Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saying goodbye on CSI

I have watched CSI since it first appeared on CBS in 2000. Part of its continous appeal has been the relatively steady cast. But now, after being a primetime staple for over 7 years, one of the main stars is stepping down. Jorja Fox, the 39 year old actress who plays Sara Sidle, is making this season her last. Apparently the star has other career options she wants to pursue, and because she feels CSI will remain a CBS staple for years to come, has decided to pull the plug now while she still can.
Fox was almost cut from the show a few years back when she and co-star George Eads were briefly fired over contract disputes. CBS was quick to re-hire the dynamic duo, and since the cast situation has been relatively calm.
I am dissapointed. For me this marks the beginning of the end. It takes me back to Jessica Biel's departure from 7th Heaven. Once she left you knew the show was basically over. And even though 7th Heaven trudged on for more seasons ratings slumped, loyal fans disappeared, and the shows overall excitement collapsed. Will the same happen on CSI? Fox's character was finally starting to get interesting. Her relationship with Grissom was, for the first time in two seasons, finally going somewhere. And just when she asserted herself as a integral part of the series, it's all over.
I am certain the show will survive. But I fear the end result will be much like that of 7th Heaven. More cast members will eventually follow suit and a hollow shell of the show will remain. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that audiences barely notice Fox's departure. But who am I kidding? Would you not notice if Lana Lang got killed off in Smallville? I think not, because up until this point she has been an integral character, and although she may not be important in the futre of the show's plot, she will always be a storyline staple.

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