Friday, September 28, 2007

Table Talk

The Entertainment Buzz taped it's first show of the season last night. I've uploaded the "Table Talk" section of the you can get a taste of what it's all about. While this wasn't our most controversial of Table Talks, it still has the potential to spark some dialogue, so let us know what you think! I had to upload in two parts, so I put them both below. Enjoy!!!


jenny said...

beautiful, ladies! one of the best table talks yet... LOVELOVELOVE table talk! we should have it more often :)


Baubs22 said...

I SECOND THE NOTION-- TABLE TALK SHOULD BE A WEEKLY STAPLE!!! Plus, it is a great excuse to talk on a normal, more relatable level of what is out there of interest RIGHT NOW! Everyone looked lovely by the by!!! xx EBUZZIN <3 ;)

the mom said...

I diagree with your review of "Dirty Sexy Money." I thought it did a good job making fun of some stereotypes and cliche's, while at the same time creating a storyline to follow. It's too early to make a call, but I think it has potential. I do agree that it is hard to see the "Six Feet Under" star in another role. That series has forever typecast its actors.