Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amanda Bynes for best actress...lol

So the "Gossip Guru" and I went to check out "Sydney White" tonight. I paid five dollars for my ticket and I was tempted to ask for a refund.
As the "Guru" so kindly put it..."Amanda Bynes has about as good a chance as Paul Giamatti (for those of you in Ebuzz last year you get this inside joke) as winning 'best actress' at the Oscars".
Cate Blanchett look out. Bynes has your number. Hopefully she also has the number of a therapist, she is going to need one when the rest of Hollywood finally tells her how bad she sucked in this film.
So I'm being a bit harsh. I actually don't totally despise Amanda Bynes. Granted I loathed the "Amanda Show", couldn't stand "What I Like About You", and cringed at "She's the Man"...but I did like "Hairspray" enough to pay to see it twice!
What I hate the most is that I WANT to like Amanda Bynes. She is one of Hollywood's few good girls, and it seems like she actually works hard for her success. I get all hyped every time she has a new movie out because I think THIS could finally be the one. And then I see it, and I feel like I do right now: disappointed, sick to my stomach, and wishing I could turn back time.

There is some good news. I watched the pilot to "The Big Bang Theory" today. It was awesome. I was laughing so hard I got a stomach ache...which is funny because I laughed that hard at "Sydney White" too, only for different reasons (one of which being the final line "And they all lived Dorkily Ever After").
Right now I am watching the premiere of "Reaper" on the CW. I saw the preview while watching "Gossip Girl" (which I can't wait to see tomorrow night, by the way) and decided to turn it on. The only cast member I recognize is Missy Peregrym ("Stick It", "Heroes", "Life as we Know It"). Apparently she won't be resuming her role as the shape changing freak on Heroes. Sad. I love that show, and I feel it has more potential than this one.
Well sadly I have to resume my real life TIME OUT...sorry a new Neutrogena commercial just popped on with Hayden Panettiere...her line went something like this "People think washing your face is boring...NOT! Bored? Go wash your face!" I just about spit up my water. Kudos on the acting though. I actually believed she was excited about using her facial cleanser.
Ok that's enough of cynical Ebuzzed for tonight.


Anonymous said...

Amanda-manda-manda Show!! Some people are just not cut out for acting careers after Nickelodeon. Thats the harsh facts of life.
-The half italian stallion-

Gossip Guru said...

EBUZZED didn't mention this movie looks like it ran out of its budget within the first 10 minutes of shooting. My favorite part was the heart-to-heart at the top of the soup kitchen. The background scenery was priceless... considering it had to be since the filmmakers ran out of money.

Amanda Bynes needs to quit while she's, um, behind. Go to rehab or something. Maybe you'll get better parts. Now that Lindsay's getting out of rehab, she may need a sidekick...

Let's face it folks. If you want to see a feature film featuring ex-'All That' stars -- shell out the money for 'Good Burger.' At least THAT was funny.

Gossip Guru

EBUZZED said...

Oh come on Guru. We laughed...just not because the movie was actually funny.
My favorite scene was when the "handsome prince" went to find "Sydney White"...did I call how that was going to play out or what?
Oh well, two good things came out of the experience...we got to spend quality time together, and I had something to blog about!

FilmGuru said...

So I totally agree with you about Amanda Bynes she seems like a nice girl but is stuck in these awful awful roles. She is probably the first and only actress I've ever seen who I like but can't stand any of her roles.

Anonymous said...

She's a fun-loving, wholesome kid, which makes her an anomaly in Hollywood. They don't know what the hell to do with her, and she probably turns down the slutty roles. So good on her.

I actually think she's funny, in a quirky sort of way, and really cute. So screw you guys who feel so self-important by dissing people who live five levels higher than you.

Go back to digging ditches.