Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Is it bad that I got extremely excited when I read the AP wire today and saw that Lindsay was arrested...AGAIN!!! How awesome is it that the newly 21 year old STILL couldn't stay out of trouble and was arrested for driving under the influence AND posession of cocaine?! Her publicist must be loving this! (If you haven't noticed this blog is DRIPPING with sarcasm. Well...that last line could go both ways...I'll explain in a bit). So Linds has a new movie coming out. If you didn't know that already you'll surely know that soon seeing as how people are going to flock to theatres just to see a movie they don't care about just because the aforementioned starlet is in it.
Now lets get serious. In all honesty I think jail would be Lindsay's best bet. She needs more help than the Promises rehab center could give her. Heck she was WEARING an alcohol detecting bracelet when she got smashed. She has a sliver of talent and she could use that to establish a serious career if she weren't so busy snorting coke. What gets me is that this incident will probably not seriously hurt her career enough to make her change her ways. She will still land roles due soley to her popularity. Stars that deserve the media attention (Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Snow...etc.) won't get it because they (hopefully) won't be going to jail anytime soon. Hopefully Hollywood will pull its head out of its butt and realize the future is in the hands of the good girls of Hollywood. There are a number of talented people that can/have successfully market themselves and do so in a positive light. Movie makers will soon see that it is a lot easier to market movies with those stars in them than films with the Lindsay's of the world. Parents don't want their kids idolizing girls like Lindsay. And as Disney has proven...those kids are the ones spending money on movies and their associated memorabilia. Look at the Miley Cyrus machine that I have previously mentioned. Or the Hilary Duff brand that is giving the Mary Kate and Ashley franchise a run for its money. Notice Lindsay hasn't scratched the surface in those areas. She hasn't continued a pursuit of a music career (meanwhile Hilary's on her fourth solo album, not to mention a handful of soundtrack appearances, and Miley has set a record for her Hannah Montana releases...by the way Hayden is coming out with a solo release in the VERY near future.) Lindsay is becoming almost impossible to market because she hasn't roped in a constant target audience. You can't go from Herbie Fully Loaded to A Prairie Home Companion and expect audiences to follow you. You have to build them and to do that you need to build trust. I doubt she'll be doing much of that from her newly undisclosed rehab center.
I want Linds to get better. Addiction is a deadly disease and I feel for anyone who suffers from it. I don't feel sorry for her. She brought this upon herself...but I do feel bad because what she is going through is magnified by her status in the press. She has to work extra hard to undo the damage she has caused.
What's your take on Lindsay's situation? Let me know... send an email to wolv.ebuzz@umich.edu

Friday, July 20, 2007

Lindsay the next Paris?

Lindsay Lohan turned herself into jail the other day. The 21 year old starlet had been wanted for her participation in a hit and run. Lohan had a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit- .08- at the time according to police reports. So the question now lingers...what will happen to Lohan when she goes to court in late August? How wonderful would it be if she, like Paris, found herself behind bars.
I personally think justice would be served...and at the same time feel it would make a great couple of weeks of entertainment. Things in young Hollywood have been getting boring. Articles in magazines have been focused on the innocent Miley Cyrus, and the sophisticated Emma Watson. The best one magazine could drag up was a weight loss story about Hilary Duff. At least now the "bad girls" of Hollywood are prepared to take over the spotlight and provide the entertainment world with a slew of new and more interesting headlines.
And now I'm torn. I hate to admit it, but I kind of liked reading about Hollywood's good girls. I didn't mind the fluff. I was happy to read about some positive role models for a change. It isn't like it matters. I don't have younger siblings to worry about...but I do worry about the future of our country...the youth that will need finacial assistance someday when they all end up in rehab. I need to stew over this more before I elaborate further. Please give me your take on this though. Are the good girls of Hollywood boring? Or are they just what the doctor ordered?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Horray for Harry

So I got out and saw the new Harry Potter movie. I loved it! So it lacked many of the details included in JK's book...but you had to know that was going to happen going in to theatres seeing as how the book was like 900 pages long. People (and the director) have made way too big a deal about Harry's first kiss. That plot line didn't really get explored and thus much of what happened involving Harry's love interest lost steam throughout the film.
I give Emma Watson, Daniel Ratcliffe, and Rupert Grint credit...they have grown up with their characters very well. They understand their roles in the series and have matured nicely with each new film. While Hermione and Ron's characters are not nearly as important in this film as in films past...they are still an intrigal part of JK's design and have thus been treated as such by writers and directors. Both did a wonderful job making sure the friends stayed true to Harry.
So all in all I was/am impressed with the movie...it raised my spirits for this short while that remains before the final book in the series is released. I have a feeling I will cry along with JK...who admitted to finishing off a bottle of wine and sobbing at the end of her new book. All good things must come to an end though...and I suspect JK...unlike The Sopranos creator...will leave audiences feeling satisfied.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yeeeeehaw!!! Harry Potter is FINALLY here!!! So I won't be one of the diehard fans that will be seeing the film for the first time at 12:01.....but I will be seeing it soon...
The critics have mixed reviews for the fifth installment of the HP franchise. It doesn't help that the film is trying to compete with JK's seventh and final HP book due out next week. People already know how the movie ends...what they don't know is how the series will wrap up. Fans are also nervous after having seen Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. JK's books are so long that much of the plot has to be trimmed down or avoided altogether in order to fit in a two hour feature film. In Azkaban many thought the movie failed to include some important plot points that would be important when the fifth installment came around. We'll know for sure how the movie makers made up for it tonight. The fifth installment of the series was 900 + pages and screenwriters had one heck of a time trimming the material down. Word has it that special effects and some of Britian's finest actors help guide The Order of the Phoenix to Box Office Success. Fans also have the opportunity to enjoy the film in IMAX which is said to bring the wizardry to life.
I am most anxious to see how the actors that make up the core of the Potter franchise have grown. In watching interviews with the young stars...Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint...I have noticed a greater level of maturity. These are kids who have grown up in these roles and in the spotlights and understand the responsibility that comes with it. I am most impressed with Watson. In an interview in Parade magazine she explained how difficult a decision it was for her to sign on as Hermione for the last two movies in the series. She enjoys as much of a normal lifestyle as possible and is in no hurray to go all out Hollywood. She is the opposite of a Hilary Duff...who turned down Disney for an extention of Lizzie McGuire to go on to bigger and better (to be determined :) things. Watson wants to remain true to the part that audiences everywhere have grown to love. She said she couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role...and neither could we. It wasn't an issue of money...it was an issue of privacy and self-preservation that made Emma nervous about signing on. She will be around 20 when the last Harry Potter movie hits theatres. That's a very long time to associate yourself with just one title character. And yet, she doesn't seem interested in going the route of her co-stars (like Ratcliffe who left his clothing behind for a role in a London play) and attempting to find roles that could provide her an opportunity to branch out of her Hermione skin. I have a feeling that someday she will do just that...but she is smart, and sophisticated, and she won't take some cheesy, chick-flick like role just because. As she pointed out...she never has to work again if she doesn't want to...so there is no need to rush into anything. Good for you Emma.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Another reason to feel old.

So someone at the TV station I'm working at this summer just asked for my help in creating questions for an interview she is doing tonight with Corbin Bleu and Drake Bell. She has no idea who these guys are or what they do. I barely have an idea. Hell I had to Wiki them to fill in the blanks in my questions. And I got to thinking...they are my age!!! Drake is 21 and Corbin is 19. Drake is the Grand Marshall in a parade tomorrow. Tweens all over the west side of the state are flipping out. If I were 13 I'd be flipping out too. But I'm not...and so when I was asked if I wanted to come back in to work to do the interview I said that I would kindly pass. I mean...wouldn't you? If it were Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, those tween/teen stars I'd jump at the chance...but I don't do Disney (Hilary and Lindsay...mostly Hilary...has moved on from those days-see "Herbie Fully Loaded" for reasons Lindsay still rides the pine). I'll regret this. These guys are going to grow into SUPERSTARS-become the next Brad Pitts- and I will have passed up the opportunity to meet them.


Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are hoping that this summer's most sought after wedding day will bring them luck in the future. The two are set to marry in Paris tomorrow. I can't wait until the pictures pop up.
I am more than ready for Harry Potter to finally hit theatres...and shelves. I am sick of the pre-Potter mania that is consuming the entertainment world. Granted there is no other entertainment news to speak of....but still...can't people just make something up. Or, better yet, can't Lindsay go on another drinking binge. I really enjoyed that episode. Although now that she's legal it won't be nearly as fun to watch. Hilary Duff still has a year to go though...I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of her wasted. Hell she deserves it for all the shit she still gets about her Lizzie McGuire Days. Then again, if she went sour Billy Ray would have hyped her up to Miley for nothing (for those that don't know...Miley claims Hil is one of her idols and looks up to her for her good behavior, etc.). OOOOOOOOOOOH. I got it! This one would be better than all of the aforementioned combined. DAKOTA FANNING! See, just the mention of the tween's name sends goosebumps up your spine. How awesome would this headline be: "Dakota on Drugs" or "Fanning hits the Fan". So the last one was a bust...but I could do better with more time and a thesauras.

Ok so what is with this Britney Spears and Lynn Spears drama. Rumor has it that Brit delievered a nasty poem to her mom on the set of little sis Jamie's hit Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. Is that necessary? I know we all have crazy parents. I blame my mom for a lot of shit too...but in the end you control your own actions and behaviors. Brit is old enough to know better. And why get the little sis involved? I read somewhere Brit wants custody of her younger sibling! Can you say rolemodel and Brit in the same sentence anymore? I don't think so. If I were Jamie Lynn I would jump at the chance to live with my sis though. Party ON. I wouldn't mind seeing this saga play out for a while. B ritney is always good for a laugh and every once in a while a decent entertainment news story (can you top the shaved head though? I think not).

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Straight from the Wire

NEW YORK (AP) -- Miley Cyrus won the battle of the T-V idols as her C-D opened at number-one, just ahead of Kelly Clarkson. Nielsen-Soundscan reports that the double C-D "Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus" sold 326-thousand copies, 25-thousand more than Clarkson's "My December." Clarkson still set a personal record for opening week sales. Cyrus' C-D is the first one under her own name, as opposed to her T-V character Hannah Montana.

If I were Kelly Clarkson I'd be ashamed. Seriously...Miley Cyrus? I am going to even admit that I've heard the latest Hannah Montana album (you can sample the music online) and Miley has some catchy new tunes...but still...I can't believe she outsold American's Idol!

I already mentioned how I feel old when I talk about all this. I feel older today. Kevin Richardson...one of the Backstreet Boys (I actually met him once..he is a lot hotter in person) gave birth to a son...Mason. I forget that he is like thrity now. Again I feel old.