Friday, October 19, 2007

Hannah Montana madness part deux

We talked about it in last night's show (you can see clips from it on here soon)...but the madness continues. Yahoo! made it one of their entertainment headlines...and it's a scary trend sweeping the nation by storm...Hannah Montana tickets going for INSANE amounts of money. People are doing almost ANYTHING to get their hands on them. The average resale cost for a ticket is 240 dollars (not quite the cost of a Michigan vs. OSU ticket last year, but close).
So what is Disney doing about this Hannah Montana debacle? Making more money of course.
According to a Yahoo! music report, "The Walt Disney Co may have hit upon one way to quell the uproar. Disney's movie studio division said it will film the early "Hannah Montana" concerts using new digital technology.Then, for one week starting on February 1, 2008, it will screen the film in movie theaters using new three-dimensional technology."
I wonder how much tickets to THAT show will cost.

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