Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The apple doesn't far fall from the tree after all

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS IS PREGNANT!!! Holy crap. So we all know that Britney is a screw up. You'd have thought that her 16 year old little sister, Jamie Lynn, would have learned from her mistakes. Apparently NOT. The star of the Nickelodeon series "Zoey 101" has confirmed to "OK Magazine" that she is, indeed pregnant. Spears said that she informed her mother over Thanksgiving and that the father is her boyfriend.
This whole situation just boggles my mind. I thought she had so much potential. She seemed so against all the things Britney was getting in trouble for. And, seriously, we are living in an age where there is absolutely NO excuse for not using contraception. I know it isn't 100 percent effective. BUT, combine birth control with a condom and you've got yourself a pretty solid line of defense. To think that Jamie Lynn could throw away any potential for a future career, and jeopardize the role she already has (yeah Nickelodeon, try explaining this one to the parents of the tweens that watch her show)because she failed to have safe sex is truly incredible. I hope it was worth it.
Good news though. The CW just announced they will be filming a real life Gilmore Girls style reality series based on Jamie Lynn and her child. It will just be the red-neck version. I really think it could go places.
In other good news, Jamie Lynn won't have to worry about staying sober during her pregnancy considering how she is still FIVE years away from even being able to BUY alcohol.
I'm thinking the Spears family gene pool could use a good shock of chlorine right about

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Anonymous said...

Holy SH________TTTT! I feel like I have been under a log all this does something like this happen?? seriously...can someone answer me that..table talk should def discuss this! xx ebuzzzz <3333333! ;)