Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween on Ebuzz!!!

Check out our Halloween Episode of The Entertainment Buzz!!!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lil Wayne off to Prison!

Lil Wayne will be spending the next year in prison. However, the worst part about the experience is that he will have to shave his head! Bye Bye Dreadlocks! Weezy plead guilty to a criminal possession of a weapon in New York this past week. Dreads are almost always prohibited in New York correctional facilities. The only way he can keep the locks is if he claims to be a Rastafarian! I don't mean to stereotype, but that could be easy for him with the amount of ganja Wayne (aka Dwayne Carter) has been caught with over the years!

Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence

Oh the IRONY (from Reuters):
Miley Cyrus, one of Disney's hottest stars of the past three years with hit records and hit films, has been voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009 by the very people who made her a star, tweens and teens, according to an online poll on Wednesday.
Cyrus, 16, took 42 percent of votes in the poll for AOL's (Just So You Know) website aimed at 9-15 year-olds, pushing Britney Spears and rapper Kanye West into second and third places, respectively, in a section on worst celebrity influences of the year.
No reasons were given for the poor showing of the singer-actress and the popular star of Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana" television series.

 Miley may as well accept that fact that nothing she EVER does will EVER be right. Trust me girl, I know the feeling. You see there will always be people out to get here. There will always be jealous idiots who'd rather put her down than admit someone as young as her can simply be just that talented. There will always be those who chalk her fame and success up to that of her one-hit-wonder father. There will always be paparazzi looking for that one out-of-context photo that can ruin her squeaky-clean image and hopefully send her into a full fledged Brtiney/Lindsay-esque melt-down.
 I sympathize because, while my demons are on a MUCH, MUCH, smaller scale... like almost everyone else in society they still exist. Like many of you I have battled peer pressure, critics, and a society that would like nothing else than to see you fall flat on your face.
 America may be the land of opportunity, but it sure as hell isn't the land of "Let me hold your hand and help you get there."
 This is the land of tough-shit, buckle-down, and work your ass off for every opportunity you get.
The kids that voted Miley a bad influence in that poll are probably some of the same teens that are out under-age drinking, bullying their peers, and taking place in other highly hypocritical acts.
 When one of them puts out a super-successful TV series, a slew of multi-platinum selling albums, and a pair of box-office return gems... then they can vote however they darn well please.

A Little College Humor

 Admit it, you've totally watched a Pixar movie at somepoint in the last couple of years. If not you've at least seen the trailers with the Pixar Animations opening. Thus I bring to you an excellent video from
 Believe me when I say this is well worth the two minutes it'll take from your life to watch.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You CW for Getting Something Right

The CW and I have a love hate relationship. I LOVE Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, and the Vampire Diaries. I hate the fact that they chose to pick up Melrose Place over a Gossip Girl spin-off. I also hate that they continue to extend the life of Smallville, a show I used to love, making it into a 7th Heaven like shell of itself now in its umpteenth year.
Today I am in love with the CW's decision to axe Ashlee Simpson-Wentz from the new MP. If you insist on making yet another classic remake, then at least do it justice. Simpson-Wentz ruined that show from the minute she stepped into the frame. Her character, Violet, is creepy, awkward, and her storyline is clearly an outlier in the greater scheme of the show. Executives had to see that everytime Aslee entered the picture she made fans uncomfortable.
I only hope the network makes another equally intelligent decision and decides to greenlight the GG spin-off. Brittany Snow deserves to be back on TV again... primetime just isn't the same without her.

Thank You Jib Jab

Jib Jab is wonderful for a myriad of reasons. It makes fun of famous people, politicians, your family, and all in way that is harmless if not spot on.
My favorite part of the site comes around the holidays where it allows you to create your own free Jib Jab mash-ups.
While normally I turn into a grinch around Halloween (I could care less about the holiday... I blame it on overindulgence as a youth---I was the kid with the intricate and overdone costumes), this video made me laugh so hard I ALMOST have a new appreciation for the confectioners created celebration of candy.
If you enjoy it as well, you can make your own Jib Jab Halloween video (it's great for procrastinating!!).
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I'm Thoroughly Annoyed With Right Now

As a news producer I also am responsible for scouring the entertainment wires on a daily basis to find a handful of stories worthy for the morning show "Breakfast Dish". This seems like it would be an easy task... there's always something going on in the entertainment world, right? WRONG!
There are always stories, sure... but never any good ones. The same names pop up time and time again. I'm guilty of feeding into this frenzy. I don't dare count how many Miley Cyrus themed posts have made it on this blog. I dish on the hot topics and buy into the petty gossip like anyone else. But this week... I've decided I've had enough. The same couple of names continue to pop up on the AP wires (and Miley Cyrus isn't even one of them!). Their stories are so over-told and under-developed that I cringe when I read them. Thus I'm creating a list of topics I'm thoroughly annoyed with right now.

1) Balloon Boy.
I'm not sure if Falcon Heene's story falls under entertainment or news anymore... but it continues to appear in both. This is a family that clearly wanted media attention... so what did America do? We gave it to them. I'm sick to my stomach just writing about this insufferable family that has taken up so much time and money in their attempts seek fame. Congrats you got it... now enjoy the view from your prison cell.

2) Jon & Kate Gosselin
I didn't care about Jon and Kate when they were together and their show was a ratings hit on TLC. I certainly don't care about them now that they are apart and publicly feuding like a bunch of 12 year old girls. I am not picking a side, as I think they are both equally to blame. Kate has turned into a media whore, while Jon has turned into, well, just a whore. The tragic thing about this saga is that the kids, the focal point of the show that made the family famous, are being left out of the conversation.
Imagine ten years from now when they are old enough to go back and look at this media debacle. What are they going to think of their family then?

3) Taylor Swift
Taylor I love you. I really do. I listen to your music incessantly on my iPod, I supported you whole-heartedly when that ass-hat Kanye West stole your thunder, and I have adored the way you have handled the spotlight in what is a very tough business.
So I don't blame you at all for the fact that your name is appearing in every AP wire story under the sun. In today's AP Country wire report you were the subject in three out of the six stories. Much like your friend Miley Cyrus, suddenly everything you say and do is newsworthy. I pray that you don't become trashy tabloid fodder and I continue to see positive headlines with your name attached. My worry is that soon the media will run out of the positive things to say, and they'll start digging to make up salacious rumors. As a result I'd rather not see your name in the headlines at all. I want you to continue rocking out to sold out venues, writing songs about boys who should have been nicer to you in high school, and letting out that curly mess of a blonde mane that has made you so famous.

4) The Kardashians
I admit I've watched both "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami"... and because of that I am still perplexed as to why this family is famous. Having large... uh hum... "assets" isn't something I think should be worth a reality show. While this family may be fashion forward... their acting skills suck.. which, believe it or not, are really important when you are on TV-reality or not. Kourt's pregnancy, Khloe's marriage... I can't help but wonder how much of those acts were publicity stunts to boost their own Hollywood status. These are girls who HAVE to be in the spotlight... but have nothing to offer.

5) Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
I have never watched the Hills... partly because just looking at Heidi Montag makes me want to vomit. When she opens her mouth, things get much---much--- worse. Much like the aforementioned Kardashians, I can't comprehend why these individuals are famous. Heidi may have an album, but her vocal talents are no greater than my own (and that's saying something). Spencer may have a cute face, but his IQ couldn't even get him into Michigan State... and they take just about anyone who applies. Do everyone a favor and step back OUT of the spotlight.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miley's Goodbye Twitter Rap

You've got to be kidding me. Not only did Miley Cyrus delete her Twitter, but she took time to make a video about why. Unreal. The irony... she says in the video she quit tweeting because it took so much time... I wonder how long it took her to come up with this YouTube gem?
Also Miley, please stick to pop... unlike Taylor Swift rapping is NOT in your future!

P.S. Don't worry, I haven't quit my Twitter yet (evidence at right --->) but when I do I'll spare you all the lame video.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Miley Twitter Mania

I only wish that someday I will be of enough importance that when I delete my Twitter page it will cause a national entertainment news debacle. Ok, maybe not.
But that is what happened to Miley Cyrus. After a tweet mentioned how her "not boyfriend" (read: yes they're dating) Liam Hemsworth wanted her to delete her Twitter account, just like that the whipped little Disney princess did just that.
Personally I thought cyber-space was better off... but alas the entertainment and tween world stopped rotating at the thought that their number one source of celeb gossip couldn't communicate with them on a semi-personal level. Thus the crazy Twitter debacle ensued.
Leave it up to Miley's dad to use the very site she withdrew from to try and entice her to come back:
RT @billyraycyrus Words can hurt worse than bullets True.All the more reason to take this tool and tweet

RT @billyraycyrus I understand "it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch".But listen to the words of your songs "Stand... for what ya believe in"...Remember?

RT @billyraycyrus Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born"Destiny Hope Cyrus" for a reason.You can't leave everyone now.We r countin on u

So my question is this... is there a PR person in the background encouraging Billy Ray to get his daughter back in cyberspace? If I were Miley's PR person I'd be wanting her to get back on's free and easy shameless self-promotion. My guess is that it won't be long until @mileycyrus is back up and running again.

I'm Giddy for "Glee"

I've written about this topic before... but I feel that it deserves some added attention. If you haven't at least given "Glee" a chance... shame on you.
I'm not saying everyone will like it. It's quirky, and different, and certainly breaks the prime-time television mold. But to me, those are all the more reasons to watch.
What's even more amazing is the way that "Glee" has managed to take a page out of the Disney playbook and turn this into a multi-media franchise.
Much like the way Disney shamelessly cross-promotes "Hannah Montana" to include concert tours and album sales, "Glee" cross-promotes it's killer soundtrack and soon-to-be stars. iTunes doesn't lie. Every week the songs featured in the previous episode of "Glee" are among the site's top sellers. And for good reason... they are catchy, fun, and sometimes even better than the originals.
To share my point I've put below my top five "Glee" performances. Watch and I bet even you will take a peek at the show's iTunes page before too long :)

It's My Life/Confessions

Halo/Walking on Sunshine


Taking Chances

Take a Bow