Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You are so Sueable to me

Ok so I admit it's cheesy as hell that I used a title of a "Hannah Montana" episode to describe the current Entertainment News section...but hey I do my research and I like to be witty, so there you have it.
Apparently a parent of an obsessed Miley Cyrus fan has filed suit after she discovered joining the Hannah Montana fanclub DIDN'T automatically mean you'd get a ticket to the show. The parent thought her forty dollar fee would get her exclusive ticket deals...yeah you and a few trillion other parents with the same idea. I honestly want to know how much money that fan club is raking in. Damn.
Here is the deal...Miley Cyrus herself has said that her concert is not worth the outrageous ticket prices. AND, if you really want to see Miley perform and can't get tickets, Disney has found a way to make THAT happen too. Apparently her concert will be put in three-D and played in movie threatres in the near future. So honestly, let's not get our panties in a twist over a CONCERT.
What are we teaching our children if we put this much emphasis on something this superficial? Maybe I am just jealous because I know my mother would NEVER have gone to such extremes to get me a ticket for a show. Then again, thanks mom. I appreciate the fact that you were so realistic.

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