players Chad Henne and Jake Long about their upcoming roles in the University's production of "J.B."
Check it out here!

Ashely Tisdale's New Beak

Unlike another Hollywood Ashley (that's right Ms. Simpson I'm talking about you), Ashley Tisdale has decided to come clean about her recent plastic surgery. Then again, she didn't really have much to come clean about. Tisdale had a nose job to fix a deviated septum (so THAT explains her whiny voice!). Don't worry High School Musical fans, Ashley says she'll be good to go before the filming of HSM 3. The Hilary Duff wannabe claims that she doesn't believe normally in plastic surgery but understands that it can have serious health benefits, and in this case was an absolute necessity.
The Entertainment Buzz will keep a close eye out to make sure that surgeon didn't give her a two-for-one. Then again, it would be clearly obvious if she had a boob job.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Michigan Pops Orchestra Goes WILD!!!

I had the chance to take a behind the scenes look at the Michigan Pops Orchestra as they prepare to GO WILD for their December 2nd concert. Tickets are only 8 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for students. You can Go Wild too at 7pm Sunday night at the Michigan Theatre.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


SO as promised the Colbert Report swag has arrived and "The Entertainment Buzz" is giving it away. All you have to do to win is reply to this post with your name and email. Also tell me why you love Ebuzz!

Justin Bua Interview

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with famed graphic artist Justin Bua. If you weren't able to catch his interview on "The Entertainment Buzz" here is your chance to check it out!

Check out GIMBLE!!!

The Entertainment Buzz had a very special guest...the acapella group GIMBLE dropped by the studio to promote their upcoming concert at the U. Check out a sample of their music and our interview here!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jessica's Thanksgiving treat

Jessica Simpson had leftovers for Thanksgiving...Carrie Underwood's leftovers to be exact. Apparently Simpson brought home Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo home for the holiday.
I don't really have anything else to say on the matter. I could care less about Jessica's love life. I was/and always will be a Nick and Jessica fan so I am still holding out hope for a Desperate Housewives-esque reunion.
Speaking of can catch him Wednesday night on NBC as he co-hosts the Christmas from Rockefeller center celebration with Disney channel star Ashley Tisdale. I think Carrie Underwood might actually be set to the by.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

15 and singing

Do you remember your fifteenth birthday? Miley Cyrus will remember hers. She celebrated with more than 15,000 friends who were lucky enough to get tickets to her Nashville show. Those fans sang to Cyrus at the end of her "Best of Both Worlds" show. She even had a cake delivered onstage. The concert ended with what has made Miley such a marketable household name: her family. She and dad Billy Ray teamed with her guitar playing sister to sing their hit single, "Ready Set, Don't Go".
I just hope Miley continues to stay out of trouble so her 18th birthday celebration won't be from rehab.

Hogan must not know best

So I was sitting in the tanner today enjoying the fake rays that will ultimately lead me to get some sort of disease or skin cancer, when I heard over the radio that the Hogans are getting a divorce.
Any of you that have watched "Hogan Knows Best" have probably seen this coming for a while. But, if you're anything like me, you'd hoped that Hulk and Linda were being over-dramatic for the camera's sake and would fix their relationship with some well timed and television therapy sessions. It was not to be. Which brings me to my point for the day. If you want your relationship to last DON'T PUT IT ON A REALITY TV SHOW. Case in point: Nick and Jessica, Britney and KFed, all of the Bachelor seasons... The list goes on.
I actually feel bad for Brooke and Nick. Right now, more than ever, Nick needs his parents (if you haven't been reading this blog or keeping up on your E news, Nick will be going to court for the accident he was in that left his friend in critical condition). And Brooke is going to need a shoulder to cry on when she realizes her career is going nowhere faster than the Hulk can rip an opponent to shreds in the ring.
Mostly I am just upset because this could very well mean the end of Hogan Knows Best which is just about the only reality show (if you could call it that) that I watch.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dolphin Drama and Oprah's new favorite thing

So "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere tried to be a hero...and as a result has a warrant out for her arrest.
The teen starlet made a trip to Japan recently to help save dolphins from fisherman. Her escapade was caught on tape and a tearful Hayden made for some great entertainment news drama. Her actions, however, have prompted legal action. Hayden doesn't seem too worried and says that it would be worth it even if she did suffer consequences.

And, from one teen starlet to another...Oprah Winfrey is showing off one of her favorite things this Wednesday...MILEY CYRUS. I know, I'm sick of talking about her too...but she's just THAT popular right now. I figure if Oprah loves her, than it's ok for Ebuzz to love her too. Miley will be bringing dad Billy Ray along for the show. I wonder what surprises will be in store for audience members. I suppose just getting tickets to see the tween queen was gift enough (seeing as how concert tickets are selling out in seconds and going for thousands of dollars).
Bottom line: It's good to be Miley Cyrus.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saying goodbye on CSI

I have watched CSI since it first appeared on CBS in 2000. Part of its continous appeal has been the relatively steady cast. But now, after being a primetime staple for over 7 years, one of the main stars is stepping down. Jorja Fox, the 39 year old actress who plays Sara Sidle, is making this season her last. Apparently the star has other career options she wants to pursue, and because she feels CSI will remain a CBS staple for years to come, has decided to pull the plug now while she still can.
Fox was almost cut from the show a few years back when she and co-star George Eads were briefly fired over contract disputes. CBS was quick to re-hire the dynamic duo, and since the cast situation has been relatively calm.
I am dissapointed. For me this marks the beginning of the end. It takes me back to Jessica Biel's departure from 7th Heaven. Once she left you knew the show was basically over. And even though 7th Heaven trudged on for more seasons ratings slumped, loyal fans disappeared, and the shows overall excitement collapsed. Will the same happen on CSI? Fox's character was finally starting to get interesting. Her relationship with Grissom was, for the first time in two seasons, finally going somewhere. And just when she asserted herself as a integral part of the series, it's all over.
I am certain the show will survive. But I fear the end result will be much like that of 7th Heaven. More cast members will eventually follow suit and a hollow shell of the show will remain. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that audiences barely notice Fox's departure. But who am I kidding? Would you not notice if Lana Lang got killed off in Smallville? I think not, because up until this point she has been an integral character, and although she may not be important in the futre of the show's plot, she will always be a storyline staple.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can One Tree Hill survive the fast forward?

"One Tree Hill"...if you haven't seen it, you've at least heard of it. Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz have for years lit up the screen as a group of-way to mature and old for their age- high school kids. The subject matter had been adult, the story lines have been adult, and now, finally after years of being stuck in high school, the characters will finally be "adult". But how do you catch viewers up when you put your central characters in a messed up super-time warp? Can you maintain a show that has seemingly moved away from its once target audience? One Tree Hill was a HIGH SCHOOL drama. If you look at the demographics you'll find that when it was on the WB it was the 13-20 year olds that were watching. So will those same 13-20 year olds, now a good four to five years older still want to watch? And, if they don't, will the new high school generation want to pick up where they left off?
I'm going to say no. But THE CW is hoping that they will. That's why they have held the first episode for a mid-season premiere. And, that's why they are pushing it hard core on the internet. Only time will tell.

In Case You Missed It

SO if you live under a rock (or just off-campus) and weren't able to catch EBUZZ last week you missed out. We had singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs in the studio. Because I love you guys so much I've decided to post part of her interview online. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You are so Sueable to me

Ok so I admit it's cheesy as hell that I used a title of a "Hannah Montana" episode to describe the current Entertainment News section...but hey I do my research and I like to be witty, so there you have it.
Apparently a parent of an obsessed Miley Cyrus fan has filed suit after she discovered joining the Hannah Montana fanclub DIDN'T automatically mean you'd get a ticket to the show. The parent thought her forty dollar fee would get her exclusive ticket deals...yeah you and a few trillion other parents with the same idea. I honestly want to know how much money that fan club is raking in. Damn.
Here is the deal...Miley Cyrus herself has said that her concert is not worth the outrageous ticket prices. AND, if you really want to see Miley perform and can't get tickets, Disney has found a way to make THAT happen too. Apparently her concert will be put in three-D and played in movie threatres in the near future. So honestly, let's not get our panties in a twist over a CONCERT.
What are we teaching our children if we put this much emphasis on something this superficial? Maybe I am just jealous because I know my mother would NEVER have gone to such extremes to get me a ticket for a show. Then again, thanks mom. I appreciate the fact that you were so realistic.

Regina King interview

It's holiday movie season...and the Entertainment Buzz has your hookup. We went to Detroit to interview Regina King about her latest film and the holiday movie "This Christmas". Check it out!

La Lohan Lowdown: Community service edition

Thanks to TWO DUI convictions, Lindsay Lohan has some community service to do...and she got her start by helping out the Red Cross. The actress had been sentenced to four days behind bars...but prosecutors cut her a deal in exchange for ten days of community service.
Is it just me or would anyone else really like to see Lohan out on the side of a highway wearing a bright orange vest picking up trash? When I think community service I think "Gilmore Girls". Come on, all you closet Lorelai fans know what I'm talking about. Rory had to do community service after stealing a yacht. She too had to walk around wearing a bright orange vest and picking up trash. It was the highlight of that season.

Monday, November 12, 2007


So the Colbert Report may be on hiatus due to the ever-annoying writers strike...but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy Steven's hilarity! Not only can you run out and buy his new DVD in can also win some awesome Colbert swag courtesy of the Entertainment Buzz. If you want to be a winner just reply to this post with your name and email! And, as always keep watching The Entertainment Buzz on WOLV TV!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miley meets her match

SO you think Miley Cyrus has it all? (Ok, I do too, but still...hear me out). A conversation on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning show might convince you otherwise. Currently the tween queen is without an allowance. Why? She's grounded! I know, I'm laughing too. It's one thing to get grounded (what 14 year old hasn't?), but it's another to have your crime and punishment splattered on the internet and radio.
Apparently Cyrus tried to put on Juicy suit after one of her recent concerts. Upon leaving her dressing room mom Tish noted that it showed too much of her stomach and ordered her to change. Miley, much like myself, was stubborn and decided not to change. Bad move. As a result the star missed a meet and great, lost her cell phone, and ended up grounded. But my question is this: How do you ground a celebrity?
Gee Miley you can't go out with your friends Friday night. Oh wait! You couldn't go out with your friends anyways because you had to do a concert at a sold out venue. And Miley I'm taking away your allowance. So you'll only get to wear the designer clothes you already own and use the things you already have. And, if that weren't enough, you can't watch your own show on TV! Ha. Take that.
OK, so I'm sure there are real consequences. And I'm sure Miley regrets getting grounded (or maybe not). What I like most about this story is that there are actually consequences for her actions. Kudos to her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, for setting groundrules and not letting her newfound stardom get the best of her. Maybe if Britney and Lindsay's parents had played similar roles they wouldn't be where they are today.

If you want to hear Miley talk about her crime and punishment it's all online: Miley's in trouble!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nick Hogan to face adult criminal charges

Nick Hogan may be a skilled drift-car racer in "Hogan Knows Best", but his abilities behind the wheel couldn't keep him from smashing his Toyota Supra into a tree in August. Hogan sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the next day, but his passenger, 22 year old John Graziano wasn't wearing his seatbelt and as a result was critically injured. He is STILL being hospitalized.
The 17 year old son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is being booked on criminal charges. He turned himself in to the police on Wednesday. Hogan's lawyers seem confident that in court the situation will be deemed an accident. In the meantime they have released a statement on behalf of the Bollea (Hogan) family. The statement claims that as a result of the accident the Hogans will campaign for seatbelt use.
My question is this: If Nick ends up being found guilty, and does prison time, does "Hogan Knows Best" go behind bars?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can't get enough Colbert? Catch him on DVD! AND...Should we care about Katie?

On this campus I know that there are A LOT of Colbert fans. I also know that homework can sometimes impede the TV process. So if you want a laugh on-demand check out "The Best of the Colbert Report" now on DVD. The educated masses have long been rejoicing about Colbert's witty and unique political perspectives. This DVD captures his best moments.

Now to my rant of the day. I am sick and tired of seeing Katie Homes/Cruise in the headlines. Besides marrying Mr. Scientology himself and giving birth to their alien child (just kidding-but Suri? Come on.), Katie has managed to do a whole lot of diddly squat with her career as of late. Yeah running in a marathon is great. Would you like an award? Check that, yes she wanted an award, and she got one...a big fat headline! For three years the star has been off the big screen (her last role was 2005's "Thank You for Smoking"). When "Mad Money" due for a 2008 release, finally appears in theatres I don't know if I'll be ready to rejoice or if I should cry. Life without Holmes in Hollywood hasn't been all that bad. Let's think back to Katie's more memorable projects shall we? So we all know about Dawson's Creek. Yeah for a successful WB teen-soap. So that ends and where do we go from here?---"First Daughter". Yeah I'm guessing you didn't see it. Probably because it was a rip off of Mandy Moore's "Chasing Liberty"...or maybe it was because you heard how bad it sucked. Things got brighter as Katie played opposite of Christian Bale in 2005's "Batman Begins". It was a box office success, but very little of that had to do with Holmes' presence in the film.
For me this was a dissapointment. I'll give. I was a Dawson's fan (granted I started watching right about the time they STOPPED taping...oh well), I wanted Katie to go on to great things...but let's face THAT cast she was far from the most talented. And that, my friends, is why almost three years after her last film hit theaters the once teen-queen is forced to run marathons, go on shopping sprees, and name her daughter Suri, in order to get her name in the headlines.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shia Sh*t-faced, Christina Carrying

ANOTHER celebrity arrest went down this weekend. Former Disney star and newly anointed teenage heart throb Shia LaBeouf was arrested in Chicago Sunday morning. The Transformers star was apparently drunk and disorderly in a drug store and when asked to leave refused, prompting security to call police. Authorities said that the star was "very courteous and polite".

Obviously this next headline comes as NO surprise to anyone who has been following entertainment news as of late. Christina Aguilera has finally confirmed that she does indeed have a bun in the oven. There goes her sex appeal. This will be the 26 year old singer's first child. She and husband, 30 year old Jordan Bratmann, were married in 2005. I hope she turns out to be a better mom than rival Britney Spears. Then again, Spears has set the bar pretty darn low. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling old seeing our generation's teen queens grow up?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheetah Girl cheated?

Can I just say how excited I am that Sabrina Bryan, Cheetah Girl and dancing with the star wanna be, was finally voted off the show last night.
Here's the deal: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. While I know millions can't get enough, it just isn't for me (I don't like American Idol either, if that makes you feel any better). So why would Sabrina's presence bother me? Because I am throughly sick of the ridiculous cross-promotion taking place within Disney! If ABC weren't promoting the show enough as is, Sabrina's presence made it excusable for the Disney Channel to plug the show. I thought Billy Ray being on it last year would be the end of the shameless self-promotion. But no! Not only did ABC bring Billy Ray AND Miley, back to DWTS, they added ANOTHER Disney channel celebrity to the mix. You couldn't watch a Disney Channel show, or movie without seeing a "behind the scenes look" at DWTS and Sabrina. Now that she is gone we'll probably be seeing the motivational "don't give up, Sabrina's triumph after DWTS" special.
I wouldn't care except I happen to watch a Disney channel movie once in a while (Harry Potter was on the other day, I'm a fan), and I HATE seeing those shameless plugs every two minutes. Granted I know that's how the system works. With Billy Ray I didn't even mind it so much. He was a) an actual celebrity (YES ACHY BREAKY HEART COUNTS!) and b) he was really good looking. But Sabrina, she's got nothing. Are the Cheetah Girls even on the radio? (and by radio I mean a station NOT Radio Disney).

Bond, Leno, and Britney Oh My!

Ok, I have just enough time for quick recaps on these awesome entertainment stories. So, help me out and post your thoughts.

Let's start with James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan. Allegedly he hit a photographer and as a result is under police investigation. Now I know Brosnan is losing his edge, I mean he did lose his Bond title to the very sexy Daniel Craig, but that is not excuse to go hauling off and hitting a photographer. Besides, Pierce, if you're going to do it at least be all stealthy and cool about it. Didn't they let you keep any of those Bond gadgets from the set? You could have used SOMETHING to at least mask your get away. Tiss tiss.

So it's pretty much official, Jay Leno is out and Conan O'Brien is in for the Late Show starting in 2009. Should we care? Leno has been around the block a few times, and it's highly doubtful he'll give up his mic for good... At the same time he is the kind of late night ratings, and the network could take a dive by putting O'Brien in his place. I have a feeling there is more to this story than is being released to the press. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next year. I suspect something big is in the works for Leno...I doubt the king of late night comedy would hand over his coveted late night spot unless he had something better up his sleeve. Retirement? Nah, he's got some time.

Finally, Britney. I feel sorry for her everytime I open up an entertainment website or magazine. This girl just can't get ANYTHING right. I mean look who she's hanging out with right now...TONY ROMO. Romo, for those of you not familiar with football or entertainment, is the left overs of one, Carrie Underwood. Ms. Underwood has moved on to bigger and better things (I.E. Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford). I can't tell who settled for less in this one, Romo who just got a HUGE contract extension from Dallas and is riding a one-loss season thus far, or Britney who just dropped a new album and is currently working to rebuild that image of hers. I'd say for now, they are the same...perfect for each other's image. The story here, by the way, is actually the fact that Brit still doesn't have equal custody of her kids. Apparently more than one intelligent human being in the form of a judge agrees Brit needs to keep working to get her life in gear BEFORE she takes on the parent roll.
By the way, if I'm Brit's lawyers I am loving this right now. She is paying them a shitload so they can fight a case EVERYONE knows they won't win. Everytime they reappear in court they are counting the legal fees. Then again they should get paid big for having to deal with the public affairs disaster that Brit has turned out to be.

So that was entertainment today in a nutshell. For more be sure to watch this week's episode of The Entertainment Buzz on WOLV TV!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Backstreet Boys, are they unbreakable?

I couldn't help but smile as I woke up this morning. My late nineties obsession was the Backstreet Boys. I wasn't allowed to put their posters on my wall, but if I could, they would have covered every square inch. I even got to meet Kevin while at the Superbowl in Tampa. This was when TRL was still cool, mind you. Either way, I always rushed out the first day one of their albums dropped so that I could start memorizing their catchy pop ballads.
And so today, on the first day of the release of yet another album, "Unbreakable", I couldn't help but smile. I already have the tracks on my Ipod. Even Kevin-less the Backstreet Boys have managed to find a way back into my heart. Maybe I like the music because it takes me back to a time of innocence, and fun-before college, exams, term papers, and work. It reminds me of a period when music was a culture that permeated the hallways of my junior high school. We used to dance to "Bye Bye Bye" (Nsync was another favorite), and sing along with "Oops I did It Again". And, while Britney's comeback may be more vocalized, and less successful, the Backstreet Boys slip back into mainstream from almost obscurity is just plain refreshing.
The songs on the album most closely resemble their first work. The harmonies are tight, the lyrics profound, and the rhythm enchanting. If anything, the boys have gotten better with age. What impresses me most is that they stuck with their bases. They could have gone more techno, or rock for that matter, but instead they stuck to the soulful ballads that put them on the map. So while the boy band phase has faded, sorry to all those 98 degrees, LFO, and LMNT groupies out there, and solo acts have stolen the spotlight (Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, etc.) the Backstreet Boys continue to prove that they are "Invincible".

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Entertainment Buzz has a ton of great giveaways! If you would like to be the winner of TWO tickets to see Jenny Owen Youngs live, a Dr. Steve-O Swag bag, or some great stuff from the upcoming American Gangster, just leave you name and email in a reply!
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brit's "Blackout" really best ever?

The critics can't seem to get enough of it...and I'm NOT talking about another Britney paparazzi encounter, or a crazy live performance, I'm talking her latest album: "Blackout".
Apparently every one of the 12 tracks on her most recent studio album, the first in four years, is solid. Spears should be sure to thank her producers, because we all know it isn't her vocal talent making the album shine. My question is this: Even with 12 critically acclaimed songs, can Brit bounce her way back to the top of the charts? In other words, can one great album salvage a rapidly diminishing career?
I have never thought Britney's success has come at the hands of her music. Granted people couldn't get enough of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" or "Oops I did it Again", but was it really the song they were attracted to? The music video was what made "Hit Me" a hit. And I'm pretty sure MTV played the "Making the Video" for "Oops" as many times as humanly possible when that hit airwaves. Brit's success has always come thanks in large part to her persona. Without the steamy seductress, or not-so-innocent school girl, look I don't think she would have every pulled it off. Imagine Kelly Clarkson singing "Oops". No, really. Kelly's success has come because she has an amazing voice. She isn't a sex icon. And I don't think she'll disagree with me. Had Kelly sang "Oops" on American Idol she would have gotten voted off in the first round. The song only works with the sex appeal.
So, after the bald head, bad mom, MTV award show disaster of a year that Brit has had, will her sex appeal be enough to drive this album to success?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dr. Steve-O Swag Bag giveaway!!!

If you watched EBUZZ this week than you already know what to do! Just reply to this post with your name and email and YOU could be a winner!!!
Good luck, and don't forget to GET BUZZED!

Aren't the Nick Kid's Choice Awards in America bad enough?

I understand why the rest of the world looks to the United States for entertainment. We have CSI, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I would want a piece of the American pie too if I lived across the ocean. But there is some programming I think should stay within the States. For example, the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. A wretched excuse for an awards show, viewers tune in to see their favorite celebrities as presenters, winners, and everything in between. One lucky star will even get "slimed". The orange blimp means little to the winners, who show up mostly due to contractual obligations thanks to the upcoming or current promotion of their entertainment endeavors. So when I was scouring for something good to blog about, I just started laughing when I read the following headline: "Emma Watson is Named Nickelodeon's Best Actress". I never realized that was news. So, in a bout of curiosity and sheer boredom, I decided to read further. It turns out the English teen queen received her award in the first ever UK edition of the show. Nick even managed to drag their tween stars across the globe for the event (Emma Roberts picked up an award and she has a show on the network). Unfortunately for the Brits, the fan favorite High School Musical stars couldn't make the trip (someone was too busy attempting to erase her hard drive with all those nude photos on it).
Really though, the Kid's Choice Awards? Isn't it bad enough when broadcast in America? Did they have to take it overseas? I want to apologize to the Brits and ensure them that we have better programming than that here in the states. Really, we do.

Friday, October 19, 2007

S3E3 Table Talk- Miley Cyrus

This is the aforementioned video.

Hannah Montana madness part deux

We talked about it in last night's show (you can see clips from it on here soon)...but the madness continues. Yahoo! made it one of their entertainment headlines...and it's a scary trend sweeping the nation by storm...Hannah Montana tickets going for INSANE amounts of money. People are doing almost ANYTHING to get their hands on them. The average resale cost for a ticket is 240 dollars (not quite the cost of a Michigan vs. OSU ticket last year, but close).
So what is Disney doing about this Hannah Montana debacle? Making more money of course.
According to a Yahoo! music report, "The Walt Disney Co may have hit upon one way to quell the uproar. Disney's movie studio division said it will film the early "Hannah Montana" concerts using new digital technology.Then, for one week starting on February 1, 2008, it will screen the film in movie theaters using new three-dimensional technology."
I wonder how much tickets to THAT show will cost.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Real Gossip from Gossip Girl

A big thanks to our very own Gossip Guru for pointing this story out to me. My second favorite Gossip Girl hunk (Penn Badgley takes the cake), is rumored to be Carrie Underwood's new boy toy!
The very hot Chace Crawford and country musics latest 'it' girl, Carrie Underwood have been spotted canoodling at numerous Hollywood hot spots. According to US Weekly, the two have been dating since July when the 22 year old Crawford introduced himself to the 24 year old Underwood at "Hyde".
I am happy for Carrie. Chace is a MAJOR step up from Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.


I am ecstatic right now. Despite the fact I had an exam today, one tomorrow, and I got a paper back...I am almost literally jumping for joy. What could instigate such a response? The CW has officially given the Green Light to Gossip Girl! That means we're going to see at least an entire season of the hip new show. Loyal readers of my blog know that my obsession with the hot new teen drama came from the very conception of the show. I even have a Gossip Girl group that watches it with me every Wednesday night (they'll be over at 9 for sure). With a hot young cast that includes Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted), Penn Badgley (John Tucker Must Die, The Bedford Diaries), and Kristen Bell (Heroes, Veronica Mars) what's not to love?
Set in the Upper East Side, this drama is a refreshing departure from the California standard MTV and The O.C. had made us used to. A new setting means there is new drama, and creator Josh Schwartz isn't afraid to dish it out. If you haven't checked this show out yet move your mouse to and watch the episodes for free. Then turn your TV on tonight to catch what, in my opinion, is the hottest new show on television.

I Suck at Life...but so does Lindsay

I am a horrible entertainment director. Look at this. I have been neglecting my blog so that I could study for mid-terms. Shame on me. The closest thing I got to entertainment this past weekend, was watching "Georgia Rule" with my mom. And so, I shall rant about that, because was rant worthy.
I am glad I waited until just recently to see "Georgia Rule". Knowing Lindsay Lohan's real life drama made the movie all that more enjoyable (like a two on a scale of one to ten rather than just a one). I don't think Lindsay had to do a whole lot of 'acting' for her role. Granted the storyline was rather intense, and there were some scenes that required a stretch, but the part where she was a self-obsessed bitch...she nailed without effort. And that saddens me. I have always thought Lindsay could be a real acting talent. Despite her best efforts to screw her career up with roles in ridiculous films like "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" (when Hilary Duff turns down the role before you snatch it up, shouldn't that say something about the quality of the script?), and "Herbie: Fully Loaded", I have still hung on to the hope that she would be the Reese Witherspoon of our generation. Now I'm starting to think Hilary Duff has a better chance (did I really just say that? Whoa.).
"Georgia Rule" was well acted, horribly edited, and clumsily written. It has the potential to be a great just fell horrible, horrible, short. It made me laugh, but mostly I was laughing AT it, rather than WITH it (like the people that watch Ebuzz do when I tell a joke).
So I recommend this movie to you, not on its merits as a cinematic masterpiece, but rather because watching Lindsay play a role as a messed up teenager, during a time when she was a messed up teenager, is just well...enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baywatch HELP! The HOFF is down!

And to think I had picked Lindsay as being the next celebrity to relapse. WRONG! David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized as a result of a "a brief relapse". The Hoff's rep claims the actor checked himself in after recognizing the importance of receiving assistance from professionals. Can you blame the guy for relapsing though? Honestly I'd drink to if I had to judge "America's Got Talent". Good grief.

Monday, October 8, 2007


We've still got "Knocked Up" DVD's to give away. If you've been watching EBUZZ (like any intelligent person does) you know what you have to do to win. If not, I'm going to throw you a bone just for reading the blog. Just post a response to THIS with your name and email (feel free to comment on previous posts while your at it!).

La Lohan Lowdown...making a comback

So Lindsay is officially out of rehab. That can only mean one thing: La Lohan Lowdown should be making its comeback soon on EBUZZ. Not familiar with the Lowdown? Here is what you've been missing: We scrutinize Lindsay's every move- making fun of every ridiculous incident she partakes in from disastrous relationships to drunken car-wrecks. Now that she's out of rehab, the starlet is sure to make a new mistake ripe for the tabloid pickings...and when she does...Ebuzz will be there.
Honestly I'm getting sick of having to pick soley on Britney Lindsay hurry up and mess up so we have something good to blog about. I hope everyone knows I'm kidding. Drug and alcohol addiction is serious and I hope that anyone dealing with these issues gets the help they need. I'm perfectly content with Lindsay screwing up while sober ;)
Speaking of Brit. Her new video is out. It is really bad. I'd give you a comparison but I don't have one that bad to compare it to. I'd rather watch the video to "So Yesterday" twenty times in a row than watch Brit attempt to salvage her career again.

Friday, October 5, 2007

More BEE MOVIE stuff

So you got to see The Entertainment Buzz's interview with Jerry Seinfeld for "Bee Movie". Now check out the exclusive interview with the directors of the film...Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Indiana Jones and the cast of the stolen pictures

Steven Spielberg won't have to spend much time on the next Indiana Jones script. He'll be able to draw from real life experiences. According to reports DreamWorks, the company responsible for Indiana Jones 4...has informed police that certain items have been stolen from the set of the new film. Computers and photographs have been taken. The next film: Jones has to track down the culprits, save the top secret materials, and bring them back to Hollywood where they can be made into a blockbuster film!
I can see why people are so anxious to get their hands on the's taken 19 years for the fourth film to start development.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Um, can I get one for my birthday too?

So recently teen queen Hilary Duff said goodbye to her teen years as the singer/actress celebrated her 20th birthday. So what do you get one of the hottest stars on the planet when they have a birthday? Boyfriend Mike Comrie (I don't really get it either, he's a hockey player though) chose to go the four-wheeled route. When Duff opened up her garage she found a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV (valued at more than 100,000 dollars). Sounds like a winner to me.
It is going to make whatever I get for my birthday this year rather look rather lame. Then again...I'm rather lame so maybe that's fitting.

Hannah Montana tickets are selling for WHAT?!

I admit, there are some things I couldn't put a price on being able to see. For example, last year's Michigan Ohio State game. But, when I read that tickets to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus' concerts are selling for up to $2,562...I just about sh*t a brick.
I received a press release from the Van Andel theater in Grand Rapids, MI. The concert sold out in under four minutes. FOUR minutes...that's less time than it takes to listen to one of Miley's singles off her new album.
My question is this: When do you cross the line from reasonable to COMPLETELY insane in the world of ticket brokering? When is the government going to step in to put a cap on these outrageous prices? And does it matter? Are parents still going to shell out the big bucks for their kids to spend an hour in the same room as their idol?
At an interview I did yesterday I was talking to the entertainment reporter for the ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids. She has two little girls and they have been begging since the concerts were first announced to get tickets for the event. So both the reporter and her husband jumped on the phone/internet the minute tickets went on sale. Forget it. How do you tell your kids, "Sorry hunny but mommy and daddy can't afford to mortgage the house so we can take you to the concert."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld!!!

So I had the opportunity to chat with Jerry Seinfeld today about his new animated feature film "Bee Movie". You can see a sneak peak of that interview BEFORE it makes it's way onto EBUZZ right here!!!

SPEARS ORDERED TO GIVE UP CUSTODY OF KIDS...and Steve-O has a new show...should u watch?

A judge has ordered that Britney Spears give up the custody of her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline.
The judge pointed to Spears drug and alcohol use as one of the reasons for his decision. All transcripts from the preceding have been sealed, and seeing as how it was a closed door decision specific details of the decision are not available.
Spears may not have lost her children for good, however, as sources claim with a little help, if Spears gets her life on track, the 25 year old performer could regain custody at a future hearing. Spears and Federline are due back in court on Oct. 3.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of thrilled for Brit's kids that she can't have custody right now. No child deserves to grow up in that unstable of an environment. I do hope, for both Brit's sake, and the sake of her children, that she gets the help she needs so she can be in there lives. As much as I hate thinking of Brit as a mom, I hate more thinking of her kids without one. May this be a lesson to all the current tween queens (Vanessa Hudgens are you listening...this is especially for you), make wise decisions, as bad ones WILL come back to haunt you.

Now on a lighter note. USA network is hoping that all you "Jackass" fans will tune in tonight for the premiere of "Dr. Steve-O Will See you Now". Steve-O is donning a white jacket and hitting the street looking to rid the world of...well...the wuss.
Don't plan on taking this show seriously. Expect nothing more than you would from an episode of "Jackass". Situational humor and physical comedy are essentially THE entire content of the show...which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It provides a nice opposition to its Monday night competition. For example: "The Big Bang Theory" intelligent and witty comedy that is geared more toward the educated masses. There is no education required to view "Dr. Steve-O". This is pure, brainless fun. Below I've included a quick preview...just in case you want to check it out.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hey...have you seen "Knocked Up"? If you have you know by now it's the MUST have DVD of the season. If you haven't then you are probably aching to see it. The Entertainment Buzz is GIVING AWAY copies of the Unrated DVD!!!
Watch this week's episode of EBUZZ to find out what you have to do to win (*hint...if you are reading this then you might already know!).
Good luck...and remember each week to GET BUZZED!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Table Talk

The Entertainment Buzz taped it's first show of the season last night. I've uploaded the "Table Talk" section of the you can get a taste of what it's all about. While this wasn't our most controversial of Table Talks, it still has the potential to spark some dialogue, so let us know what you think! I had to upload in two parts, so I put them both below. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miley's pissed...

A video of Miley at the US Weekly Party shows that she didn't take to kindly to the rumors about her alleged pregnancy. According to mom Tish Miley screamed and cried and was severely shaken by the rumors. The person that made it up obviously doesn't know Miley because according to her mother "She has a purity ring".
I mean come on...that automatically means those rumors can't be true (NOT) about using the excuse that Miley IS ONLY 14!!! Can she even have children? It is nice to know that Miley is being brought up right. She claims she is very close to her family...and that is part of the reason she doesn't see herself turning into a Britney anytime soon. It is interesting to note that Brit's little sis Jaimie-Lynn made it to the party. Hopefully the younger Spears has learned from her sister's mistakes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

re-affirming my love for Gossip Girl

So sometimes Pilots can be deceiving. They promise one thing, and then deliver another. Not "Gossip Girl". After just viewing the second episode I have decided it is the best show I have seen in a LONG time.
It is better than the O.C. plus Laguna Beach plus any other teen drama you can conjure up.
Even book lovers like the show (ask "Gossip Guru", who texted me her support during tonight's show).
This is it folks. If you haven't seen it, get to the and watch it.

ANOTHER celebrity eating disorder, and Hayden and Milo?

In a shocking interview for MTVU's Halfof Brittany Snow becomes another one of the Hollywood's starlets to admit to having had an eating disorder. Snows story is drastic and scary, and reveals another side of the talented young star.
Brittany Snow claimed she first developed her disorder on the set of a soap opera when she was only 12 years old. "It kind of progressed into this thing where I needed to always be dieting and losing weight and more weight,"said Snow.
By the time the young actress turned fifteen, she was stepping on the scale as many as fifteen times a day, "before lunch, after lunch, during lunch...". And the numbers appearing beneath her withering frame were astoundingly low. At the time she weighed only 85 pounds...and to Snow that was 85 pounds too much.
"I knew that was a really low number and I knew that my hair was falling out and I had really weird skin. My face looked really weird and I was getting this fuzz on my face and I was always cold – always to the point of uncontrollably shaking," she says. " "I remember being scared but, I was more scared that 85 lbs. wasn't good enough. I wanted to be lower."
The eating disorder wasn't Snow's only problem. She soon began cutting herself. "I would look at the scars and what I had done to myself and that would convince me not to eat." The actress claimed she was crying out for help, hoping someone would see her and get her the help she needed.
Snow did get that help, at 19 she found herself in rehab being treated for depression and her eating disorder.
Today Snow STILL battles with food...the demons of her past always lurking nearby. She does have advice for individuals going through similar struggles, "It's very important to talk to anybody. Maybe the first step is just to talk to a friend about it." "It's really brave to go talk to somebody, but it's so important."

Snow wasn't the only celebrity to share a life-threatening story with fans. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Mary J. Blige also talked about their battles with depression and attempted suicides on the website. To view them go to

And while this story deserves a post of its own, I'm feeling lazy, so I'm tacking it onto here. While Hollywood rumors have been buzzing that Heroes stars Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere are dating...a cast member says not so fast. The fact that he's 30 and she's a18 haven't stopped the rumor mill, so Jayson Kyson Lee has. "The rumor is not true. Let's just end it there."
I'm right there with you. It actually creeps me out (as much as I love Milo) that the two of them would even CONSIDER dating. Ashton and Demi is one thing... But until less than a month ago Hayden wasn't even LEGAL! Besides I predict she will be the next Lindsay Milo my can do much better. Between that rumor and the Miley Cyrus pregnancy scare the Hollywood rumor mills have certainly had their hands full.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amanda Bynes for best

So the "Gossip Guru" and I went to check out "Sydney White" tonight. I paid five dollars for my ticket and I was tempted to ask for a refund.
As the "Guru" so kindly put it..."Amanda Bynes has about as good a chance as Paul Giamatti (for those of you in Ebuzz last year you get this inside joke) as winning 'best actress' at the Oscars".
Cate Blanchett look out. Bynes has your number. Hopefully she also has the number of a therapist, she is going to need one when the rest of Hollywood finally tells her how bad she sucked in this film.
So I'm being a bit harsh. I actually don't totally despise Amanda Bynes. Granted I loathed the "Amanda Show", couldn't stand "What I Like About You", and cringed at "She's the Man"...but I did like "Hairspray" enough to pay to see it twice!
What I hate the most is that I WANT to like Amanda Bynes. She is one of Hollywood's few good girls, and it seems like she actually works hard for her success. I get all hyped every time she has a new movie out because I think THIS could finally be the one. And then I see it, and I feel like I do right now: disappointed, sick to my stomach, and wishing I could turn back time.

There is some good news. I watched the pilot to "The Big Bang Theory" today. It was awesome. I was laughing so hard I got a stomach ache...which is funny because I laughed that hard at "Sydney White" too, only for different reasons (one of which being the final line "And they all lived Dorkily Ever After").
Right now I am watching the premiere of "Reaper" on the CW. I saw the preview while watching "Gossip Girl" (which I can't wait to see tomorrow night, by the way) and decided to turn it on. The only cast member I recognize is Missy Peregrym ("Stick It", "Heroes", "Life as we Know It"). Apparently she won't be resuming her role as the shape changing freak on Heroes. Sad. I love that show, and I feel it has more potential than this one.
Well sadly I have to resume my real life TIME OUT...sorry a new Neutrogena commercial just popped on with Hayden Panettiere...her line went something like this "People think washing your face is boring...NOT! Bored? Go wash your face!" I just about spit up my water. Kudos on the acting though. I actually believed she was excited about using her facial cleanser.
Ok that's enough of cynical Ebuzzed for tonight.

Even Batman can't save stuntman...and Keifer joins Lindsay, Paris, and the rest of the Hollywood drunks

Even Batman couldn't save a stuntman who lost his life while working on a project for the new Batman film: "The Dark Knight". According to reports the stunt driver was following the Batmobile around a stunt lot when his vehicle ran into a tree. Filming was not taking place at the time of the incident. None of the cast was reportedly involved in the accidnet. Chistopher Nolan's follow up to the successful 2005 Batman Begins, has been shooting in Chicago and is due out for release next year.

24's Keifer Sutherland was feeling left out. Apprently the actor felt Lindsay and Paris have been getting all the press for their run ins with the law, and thus the 40 year old actor decided to drink and drive so he too could join the DUI club.
The actor was arrested early this morning after pulling an illegal U-turn in West L.A. Sutherland's blood alochol level was .08, enough to charge him with driving under the influence. The actor was taken to jail where he was released several hours later after posting 25,000 in bail. Sutherland will appear in court October 16.
Personlly I'd love to see Jack Bauer behind bars. They should just build a celebrity prison. They could take all the money from fines handed out recently and invest in a new facility just for the rich and famous. It could be called "The almost Hilton". The facility could feature a "how to drive while drunk and not get caught" school, seeing as how none of the stars have seemed to figure out that its just not a good idea to drink and dive in the first place. Classes at the jail could include "how to program the number of your personal driver into your cell phone" and "how to say your ABC's backwards". These are all useful life skills for the rich and famous.

Also, why did actor Kevin Spacey have a chat with Hugo Chavez? Seriously what was going on there? I can't envision Spacey as a diplomat...and Chavez isn't exactly a best friend to the US. So besides the obvious topic of conversation (drugs) what else could the American Beauty star have in common with the leader of Venezuela? Spacey was very secretive about the meeting and wouldn't discuss topics of conversation afterwards. Then again, I wouldn't tell people about my drug dealing either if I were him. Maybe I'm being too critical. Maybe Kevin is truly out to help encourage the people of Venezuela to be more receptive to Hollywood and it's products. I mean seriously, Hollywood is in desperate need of more movie goers and greater revenues. Look at Spiderman didn't make ANY money at the box office (sorry I gaged on my own spit while writing that blatent lie).

Monday, September 24, 2007

Testing a "Widget"

p.s. I had no idea what a widget was before like, um, yeah today. So I'm testing it out.

Miley Cyrus pregnant? You have to be kidding me

So Miley Cyrus made the top of the Yahoo! search list again today. I always check the top searches to see if there is anything interesting. I almost skipped her name this time thinking I already knew why people were searching. Whoa, good thing I looked because man was I wrong.
You see I thought the search was about her new episode of Hannah Montana on Friday featuring the Rock (yup the one I interviewed), or about the 20/20 episode featuring Miley and Billy Ray, or even her outrageous ticket sales for her Oct 18 tour.
Instead I discovered people were buzzing about Miley because of a rapid internet rumor that claimed the 14 year old (that's right 14...) is pregnant! Whoever made that claim obviously has a lot of time on their hands and was incredibly bored. Out of all the stars they could have picked they went after the least likely of candidates for pregnancy. First of all, Miley may not even be physically mature enough to bare children. Second, if you read or even heard (it was all over the nightly entertainment news shows) about Miley's family life and strict upbringing, along with the fact that she is single (note: I'm not claiming you can't have one night stands...but for the love of pete, she's 14!).
The rumor started when someone doctored a J-14 (who reads that stuff anyways?) article that talked about Miley's gross habits on the set of her hit Disney show. The habits included farting and poping co-stars zits (ok, it's one thing to do that, but to tell a magazine? That's weird. I didn't need to know that stuff). The article was doctored to say that Miley was expecting and had already gained 7 pounds.
J-14 quickly issued a response saying the allegations were completely false and they had never published such a horrendous lie.
Good thing...I was starting to think they weren't reputable journalist.

Once again, I'm a failure at life

SO my IM soccer game happened to be during the premiere of "Big Bang Theory" tonight. NO problem right? I have a DVD recorder. I can watch it when I'm done. So I spend an hour trying to hook the damn thing up this afternoon. I try ten different blank DVDs...none of which work. SO I finally find an old VHS to use in the tape deck portion. I get it all set up...I'm sweating, cussing, you name it at this point. I left the remote at home so I can't set the timer to the VCR, which means I'm going to have to do it by hand before I leave for my game. SO I say to myself, get ready and just hit the button on your way out the door. So do I hit the fricken button on my way out the door? Hell no! To top it off my roomate is nowhere to be found leaving my VCR all set up and NOT recording. So now I am in the process of finding a place online to watch the preview so I can give you the aforementioned promised review of the show. In the meantime, those of you who weren't blonde idiots and watched it, please leave your thoughts.
By the way, for those of you that were wondering, we totally won our soccer game. I was goalie. I sucked ass. I did have one good save, but beyond that I am really a worthless excuse for an athlete (I should have taken my full ride and played golf.) Then again the boys asked me to be their keeper, so they must have a little faith in me yet.

New Show Alert: Big Bang Theory On CBS TONIGHT

So after watching a number of previews and reading quite a few reviews I've decided to give my nod to "The Big Bang Theory" airing for the first time on CBS tonight at 8:30. I'll give my review after I watch the pilot, but until then I feel it's a safe bet to encourage your viewership...if nothing else you can tell me how bad you thought it sucked.
I'm giving it the early go ahead for the following reasons: 1) It stars the ever-beautiful and incredibly talented Kaley Cuoco---you remember her from a successful run on "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter". The show also brings back former "Rosanne" cast member Johnny Galecki. 2) The show comes from creator of the hit series "Two and a Half Men"...a very successful and award winning comedy in its own right. 3) While the show may cast a giant stereotype much of the humor is witty and clever, which goes against the the unfortunate trend of over-used cliche ridden humor found in many of today's sitcoms.
So I tell you to watch...and then I beg you to respond after I too post my opinion post-pilot tonight.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ebuzzed is on her A Game again.

SO once again I beat Yahoo! Entertainment to the punch. I wrote about "Gossip Girl" as a possible hot new fall TV show last night. This morning I go to get on Yahoo! and sure enough...there is an article about "Gossip Girl" and its incredible popularity thus far. Sometimes I'm so good it scares me. By the way, those 1 out of 1000 times make up for the other 999 times I suck at life.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall TV preview: Gossip Girl

I never thought the first show I'd preview for this fall's TV lineup would be airing on the CW. But, the youngest of the networks also has the most new material, so I decided to start there. And boy am I glad I did. I was able to watch the pilot episode of "Gossip Girl" and I am quite certain that every Wednesday for the rest of the fall I'll be glued to my TV to see where it goes next.
I was talking to a girl at a party last night and she too had seen the pilot. She was asking everyone if they had seen it because she too, is hooked. And, trust me, it's hard not to be.
"Gossip Girl" is "The Hills" meet "The O.C." meets the best teen drama you've ever seen (p.s. OC creator Josh Schwartz is also responsible for this hit). The show is based on a best selling series of the good news is the material has already been proven to work. The show stars Blake Lively who is best known for her work in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". She is a beautiful blonde whose on-screen presence captivates audiences. The only other member of the cast you may already know is Penn Badgley. If you don't already know of him you should get to and soon. I predict Penn will be the next Heath Ledger. He was "the other Tucker" in John Tucker must die, and held a lead in the short lived, now defunct WB series "The Bedford Diaries". His charm and rugged good looks will win the girls over. And he is just one of two hot lead males in the show.
The premise is rather simple... Serena (Lively) comes from money and up until this point has lived it up. Her world came crashing down, however, when her 16 year old brother attempted suicide, prompting her to run away to boarding school. Now Serena is back and is having to deal with all the friends and family that she left behind. This includes a crazy love triangle with her best friend and her boyfriend. Badgley's character is the down-to-earth "I'm not from money" character that balances out the social equation.
I'd explain more but you can just watch the pilot episode for free on the website. I just hope all my other reviews are as successful.

Friday, September 21, 2007

This is for you Gossip Guru

So "Sydney White" opens today in theatres everywhere. It stars Amanda Bynes (Hairspray, She's the Man, What I Like About You) and is a modern retelling of the Snow White fairytale. A close Ebuzz friend (that's you Gossip Guru) first brought the film to my attention. I, sadly, have a thing for cheesy chick flicks (past loves include 10 Things I Hate About You, A Cinderella Story, and John Tucker Must Die). I decided to test the waters with this one and went to some sites online to research the film (I don't pay 8 bucks to see complete crap, only partial crap). What I found amused me greatly. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 48% fresh rating. That is about 40% higher than I anticipated. The "Cream of the crop" reviewers had relatively nice things to say...mostly about Bynes performance, but about aspects of the movie in general as well.
Generally you can tell how a movie is going to play out by the coverage it gets in media outlets prior to its release. So, I, like a good entertainment director, went to Youtube and watched some of Amanda's appearances on shows like Leno (seen here), The Early Show, and so on and so forth. Bynes is cute and seems honestly excited about her role in the film. You can tell she is still on cloud 9 from the success of her most recent film "Hairspray". I feel bad because we all know that "Sydney White" is not going to do nearly as well. Then again the intended audiences are much different. So I got to thinking, who, besides me, would watch this stuff? And then I got to thinking even more...when was the last film that came out targeting the teen audience?
Sydney White is based on a college campus and deals with the ever popular Greek system (Michigan students does this ring a bell?). Maybe some other college kids will go out for a good laugh. There hasn't been a major teen flick in some time (at least none noteable enough that I can remember...and trust me I'd remember). This could be more successful than I thought.
My question is...would YOU see a movie like Sydney White? Is there room in Hollywood for more teen/early twenties films or have we moved past that point in our lives? Are teenagers watching more adult films now...making the need for teen centered films irrelevant?
Either way I will probably find myself in the near future forking over the 8 dollars so I can see a movie that probably isn't that great but will make me laugh. Feel free to join me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because of Who?

So I've been trying to avoid this topic. I have hoped that it would go away. But yesterday as I was looking at the Yahoo! entertainment section it came up again. So before I get to the preview of this fall's new TV shows (coming this weekend), I'm going to deal with it. Reba and Kelly's duet.
"Because of You" was one of my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs. I remember when the original single debuted. It blew me away. I had already owned the album...but it was like reliving a dream when it finally hit the airwaves. Now over a year after its original debut, Kelly has brought it back...along with, quite possibly her career, by teaming up with a seemingly unlikely source: Reba. I would have never pictured Reba singing this song. Her voice is unique in a way that just is hard to imagine in other outlets (besides country, that is). But I'll admit, when I first saw the episode of "Crossroads" on CMT where the pair teamed up to first sing the song, I was hooked. And that's where I thought the love affair would end. I should have known better. "Crossroads" is where Bon Jovi and Sugarland made their hit single "Who says you can't go Home" a hit. Why didn't I assume that the Reba/Kelly connection would have the same impact on the music world?
Here is why I have been avoiding the topic (I almost posted about Chris...the Britney fanatic instead...that's how desperate I was to avoid it)...I like country, and I like pop, and I like cross-over country, and cross-over pop...but I HATE when country and pop mix in a way that blurs the lines to the point where people who hate country...suddenly call themselves a fan.
Now I'm all for new country lovers. But, as a country fan I find myself defending my tastes 99.9% of the time. All of a sudden, all those naysayers are jumping on the "Because of You" bandwagon. Well, like Jamie Morris said at the Michigan pep rally last week, "If you aren't already on the train, and are just hopping on, GET THE HELL OFF".
Ok, so maybe I'm being a little harsh. It is a great song. And who cares who likes it. Am I wrong to be slightly irritated here? I think I'd have a different attitude if Kelly wasn't involved in this remake. For example, I love Rihanna's "Umbrella". I loved even more, however, Mandy Moore's cover of "Umbrella". I was able to view them as two seperate entities in two seperate genres because Rihanna was in no way involved in the remake. But hearing Kelly's voice in the remake gets me. It's like she is re-selling the song to already loyal fans. It would be like buying a car new...and a few years later giving it a new paint job and trying to sell it new again. It just doesn't work. The people that would have bought it new won't buy it, they may like it, but they won't buy it. And your new crowd of potential buyers aren't really the people you wanted to sell the car to in the first place. Do you get where I'm going here? So I'm running on fumes. But seriously tell me what you think. Afterwards I promise to move soon as I'm done listening to "Becuase of You" again on my Ipod ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


SO Ebuzz isn't your thing? Check out all the other great stuff WOLV has to offer...and don't just take our word for it! Watch and you'll understand.

Ebuzz Commercial....

So here is a peek at a commercial from last year. The show has come a long way since then...and our commercials have gotten A LOT better (those of you who have seen our Rocky ad know what I'm talking about). Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sopranos win big, but did Gandolfini get snubbed?

The Sopranos took home the Emmy for outstanding drama series. No big surprise there. Grey's fans might disagree...but it was the ending everyone anticipated. The shocker, almost as surprising as the ending to the critically acclaimed series itself, was the fact that its star, James Gandolfini, got beat out for the lead actor in a drama series. I can see if the Emmy went to nominees Hugh Laurie or even Keifer Sutherland...but James Spader? Is Boston Legal really that great of show (yes I know it got nominated for best drama...but so did Heroes---which I love, by the way, but don't think is quite deserving of the award)?
This next winner may not have come as a surprise to some...but there was still a collective ooh and aww from the crowd when "30 Rock" was handed their Emmy. Maybe that's because their competition included Steve Carrell's hit "The Office" and "Entourage" (for which, by the way, Jeremy Piven was given a statue for).
On that same note...the fact that Ricky Gervais beat out Steve Carrell for lead actor in a comedy series is rather disappointing. A Yahoo! public opinion poll showed Carrell as the favorite with 41 percent of the votes. Gervais only had 3% of those votes. So was justice served?
The fan favorite was dissed again when Heroes Masi Osaka lost out to Lost's Terry O'Quinn for best supporting actor. It happened with best supporting actress too, as Jaime Pressley beat out Vanessa Williams.
Best Supporting actress in a drama went to one of the Grey's gang. No surprise there as three of the stars were up for the award. Knocked Up's Katherine Heigl was the big winner.
Helen Mirran can apparently do no wrong as of late. Her award show total was added to with a win for best actress in a miniseries or movie. The fans wanted Debra Messing to win for the Starter Wife...but they should just don't mess with the queen.
Another shocker (maybe the whole show was a I getting too dramatic here?)...came when both Stephen Colbert and John Stewart lost out to Tony Bennet for best performance in a Variety or Music program. I just can't even imagine those three being nominated in the same category. I think all three should have received an Emmy just for good measure. John Stewart would get his revenge, though, as the Daily Show picked up a win.
A personal win came in the form of Kathy Griffin for "My Life on the D-List". I am in love with that show and I think Kathy is hysterical. We are both Catholics that spent time in Chicago...for that I say "you go girl!".
For the complete list of winners and to compare how fans voted you too can check out the Emmy's Yahoo! page. I want to know...did you think someone got snubbed?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Get Ready to Be BUZZED!

My man Russell, continued

So the aforementioned Russell Crowe has been a busy boy. Audiences haven't been able to get enough of his latest film: 3:10 to Yuma and well...can you blame them? Crowe hooks up with another hot celeb right now, Christian Bale for what critics are calling a "fiery performance". Richard Roeper says. "Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are two of the finest actors of their generation, and their talents are put to good use." Crowe plays the charm-boy villian, a role most of his fans are used to him being in in recent years. He apparently flurishes, as the does the rest of the cast in this Western remake. I haven't hit theaters to check it out myself, but I am dying to go. If any of you have seen it...sound off. This could be the season's biggest bang for you buck (sorry I had to go with the Western pun).

Called Out

So someone was kind enough to call me out on one of my posts the other day. I was looking for something to write about and chose the Yahoo! search engine as my inspiration. It was more of a joke than anything...but I admit it is hard to convey sarcasm in writing and thus my words were taken seriously. I thank the individual, though, who called me out on my lack of research before writing the post. I, regrettably, waited until after publishing to research WHY the stars made the list (you can look back and find I published the whys in the next post). What got me is the person's reference to my talk of sports. I feel that many people fail to realize how the two, sports and entertainment, often go hand in hand. Take David Beckham for example. He is a sports icon, and incredible soccer (or futbol if you like) player. He also serves as an entertainment icon. I feel when writing about him or reporting on his role it is important to have a knowledge of both his life in soccer and his life in Hollywood. Also, look at how many professional athletes have dabbled in movies and music. Shaquille O'Neil, Michael Jordan, Murphy Jensen (1994 French Open Doubles Champion), I could go on all day. I hope you understand that my love for sports and sports figures is often extremely useful in my role as an entertainment writer/producer.
To the individual who called me out, and to all other readers, I apologize for my lapse in judgment. I will work harder to find more well-researched topics to share with you. I'll save my sarcasm for the camera, where it is more easily conveyed.
Please continue to comment on my work as it is the only way I have of learning. I want to strive to make this page better and in order to do that will continually need your help. As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for responding.

Russell Crowe responsible for Michigan's win

So I have decided that Russell Crowe's presence at the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game yesterday was largely responsible for Michigan's dominating win. Why not right? I mean it was Russell's "Cinderella Man" that Lloyd showed to his football team a few years ago sparking a win over a rival team and leading them to a successful season. And Lloyd and Russell are good friends...good enough that Russell invited him and some players to vacation in Australia with him this past summer. Russell knows good football...he is the owner of the South Sydney team (here we call it Rugby, by the way). If you were a player and Russell Crowe was sitting on YOUR team's bench wouldn't you be inspired? I thought so. I know I was. May Russell come to the remainder of our games this season because I truly believe he is the man. If nothing else I enjoyed walking the sidelines so that I could look at him every time I passed. Ahh.
This brings up another point...what has Russell done entertainment wise lately? I am drawing a blank. I can't think of the last time I saw him in a serious role on the big screen. I think he's due.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Something better to talk about

So this is one of those instances that as I was writing my own question, I discovered my answer. Here was my original question: "Why must Entertainment sites make news out of starts doing mundane things like shopping and eating?"
Answer: Because they too, have nothing interesting to write about otherwise.

I wish I had something as catchy and controversial as my previous topic. The response was insane and was truly inspiring. I do wonder we like celebrities more when they are bad and newsworthy? I mean people seem to hate on people like Hilary Duff...would they suddenly like her if she took off her clothes in public (wait, bad example...OF COURSE THEY WOULD)...I mean if she got and DUI or something? Are celebrities more appealing if they're "bad" or if their flaws are exposed to the world? Should we spend so much time obsessing about them? Is it my duty as an entertainment reporter to attempt to spread the positive stories too? I'm stuck. They may not be nearly as exciting...but they are news just the same. So until I come up with something more a celeb DUI...I leave you with this.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vanessa can't handle Tonight show.

In the wake of her nudity scandal Vanessa Hudgens has decided to cancel her 'Tonight Show' appearance. The excuse reps are using is that it's due to a "scheduling conflict". Come on. There is no conflict. The only problem is that Vanessa doesn't want to have to publicly face the humiliation following her little display. Why not take the opportunity to PUBLICLY apologize to her fans and set the record straight? Is she going to avoid the media forever? I'm personally bummed because I really wanted to see Jay Leno give her hell. Oh well. Ce'st La Vie

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is Entertainment

So with people feeling all down about Michigan football lately I've been on the lookout to find something that encorporates Michigan, football, and entertainment in order to raise spirits (especially my own). My searches led me to one of my all time favorite TV shows: 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter. The show is based in Detroit and every episode features some sort of Michigan memorabilia. This particular episode is my all time favorite. Take a quick peek (the first minute gives it away) and you'll understand why. May this cheer up Wolverine nation and show why Michigan is and always will be home of the "Leaders and Best".
p.s. you can find the rest of the episode's worth watching!!!

I figured one out!!!

So people are searching for Kirsten Storms because she got a DUI!!! Yeah!!! Let's all take the time to officially welcome the 23 year old into the realm of Lindsay and Paris. I forgot the General Hospital star still did the voice for an animated Disney character on Kim Possible. Man one more celeb miscue this month and Disney will have hit the TRIFECTA (Vanessa's nudes pics).
This is actually a good story. Officers pulled over Kirsten's mercades after they saw her throw a lit cigarette out the window. Then, and this is good, "Officers noticed "the odor of an alcoholic beverage" coming from the car". If you smell of alcohol you know you've been drinking. Kirsten also got to walk the line as she failed a field sobriety test. She was jailed and released after posting a 5000 bond.
Seriously I want to move to LA and start a Celebrity Designated Driving service. Kind of like "designated Dave" in that Adrien Griener, Melissa Joan Hart, Ali Larter movie (featuring Britney Spears music video I might add) "Drive Me Crazy". By the way, if you haven't seen it and don't understand my pop culture reference I beg you to watch it sometime in the future. It is one of the movies from the late 90's when teen flicks were HUGE and quality gave way to quantity. But still, it will take you back to some good did I mention Adrien was in it?

The stupid questions I ask

How does Yahoo! figure out which topics/people are most searched for and thus deserve to make their list? And if it by sure numbers...what inspires people to suddenly search for those things/celebrities? Why do I suddenly ask these questions you ask? Because in Today's Top Searches on Yahoo! this afternoon I found these: Kirsten Storms, 50 cent, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, and Led Zepplen, and I thought to myself...what a weird mix.
For example, I can see why Miley Cyrus would make the list...she is tween royalty right now...but why Kirsten Storms? The last time I heard her name was when the Disney Channel was viciously promoting another Zenon movie...and I think I was a freshman in high school then. Is she making a comeback? Should I be on the lookout for another horrible Disney channel original?
And why Kelly Clarkson? What has she done recently to deserve the searching attention? Am I missing something?
50 Cent at least I understand...but with 50 should people be searching for Kanye too? As an entertainment director I don't know who I should be following because I want to please the masses and it appears the masses want people who aren't exactly in the news!
Here I pose another question: What celebrities fall under the University blanket? If I fail to talk about Miley Cyrus and her recent success am I being a bad entertainment reporter? She makes it on Access Hollywood almost nightly. But, do college kids care? I used to think not, until recently when I discovered that Hannah Montana has a cult following on college campus'. People may not admit they watch it and/or like it...but they do. And what about people like Kirsten I take the time to comment on her career even if she hasn't done anything of note recently? This is why I should have stayed in sports. Things are far more clear cut. Someone wins, someone loses, and someone is always being accused of doing drugs. The end.