Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nick Hogan to face adult criminal charges

Nick Hogan may be a skilled drift-car racer in "Hogan Knows Best", but his abilities behind the wheel couldn't keep him from smashing his Toyota Supra into a tree in August. Hogan sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the next day, but his passenger, 22 year old John Graziano wasn't wearing his seatbelt and as a result was critically injured. He is STILL being hospitalized.
The 17 year old son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is being booked on criminal charges. He turned himself in to the police on Wednesday. Hogan's lawyers seem confident that in court the situation will be deemed an accident. In the meantime they have released a statement on behalf of the Bollea (Hogan) family. The statement claims that as a result of the accident the Hogans will campaign for seatbelt use.
My question is this: If Nick ends up being found guilty, and does prison time, does "Hogan Knows Best" go behind bars?

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Anonymous said...

So I also read that he had an alcohol blood level at least .02 and that's the limit for an underager. Just think of how the Hulk would enter the courtroom wearing a cut off suitcoat, and he would throw it off and rip his red undershirt while he is testifying.
-the half italian stallion

Anonymous said...

I for one love the Hogan's because they are real...and seem genuine and forever grateful to those fans that have supported them and given the the life they have-- I mean to see where Terry "Hulk" Hogan came from is pretty cool- his success story shows anything is possible if you have the drive to make it happen...but regarding Nick, accidents happen- if he was drinking and drunk that is intolerable but people do make mistakes and from these mistakes we learn who we are and what we need to change...GOOD LUCK HOGANS...