Friday, December 11, 2009

The Climb, and the Fall

Miley Cyrus' most successful single to date has undoubtedly been "The Climb". It's permeated both country, top 40, and adult contemporary charts for a time far surpassing its prime, and as such has raked in the accolades. The songs' appearance in "Hannah Montana: The Movie" propelled it even further into the realm of song superstardom.
 Thus, it was no surprise to most when "The Climb" received a Grammy nomination for best song written for a movie. What WAS surprising was when it was announced that Disney was pulling the track from contention.
 Apparently Miley's ballad wasn't actually written FOR the movie. Director Peter Chelsom found it while scouring Nashville for the movie's music and built the film around it (not the other way around).
 It doesn't look like Cyrus has spent too much time (or any at all, for that matter) dwelling on the incident. Instead she's giving fans something new and exciting to look forward to musically. This time it's a remake of the Poison hit "Every Rose has its Thorns".  Word even has it that Poison frontman Brett Michaels has even helped Miley record the remake.