Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Suck at Life...but so does Lindsay

I am a horrible entertainment director. Look at this. I have been neglecting my blog so that I could study for mid-terms. Shame on me. The closest thing I got to entertainment this past weekend, was watching "Georgia Rule" with my mom. And so, I shall rant about that, because was rant worthy.
I am glad I waited until just recently to see "Georgia Rule". Knowing Lindsay Lohan's real life drama made the movie all that more enjoyable (like a two on a scale of one to ten rather than just a one). I don't think Lindsay had to do a whole lot of 'acting' for her role. Granted the storyline was rather intense, and there were some scenes that required a stretch, but the part where she was a self-obsessed bitch...she nailed without effort. And that saddens me. I have always thought Lindsay could be a real acting talent. Despite her best efforts to screw her career up with roles in ridiculous films like "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" (when Hilary Duff turns down the role before you snatch it up, shouldn't that say something about the quality of the script?), and "Herbie: Fully Loaded", I have still hung on to the hope that she would be the Reese Witherspoon of our generation. Now I'm starting to think Hilary Duff has a better chance (did I really just say that? Whoa.).
"Georgia Rule" was well acted, horribly edited, and clumsily written. It has the potential to be a great just fell horrible, horrible, short. It made me laugh, but mostly I was laughing AT it, rather than WITH it (like the people that watch Ebuzz do when I tell a joke).
So I recommend this movie to you, not on its merits as a cinematic masterpiece, but rather because watching Lindsay play a role as a messed up teenager, during a time when she was a messed up teenager, is just well...enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

That sounds a little crude...but I hear what you're's kinda like watching Owen Wilson in the Darjelling Unlimited..he had to be going through some stuff durng that movie and yu could feel possble sadness through his portrayal...but regarding Ms. Lohan I do not share your opinin abut her being a future Reese Witherspoon..but I see Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams...they show a diverse repetoire and have amazing class when carrying themself...Lohan seems a little too conceited and into the fast lane..


jenny said...

I agree. Lohan's personal life is stopping any chance she had of being a respectable actress in Hollywood. I do believe she has talent... did anyone see A Prairie Home Companion? She was great and the film was hillarious, but she was constantly late to the set and even had Meryl Streep bitching about her to the press. If you want to make it anywhere in Hollywood, you do NOT piss off the big-guns like Meryl!