Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Get Buzzed? Why NOT?

I just thought I'd share this link with you as it shows just how awesome the Ebuzzed blog is!!! (Not that you'd ever doubt it's greatness...)

The Buzz

*Will you have "The Right Stuff"?
-What seems like forever ago EBUZZ reported that "New Kids On the Block", the precursor to the boy band blitz that was "Backstreet Boys", "NSYNC" and "98 Degrees", would be making a comeback. The wait is over! The reunion will kick off with an April 4th appearance on the Today show.
I just want to know whether they are going to bring back the dancing because after listening to a few of their songs I've discovered their vocals were NOT what made them popular.

*Speaking of Today...
-Matt Lauer has announced that Kathy Lee Gifford will be appearing on daytime TV again when she joins the fourth hour of the Today show starting April 7th.
Honestly, do they think a 54 year old has-been is going to help their ratings?

*Anything You can do I can do better.
-Nickelodeon is obviously feeling the pressure from the recent slew of Disney's successful TV shows/movies. The kids network has decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. If the Naked Brothers Band wasn't enough of a rip off of Hannah Montana, the network is now set to produce Spectacular a made for TV movie that draws from High School Musical's success.
According to, "Spectacular centers on a preppy high school girl who is part of the school's Spectacular choir. The group is in sad shape, with its most talented members either having graduated or been stolen away by a rival squad. The preppy sees salvation in a cocky rock guy who reluctantly joins the choir to win a money prize that would finance his rock 'n' roll dreams. But the rocker doesn't factor in falling for the preppy girl."
If the male lead they cast looks ANYTHING like Zac Efron I'm going to laugh my a** off.

*A celebrity in the hospital because they are actually sick
-Normally when you hear a celeb has checked into a hospital it's because they've a)Gone crazy (Brit that's for you) or b.) are having drug or alcohol related issues (that's for everyone else). Jessica Simpson, however, is breaking that mold as she checked into Cedar's for an ACTUAL MEDICAL PROBLEM. Simpson was diagnosed with a Kidney infection

*Dude, "Wipe Out" could be like, totally narly
-Admit it, you love watching people biff. Don't lie. The kid who tried running on the ice and face planted made you day. And, that is what ABC is banking on. The network is teaming up with Endemol USA to produce "Wipe Out", a new show hoping to capitalize on people's obsession with..well wiping out. If you have seen the show on Spike TV where the Japanese people run through the obstacle courses and suffer from horrific falls, then you've already previewed "Wipe Out" which will operate under a similar platform.

Apparently for Roddick Love Wins

Hot tennis star Andy Roddick is officially off the market. Damn. The star popped the question to model-girlfriend Brooklyn Decker. The pair first started dating in 2007.
What's the best part of this story? ...How the couple met:
Andy, most liking having some 'personal' time with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, happened to come across Brooklyn. He later asked his agent to track down the number of the 20 year old . Just think, if she had appeared a few pages later in the magazine Andy might have wound up with someone else...
I'd like to test that dating theory out with an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hayden a Real-Life Hero?

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was recently given the Gretchen Wyler Award by the Humane Society for her attempts to save the dolphins.
Last year Panettiere joined a group that paddled into the ocean on surfboards in attempts to stop fishermen in Southwest Japan from killing the dolphins in order to stop them from eating their catch.
Hayden's parents and much older beau Milo Ventimiglia were on hand to help honor the star. Hayden was so flattered that she broke down in tears and required a post-acceptance bathroom session to regain her composure. Don't worry, it gets better...
Hayden was quoted afterwards as saying, "There are people who dedicate their entire lives to preserving the environment and defending animals, they are so much more deserving of something like this."

Oh well, better Hayden than Paris Hilton. Had she won that award I might have vomited.


* Star is a lying sack of sh**
-The tabloid Star has issued a retraction after claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married this past weekend while in New Orleans. That might have been more convincing HAD THE COUPLE ACTUALLY BEEN IN NEW ORLEANS!!!

*Don't mess with Mariah
-So it's been a battle of the diva's ever since both Mariah Carey and Madonna dropped their new records. Mariah is obviously taking the issue VERY seriously as she recently got a little fiesty with the BBC's "Radio One" during an interview. When the host pointed out that her recent album only sold 80 milions copies the star replied that the number was closer to 160 million before hanging up. Ouch. Seriously no need to get your panties in a twist.

Kids made Other Kids winners of stupid orange blimp

So Nickelodeon put on another ridiculous awards show last night. It was SO ridiculous, in fact, that due to their staged celebrity slime antics they failed to hand out three of the awards. Awesome. I'll be honest, knowing that Heidi Klum smashed into a wall of green slime balloons wearing a bungee suit with a spiked behind instead is rather fulfilling. No big surprise...Miley Cyrus was the queen of the night racking up numerous awards for having multiple personalities.
For anyone out there who actually gives a crap here's how the "awards" played out:
Favorite Movie
'Alvin and the Chipmunks'

Favorite Male Movie Star
Johnny Depp

Favorite Female Movie Star
Jessica Alba

Favorite Animated Movie

Favorite Song
'Girlfriend,' Avril Lavigne

Favorite Male Singer
Chris Brown

Favorite Female Singer
Miley Cyrus

Favorite Music Group
Jonas Brothers

Favorite TV Show
'Drake & Josh'

Favorite TV Actor
Drake Bell

Favorite TV Actress
Miley Cyrus

Favorite Reality Show
'American Idol'

Favorite Cartoon
'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

Favorite Male Athlete
Tony Hawk

Favorite Female Athlete
Danica Patrick

Wannabe Award
Cameron Diaz

Favorite Videogame
Madden NFL '08

Favorite Book
Harry Potter Series

*Note the big "upset". Nick's own "Drake and Bell" beat out Disney's famed "Hannah Montana" for best show.
*Question: What do you think the celebrities actually do with those stupid blimps?

Friday, March 28, 2008


This is going, hopefully, to be a new segment to the blog. Below you'll find brief updates on what's going on in Hollywood and, of course, my witty banter to go along with it. Enjoy!

* Kenan making a trip to Hash Bash?
-SNL star Kenan Thompson (yeah you remember him from your "Kenan and Kel" and "All That" days) was pulled over for driving erratically. Police who approached the vehicle were then overwhelmed with the smell of pot and upon further investigation discovered Kenan's passenger had marijuana and rolling papers on him. I feel smoking pot may be a prerequisite for working at else would you find half of those skits funny?

* Jamie Lynn asking for over-priced baby goods
- The Zoey 101 star and her fiance did some registering for an upcoming baby shower at "Babies R Us". According to ETonline she registered for, "everything from a $759 Bugaboo FROG Stroller and a Cookie Monster Bath Towel to a variety of Baby Einstein products." The good news is that she went for the baby Einstein products. This could mean that at least ONE member of the Spears family will have half a brain.

* Lindsay Lohan has made another bad decision
- Linds has signed on to play one of Charles Manson's followers in the upcoming Manson Girls. This will be the third film in which she has starred that is based on a major historical figure. Apparently Lohan's pappa is unhappy with her decision. He claims he dislikes her choice and would prefer that she go back to doing the type of films that made her popular in the first place: fun family dramas/comedies. In other words...cheesy chick flicks. Hey I'm all for it.

* People watched The Hills
-Apparently life on Monday night was SO dull that Americans found themselves tuning in to MTV to watch The Hills. The 4.8 million viewers who tuned in gave the show the highest rating of the year for its target demographic. I just wish they'd stop calling it a "reality" show.

* Carrie and Chace cut ties
-All I have to say on this is YEAH!!! It's a lot easier to crush on someone when they're single. Now I just have to pray that Gossip Girl creators didn't turn Chace's character gay. As far as Carrie is concerned, I'm sure the "All American Girl" won't have too hard a time finding another piece of man candy.

Victors and Villians

The Michigan Pops Orchestra is at it again! You can catch "Victors and Villians" April 6, 7PM at the Michigan Theatre.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If they tease you does that mean they like you?

So it's been rip on Miley Cyrus week apparently. Sadly I didn't get an invite. But I am all about sharing so below I've compiled the best of the media's attempts to take a crack at the tween queen. I give them credit it's funny stuff.

And...I refused to post the AOL "Is Miley the Next Britney" picture show. I've had it. They are not the same person no matter how much their barbie dolls look alike.

Special Request

So I was contacted a few days ago regarding a post I had on the blog back in December:
The post talked about my meeting of Zach Levi and Joel Moore while on vacation. Apparently members of a Zachary Levi fan site ( have a hankering for to fulfill their request I've put up a couple more pictures from the trip.
As far as good stories go: I don't have much. Hanging out with the star of NBC's Chuck was a lot like hanging out with my guy friends. I am working on compiling some more stories that I can share with you soon though ;)
On another Zach note...Major kudos for participating in the 12th annual AT&T Celebrity Winterfest. The charity event raised over $600,000.

10 mil for baby pics? COME ON!

Maybe this is just me...I thought that when people had babies they generally WANTED to show them off to the public hence all those cute little birth announcements. So why is it that when celebs have children they profit off providing pics of their newborns? Photogs will get pictures of the kids eventually (unless, of course, their crazy parents lock them in the house FOREVER) so why pay bucko bucks for them right away?
The public makes having a baby look like something that only celebrities can do. I understand people's fascination to a point...I am kind of curious to see the off-spring of two gorgeous human beings too. But it's not worth 10 million bucks! And then there is always the possibility, God forbid, that something could go wrong and the child could be deformed in some way or even not-survive. What then? You wouldn't dare make a spectacle of a deformed child for the benefit of selling a few magazines would you? The sad thing is...we probably would.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jamie Lynn tying the knot?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage...

Ok, so Jamie Lynn Spears got it a little out of order...but according to sources that have been leaking the goods to both PageSix and MSN the Nickelodeon star is sporting an engagement ring...months after announcing her pregnancy.
Jamie Lynn has apparently been showing off the diamond that 18 year old beau Casey Aldridge gave her to friends and family. No official word has come from the Spears camp, though.

Question: If Jamie Lynn does get married will she still be wearing a WHITE dress down the isle?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Michigan has hot girls...imagine that

I usually ignore lists that objectify women by ranking them according to looks...but I'm making an exception in this case. Why, you ask? Because I'm sick and tired of people from other schools saying that Michigan has ugly girls. What's up with that? Just because UofM students have a brain doesn't mean they lack in the looks department. Want proof? Michigan made the list of top 50 hottest student bodies. So we came in at #32 (which was one worse than MSU, by the way)...we still beat out most other Big Ten schools. And the caption to go with our picture: "Michigan is one of the finer public schools in the country, so not only will you find some hot girls, she’ll probably be able to hold a conversation with you."
I was going to put the picture up here too but thought better of it. You can check it out yourself at

Britney's Back...sort of

So I broke down tonight. I had told myself I wouldn't watch "How I Met Your Mother" just because Britney Spears was guest-starring, but I did. I couldn't help myself. I had CBS on to watch one of my current favs, "The Big Bang Theory", and they kept showing all the teasers for "How I met Your Mother" which happened to be on next. So I gave up another half hour of my life and took one for the team.
I was shocked. Britney appeared semi-normal. Her character was crazy, but she, oddly enough, appeared as though she was a SANE actress PLAYING a crazy secretary. And, I have to admit-although it pains me greatly, she did a *good* job. It certainly helped that the show has terrific writers and a strong cast. The storyline for Brit's guest spot was spectacular by itself, thus helping Brit look even better as a guest star.
The good news: 1) The storyline was open enough that Brit could come back in the future. Rumors have been going around suggesting that she could work out a multi-episode deal.
2) Britney's outfit (the one she wore during the show) is going to be auctioned off for charity. I say that makes this whole thing worth it.
3) "How I Met Your Mother" probably has a host of new fans all because they were willing to take a chance on a deranged former pop-star. Yeah for CBS!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another stupid celebrity lawsuit

So the family of the victim involved in the Nick Bollea car crash is now attempting to sue HULK HOGAN (Terry Bollea) claiming that it was HIS fault. The lawsuit says that the Hulk should be responsible because he knew that his son liked to drive his cars fast and race other cars. Yup that makes perfect sense. So should someone sue Dina Lohan because she new that her daughter liked to drink, so her DUI must be all HER fault. I'm going to pull a John Stossel here and say GIVE ME A BREAK.
I feel bad for the family, I wouldn't wish an accident like that on anyone, but this is NOT the way to handle it. No wonder out court system is so screwed up.

Miley and Mandy who?

They garnered over a million hits on YouTube and they're making headlines on some of Hollywood's hottest entertainment sites (People, E!), but who is the "Mandy" of the "Miley and Mandy" show?
I figured the YouTube videos were popular because everyone wanted to see more of Disney's tween queen, Miley Cyrus, but after checking out a story on I've come to discover that there is more to this "Mandy" than meets the eye.
In the duo's latest video it is revealed that Mandy has joined a new all-girls group (she claims is a mix of the Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls only "age appropriate"). So does this now pave the way for friends of OTHER celebrities to become famous? If I'm best friends with Hilary Duff, for example, does that mean that I can weasel my way into the spotlight and score a gig thanks to her star power? What ever happened to people getting famous for ACTUALLY HAVING TALENT?
I refused to watch the webisodes to find out who this Mandy girl actually is and what her background may actually be...but I DID post their latest video here so you can see for yourself.

Gossip Guy Gay?

According to a TVGuide article, when The CW's "Gossip Girls" hits airwaves again this spring, one of its leading men will be coming out of the closet. The article wouldn't say which Upper East Sider would be switch-hitting, but it did give "clues" so fans of the show could guess.
Here is how I feel about this: 1) Yeah for including another homosexual character on prime time TV. 2) Dan (Penn Badgley's character) was gay in the book, so it'd be true to form to find a homosexual character in the TV series as well. 3) It sure as hell better NOT be Dan or Nate...I'm having too much fun crushing over their characters. I vote either Chuck (who totally looks like he could go both ways) or Eric (Serena's brother)-that could explain his attempted suicide. I just like Dan and Serena together too much for him to flip sides, and Nate has too much drama with his coked out dad to have to deal with coming out of the closet.
Either way we'll find out when "Gossip Girls" hits the airwaves again soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

John Stossel not entertaining? HA!

John Stossel was kind enough to "Give Me a Break" the other day during a quick trip to the University of Michigan. Why was he in Ann Arbor, you ask? Because we're awesome. Besides the video to find out!

For those that can't wait...

Brit's much talked about appearance on CBS' s "Two and a Half Men" is this coming Monday, but for those of you that can't wait, here is the sneak peek of her in action.

Lindsay Lohan sex tape?

Perez Hilton has posted today that there is the very real possibility of the existence of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape. The alleged tape, which has supposedly leaked onto the internet, stars Lohan and former boyfriend Calum Best.
And I thought Linds didn't want to be like Paris Hilton? My bad.

A very JONAS reality...

As if banking on High School Musical and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus weren't enough for Disney, they've decided to cash in on the Jonas Brothers too. A new "reality" show is on the way which will follow the brothers while on their current Look Me in the Eyes tour.
Reality isn't the Jonas Brother's only game though...they have a new scripted Disney venture coming out this summer.
I don't blame's a great set up they have going. The Jonas Brothers have skyrocketed to fame on the backs of Miley Cyrus whom they joined on the Best of Both Worlds tour. Catchy pop tunes like "S.O.S." have expanded their audience beyond just the tween crowd. The Jonas Brothers are basically Hansen reincarnated.

I KNEW Miley Cyrus could Kill you....

The 15 year old tween queen is back in the headlines again. This time it's because the star is apparently killing people. That's what you get for spending crap loads of money on Hannah Montana merchandise. Believe it or not high contents of lead have been discovered in Miley's Chinese made products. It's a CONSPIRACY I tell you! Ok, it's not, but the media will probably spin it that way so I'm playing along. Then again, if Miley kills off all her young fans who'll be left to watch her show and buy her albums?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gossip Girls Getting Better? Oh Yeah

I was worried when rumors flew last month that Mischa Barton might join the cast of Gossip Girl. That would have quickly ruined my favorite show. HOWEVER, The CW has reported that the role Mischa was rumored to fill has actually been granted to Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Michelle Trachtenberg. YEAH!
While Michelle's roles have been known to fall under the category of the "goody two shoes" (Ice Princess) this one is certainly about to break the mold. She'll be playing Georgina Sparks who returns from a stint in rehab to seriously shake up the life of Serena (Blake Lively).
The fact that Blair's character has lost some of her bitchiness over the last few episodes and made the audience sympathize with her has left the door WIDE OPEN for a new nemesis to take over.
Gossip Girl will be back on the CW for a few more episodes starting in April and has already been picked up for season two.

Aren't Carcinogens a cure for cancer?

Yeah that's not right...almost as not right as kissing your cousin (Mean Girls reference for those that don't know). But, apparently Patrick Swayze thinks here he was caught smoking between treatments for Pancreatic cancer.
See when people do dumb stuff like that I stop feeling sorry for them. SMOKING KILLS!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm a big BOY now!

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean is ready to show the world his grown up side. The singer/songwriter wants to go solo. And, his tickets have already gone on sale for his first two gigs. Plans are in the works for McLean to release a solo album later in the year.
BSB fans (I know you're still out there) don't fret, this doesn't mean another one will bite the dust (for those of you living under a rock BSB member Kevin Richardson has already left the group). Reports have said that McLean is planning to join up with the band, whom he has recently been touring with, for another album due out next year.

Um...AOL you're a little late

So AOL is a little late in their entertainment news department. They are currently reporting on their Entertainment webpage that Miley Cyrus is officially changing her name. Yeah awesome...too bad we reported that here over a MONTH AGO!

Check it out:
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 "Thank you Miley for further clarifying your relationship to Billy Ray..."
If you check our archives you'll find EBUZZ was all OVER it!!!
And, just for clarification, I still think it's stupid.

I'm feeling nice. I know people hate to search for the details so I'll summarize below:
Miley's birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her dad nicknamed her Miley and she's gone by that ever since. The star prefers this name and wants to make it official so on Friday her parents (Billy Ray and Leticia) filed papers on her behalf to legally change her name to MILEY RAY CYRUS.
Yeah this name change is going to through me for a loop.

WANTED: Shia LaBeouf

We know women want him, we know producers want him, but now the law wants him too. A warrant has been issued for Shia LaBeouf's arrest after the 21-year old Transformers star failed to appear in a California court. LaBeouf had received a citation for unlawful smoking on Feb. 18th. His failure to appear has meant a $1000 bench warrant.
None of this would have been an issue, Shia, if you didn't smoke in the first place. Didn't anyone ever tell you how bad that is for your health?
And, speaking of smoking, apparently Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff has picked up a nasty smoking habit which has left co-stars concerned for his well-being. I guess when you have millions of dollars spending a few bucks (or pounds) on a pack of cigarettes isn't a big deal.

NOT sexy and the city?

Sarah Jessica Parker is more than a little perturbed. The star of HBO's Sex and the City was recently voted the "unsexiest woman in the world" by Maxim magazine.
I feel SO much better about myself now. This mean I'm NOT the world's ugliest woman.
And seriously SJP, you have to know you aren't TRULY the world's ugliest woman...get over yourself. You have a great hubby (Matthew Broderick), a kick ass show and soon to be released movie, and a successful fashion line. Be a voice for people who weren't blessed with Heidi Klum like the world that looks don't mean everything.
Or not.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dance Marathon!

The Entertainment Buzz sent a crew to cover this weekend's most happening and charitable event...the 2008 University of Michigan Dance Marathon! The group raised $428,029.79 for charity...which we at Ebuzz think is pretty damn check it out!

Kaitlin's Interview with the Sklar Brothers...the edited version

*I promise the full-length interview will be up shortly.

Get "The Full Monty"

MUSKET is putting on a production of "The Full Monty" that you won't want to miss. For more information check out the Entertainment Buzz's interview with the show's director and star!

Lohan short on dough?

Word on the street is that Lindsay Lohan is getting a little strapped for cash. The star's stints in rehab and lackluster box office performances are to blame for her diminishing bank account...that and her egregious spending habits.
In Touch weekly has reported that La Lohan has spent $315,000 on rehab, $1 million on hotel stays, and a stunning $70,000 on TANNING (honestly if you live in LA is paying for tanning really necessary? Haven't you heard of a beach and a bottle of bronzer?).
Sources say that Lindsay is starting to freak because offers just aren't flying in like they used to. Gee, I wonder why that would be? That's right, Lohan has done multiple stints in rehab, been to jail for a DUI, has gotten publicly reprimanded by former employers (Georgia Rule)...who WOULDN'T want to sign this 'star'? Add her personal baggage to the fact that her recent films haven't done so hot at the box office and you've got a career going down the tubes.
What saddens me is that Lindsay will probably come out of all this smelling like roses. She'll release another shitty album, put out a few more lackluster yet money making films, and do some career saving interviews to propel herself back to the top.
Before that happens though...I'd really like to see her having to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Is that sad?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Snoop Dog on a Soap?

I honestly don't know what to say. I am so utterly shocked right now that I don't know whether to make fun of Snoop Dog or applaud his efforts. So, I leave this one up to you. The 36-year old rapper is taking over daytime television with an extended cameo on ABC's "One Life to Live". According to Snoop, his mom always had soaps on in his "crib" growing up. I just can't wait to see which horribly cliched storyline they'll put him in!

Want to be BFFs with Paris Hilton?

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for a best friend the first place I turn is reality television. Relationships that steam from those shows are also so solid and reliable.
Ok I'm getting sick at my own sarcasm. While I may think reality TV is crap I'll be the first to admit is marketable and economically sensible. So it makes since that Paris Hilton is going to attempt to turn her fortunes around (yet again with the puns, I'm sorry I just can't help myself) by starring in yet another 'reality' program. This time around Paris is looking for a new BFF (I hear Nicole Richie didn't work out for her). Twenty potential best friends will compete in a multitude of retarded challenges with the grand prize of becoming Paris' new best friend! We can thank MTV for providing us with this new 'reality' show.
If you are interested in making friends with the heiress you can apply for the "coveted position" at I have to hurry and apply now (yeah that's not going to happen).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It...90210 making a comeback

The CW, the network that has kindly brought us more teen dramas than all other combined, are at it again. Apparently they are working on a spin off to the highly successful 90210. Veronica Mar's fans will be excited to hear that Rob Thomas has been asked to pen the project which the network has fast tracked for production. No word yet on whether or not any of the original cast members will make an appearance.
So when are we going to see the spin off of Party of Five? Lacie Chabert could use another project...the Mean Girl could totally make a comeback!

(P.S. Michigan Daily, I'm going to continue using exclamation points just to piss you off.)

Harry Potter to appear in TWO parts!

Those of you too lazy to read the Harry Potter sucks to be you. You'll be forced to wait for an 8th movie to come out in order to discover the series finale. Warner Brothers has announced that do to the amount of content in the final book in the series, to do it justice will require splitting the action into two seperate films. The films are scheduled to be released in November 2010 and May 2011. Warner Brother's executives said it would be a "disservice" to try and cram all that info into just one film.
Personally I agree, and am excited. This means Potter mania will live on for at least one more year!
My best guy friend is just excited he'll get to see Emma Watson on screen for another two hours. Whatever floats your boat.

Rachel Ray to get cooked?

Reports have surfaced that talked show host and Food Network star Rachel Ray could have the plug pulled on her show. Network executives are "seriously talking about taking her off the air", according to a story on AOL Entertainment. Personally I couldn't be more thrilled. Thirty minute meals was one thing, but a talk show? Come on. You can only handle high-strung for so long.
P.S. Do you know that Rachel has never had any formal culinary training? The star's food knowledge comes from working in a diner and later as a buyer for a department store's food counter. If you want to get the full scoop check out the very enlightening E! True Hollywood's certainly eye opening.

Mandy's Mom Outed

Mandy Moore knows all about dating tennis stars, she dated Andy Roddick a few years ago. But no one thought that her thing for racquet bearing significant others would come from her mother.
Tabloids have recently outed Moore's mom who has apparently been shaked up with tennis pro Claudette Laliberte who she has been seeing since 2006. I think the score here is love all.

Brooke Hogan's Battle royale

Brooke Hogan has publicly lashed out at her father, and more specifically at her former best friend on her MySpace blog. The "TV Personality" as AOL calls her (I think that was fairly accurate and polite. Calling her a musician is just plain WRONG), got down and dirty with the details of the Hulk's affair. Apparently he and Brooke's former pal, 33-year-old Christiane Plante did some wrestling OUTSIDE the ring (sorry I couldn't help myself).
Brooke has lashed out at Plante saying, now you're "seeing exactly how karma works." And,"nothing you say will ever put my family back together."
Rumors of the affair hit the media in February, and Brooke posted a response on her blog shortly thereafter, but it was quickly removed. This post, however, hasn't gone anywhere and is certainly working to shake things up just before Brooke takes over the spotlight on the new season of "Hogan Knows Best" (publicity move? Sure. But considering Brooke can't sing, she has to do SOMETHING to draw attention to herself).
The sad thing is, I feel for the 19 year old. To have your parent's relationship unfold is hard enough, to have it happen on TV and in the media must be devastating.
I wouldn't mind seeing Brooke take on Christiane in a Royal Rumble of sorts though...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lohan repeats history,..again

Lindsay Lohan is popping back up on the big screen, and after a year full of drugs, alcohol, and rehab, her re-appearance is already making waves. Lohan is set to star alongside Jared Leto in Chapter 27, a movie based on the true story of Mark David Chapman's assassination of John Lennon. The trailer (located below) has just been released on the internet and is already getting quite a bit of attention.
I find Lohan's role in this piece rather ironic. The former Mean Girl previously starred in the Emilo Estevaz film Bobby, the story of Robert Kennedy's assassination. I'm starting to see a trend here...
Maybe next Lohan will star in a film chronicling John Wilkes Booth's assassination of Abe never know.
I wonder how much love Chapter 27 will get. Leto has a decent fan base, but this will be the first true test of Linds' crew since her stint at Circus.

I didn't know they had dope on Gilligan's Island?

Apparently the skipper had more in his cargo than originally thought. No wonder they never made it off the island!!! Mary Ann had weed!!!
In all seriousness, Dawn Wells (who played Mary Ann) is now serving six months of unsupervised probation after being caught with marijuana in her vehicle. According to AOL, "She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving. Under a plea agreement, three misdemeanor counts - driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance - were dropped."
Wells had been pulled over after an officer saw her driving recklessly. He found half smoked joints and a container for storing marijuana in her vehicle. Wells claimed they belonged to hitchhikers who she had recently given a ride to (come on, is that the best you could do? Hitchhikers? Nobody picks those up anymore...especially celebrities...or washed up celebrities). Wells continued to impress the officer by then failing a sobriety test (her lawyer later claimed she had recently come from a party where she hadn't had that much to drink. Her swerving was caused by her attempting to locate the heating controls in her car- by the way I'm laughing so hard right now I'm having a hard time writing this).

Girls get ready to go WILD again!!!

For those drunken spring breakers who love taking their shirts off for a stranger with a video're in luck!!! Girl's Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is now a free man and will undoubtedly be looking for more wild women soon! Francis pleaded 'no contest' to filming underage girls while making his wildly successful "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs. He was sentenced to time already served (Francis was behind bars for 11 months after being convicted of tax evasion).
I'm just bummed his release has come after I've already had my spring break. Bummer.

American Idol?

So we're all human...we all make mistakes...but when you make a mistake in front of millions of people...that just sucks. But, it's certainly good for a laugh.
David Archuleta, in his attempt to become the next American Idol, jumped the gun a bit. You see, the star wanna be forgot that remembering the lyrics to the songs you sing is relatively important if you want to win. I also thought it was ironic that he sang "We can work it out"...when if fact he couldn't work it out.
I don't even LIKE American Idol, but if the performances continue to go like this I might just have to become a fan.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jamie Lynn-Seriously Misguided

So production stills have spilled onto the internet promoting Jamie Lynn Spears' guest appearance on an up-coming episode of ABC's Misguided. Jamie Lynn plays a high school student who hears great news from the college of her choice but is torn when she thinks how her decision will affect her love life. Ironic isn't it?
Had Jamie Lynn only thought about how her love life would have affected her career....then again maybe she'd still be pregnant.
Either way I'll probably tune in to see my very first episode of the series just to make fun of the now preggars Spears. For the record, if you watch you won't see a baby bump...Spears filmed the guest-spot prior to her pregnancy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's TAX TIME!!!

So I bet you've never associated doing your taxes with ANYTHING entertainment related...yeah neither had I. But, I was recently introduced to a marketing campaign for H&R Block that changed my mind. Meet Truman Greene a man willing to make a complete fool of himself all for the purpose of advertising. Think William Hung (American Idol)...only singing about taxes.
For those of you struggling with your taxes I offer you the opportunity to rid yourself of a potential headache. WIN A FREE COPY OF TAXCUT PREMIUM ONLINE SOFTWARE. Just respond to this post with your name and email and I'll send you all the necessary info to get this free software. So doing your taxes may not be entertaining...but it shouldn't be a hassle.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lisa Marie Presley...pregnant and pissed

Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant and on a rampage. Aparently Elvis' daughter is planning on taking some publications to court for calling her "fat". Allegations that the star is following in her father's footsteps and sports an unhealthy appetite have apparently left her "deeply upset and offended" according to her lawyer.
Being a student in First Amendment Law at the University of Michigan I'm feeling quite confident that Lisa Marie won't get very far in court. But, she will allow other publications to further disseminate the idea that she is "fat" and following in her father's footsteps by reporting on her court case. Which, by the way, makes me wonder why she is taking this to court in the first place. Blowing things out of proportion much?

Barbara Walter's shitty interview

So Barbara Walters took time out of "The View" Friday to talk about her "shitty" Oscar interview. Ok, so I'm having a little too much fun with the puns for this one...
Apparently when Walters went to visit Miley Cyrus and her family at their LA home, one of her toilets overflowed causing the plumbing in the rest of the home to overflow as well. The Cyrus family responded to the situation by sending Barbara a golden toilet with an inscription reading: "Barbara So you'll always remember the Cyrus family".
You'd think with the dough the tween queen in pulling in she could get her family some decent plumbing...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Lohan Reality Show? Are you for real?

E! has announced that coming soon viewers can delve deep into the lives of Dina and Ali Lohan in a new reality series. I almost vomited. I can't tell which is worse, the fact that Dina is pimping out another one of her children, or the fact that audiences are going to have to watch as Hollywood attempts to pump out another, more sober version, of Lindsay.
This is another case of "my sibling is famous so why can't I be famous too!" Previous examples include: Ashley Simpson (who also had a 'reality' show, by the way), Haylie Duff (she got some lover for her part in "Napoleon Dynamite" but when your follow up is "Material Girls" you know you've got problems), Kay Panabaker (she's trying to steal the spot vacated in the Disney lineup by big sis Danielle who can currently be seen on CBS's "Shark"). I could go on but I don't have that much time and you don't really care. The point has been made. Good talent is being passed up so that the industry can cash in on name recognition all the while praying that talent is genetic.
The only good news this show brings, is the fact that we can see first hand what a shitty mom/manager Dina is in public (unless of course E! does us the disservice of editing that part out and making her look angelic).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Any one else think this is creepy?

I'm not going to lie...I think Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia's relationship is more than a little strange. It isn't just the couple's 12 year age difference, or the fact that Hayden only recently turned 18, but more the fact that when rumors first circulated about the couple THEY too expressed how wrong that situation was.
And now, months later, the two have been spotted all over together and have finally admitted they are, indeed, a couple.
Should we be on the look out for a Jamie Lynn Spears like incident soon? I hope not. The good news is that Hayden was never a self-professed good girl. She skipped over the Disney/Nick label (albeit not with out a Disney made-for-TV movie) and moved straight on to the big stuff. So maybe it's only fitting that this Hollywood 'it' girl who has partied with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, make waves with her choice of beau too.

CW grants Greenlight to slew of shows

The CW is hoping to keep/lure back fans post-strike by announcing the return of some of their post popular shows. The new network has ordered up episodes of "One Tree Hill", "Supernatural", "Smallville", "Gossip Girls" and "America's Next Top Model" for next season.
I don't know about you but I'm pretty damn excited. Smallville is the network's number one rated scripted series, but it's fate has been in question as of late as the show has entered it's later seasons with slumping ratings. But Tom Welling fans can rejoice (Welling is from Okemos, Michigan so he certainly had me cheering!) because the hunk will be making a comeback as our devilishly handsome superhero.
I'm mostly excited about Gossip Girl though. If you watch EBUZZ or read this blog than you have seen me proclaim my love for the series more than once. I can't help guys, juicy story-lines, what's not to love?

On a personal non-CW related note...I'm also excited to say that my buddy Zach Levi's show "Chuck" was also picked up for another season. Yeah Zach!

Box Office Buzz

So I had the chance to see a few movies over break and thought I'd share some insight on them here.

VANTAGE POINT: Out of all the movies I saw this one took the cake. It's premise was certainly original and the acting was all-around well done. As with every film there are flaws, this one was slightly overdone and dragged out, but overall it was attention grabbing, unique, and worth the theater going experience.

UNTRACEABLE: The worst movie I have seen in a really long time. I was thoroughly disappointed on this one. The premise had tons of potential but the writing and acting never gave it a chance. The movie was slow, poorly edited, gory, and sadly predictable. I was crushed, and angry that I had paid good money to check this one out.

THE BUCKET LIST: Alright this one is SO not for the twenty-something crowd. I vacationed in an "old people village" aka retirement community, so it was fate that I got suckered into seeing this film. I actually had semi-high hopes considering Jack Nickelson, Morgan Freeman, and "Will and Grace's" Sean Hayes starred. I was duped though. What had been promoted as a comedy turned out to be a major Debbie Downer. While still a well written and acted film, it was NOT at all what it was advertised to be. If you're looking for a feel good film you ventured into the totally wrong territory.

I don't know about anyone else but I REALLY want to see "The Other Boleyn Girl". I am a fan of Natalie Portman and combining her talents with those of Scarlett Johannson and Eric Bana should make for a great film. The film is based on a novel, which I haven't read but relatives of mine have and loved it. This worries me slightly if those also wishing to watch this film also read the book. Just remember going in to it that these are two separate mediums and thus should be judged individually. If the movie doesn't stick precisely to the book don't get your panties all in a twist.
COLLEGE ROAD TRIP: The fact I even mentioned this stupid movie in my blog is shameful. But in order to make fun of it, I had to mention it. Is Martin Lawrence in such a slump that he had to stoop to doing a Disney film with RAVEN? Come on. And can anyone tell me a single other project (Cosby doesn't count) NOT associated with Disney that Raven has been in? I ALMOST feel sorry for her. She's never going to shake that label if she continues to ride the mouse express (then again maybe she doesn't have a choice). You know a movie is bad when even it's trailer is painful to watch.

Miley the next Britney?

I was trolling through the entertainment sites today during class (sorry I was bored!) and came across an article featured on's front page. It was titled, "Is Miley Cyrus the Next Britney Spears?"
MSN's Martha Brockenbrough slammed the tween queen saying she didn't deserve to appear on Barbara Walter's Oscar special, and that she is destined to become another botched teen star. The article got me a more than a little perturbed.
Apparently, "The 15-year-old has even ripped a page from Britney's handbook, publicly proclaiming her virginity while dressing for a hooker convention."
I admit, Cyrus' start to stardom looks eerily similar to that of former Mouseketeer Britney Spears, but that doesn't mean she'll follow in Brit's footsteps. Is it so hard to look at the glass half full and imagine and teen star that actually lives a respectable lifestyle? Why is everyone so out to put her down and make her into a celebrity hoar?
My favorite part of the article was the almost humorous simile Bockenbrough used when describing Cyrus' talent (or lack thereof)and the reasoning for not fueling kid's Miley fire.
"today she is a chicken nugget of a performer. If you ever want your kids to develop taste, you won't let them gorge themselves on nuggets -- even if all the other kids are doing it and your kids swear they'll never eat again if you don't give them what they want."
Is a chicken nugget the best she could come up with? Honestly.
Much of Bockenbrough's arguments come from the way Miley dresses and acts. Apparently she dresses like an adult but acts like a child. First of all, NEWSFLASH she's a fifteen year old girl! Of course she'd going to act like a child. It's just her childish mistakes (not wearing a seatbelt, taking pictures of herself at a PJ party with friends) get blown enormously out of proportion. As far as the dressing like an adult, don't you think that adults are making her fashion decisions for her? And in an interview with Miley's mom Tish, an example was given where Miley was forced to miss a meet and greet and was grounded because she argued with Tish who wouldn't let her leave the dressing room wearing an outfit her deemed inappropriate.
I'm not trying to hop on the Miley bandwagon here (although the more stories I read and write about the star the more it looks like I'm heading that way), but I see the impact she has on the younger generation. I babysit for kids who adore her and look up to her, and have modeled POSITIVE behaviors they've seen in their favorite idol. So maybe Miley will end up a Britney someday, but we don't know that for sure, so why don't we bask in the positive now while we still can?

Paybacks aren't hell...they're fricken sweet!!!

A HUGE thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for not geting f*cked lying down. The comedian fired back at girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon with his own celeb-filled video. I've posted it here because, well it's just that funny.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

CMT to Get Cyrused

CMT is hopping on the Cyrus bandwagon. They have signed up dad Billy Ray and tween queen daughter Miley to host the CMT Awards April 15th. The pair is set to both host AND perform (some sappy father-daughter duet I hope). Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Taylor Swift and Toby Keith and also set to perform.
Miley was recently a presenter at the Academy Awards ceremony. 2008 is already looking to be the year of the Cyrus's as they are using the momentum that began in late 2007 to propel the father-daughter duo to stardom.
Why not, you know? Every time I go online I can't help but see a story containing one or both of the Cyrus clan. And as long as Miley stays out of trouble then more power to her. I'd rather see her getting all the attention than someone like Brooke Hogan (who is going to be the center of the new season of "Hogan Knows Best", by the way. Good Lord. When will someone tell that girl she can't actually sing?).

TV for next season. Are you favorites making a comeback?

Yahoo! has just released it's list of TV shows destined to either make the cut for a new season or get cut. It seems to be good news for the majority of the shows aimed at the 20-something audience. The CW is predicted to bring back it's new hit "Gossip Girls" which will also air an additional five episodes this season. The show, starring "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" Blake Lively, has gotten lots of buzz in it's first season thanks in part to its racy story-lines and cult book following.
Another 20-something comedy perfect for college students is "The Big Bang Theory". If you haven't already checked out CBS's new hit from the creators of "Two and a Half Men" you certainly need to do so. Not only will you be able to catch about five more episodes this year, but you'll be able to see season two as CBS has already extended the show's life into next year. "The Big Bang Theory" stars "8 Simple Rules" Katie Coucuo and is about this group of nerds who live next door to your stereotypical dumb blonde. Where this story-line may sound lackluster, the plots are hilarious and the subject matter is perfect for the educated masses.
Michigan alum Lucy Lui won't be making a comeback on ABC's "Cashmere Mafia". The show got neither critical support, nor the audience support to bring it back.
"7th Heaven" got the axe after 11 seasons last year, but the CW tried to keep that winning family drama formula alive this year with "Life is Wild". Shot on location is Southern Africa the show had a beautiful backdrop, but cheesy plots and poor ratings will keep it from making a post-strike comeback. Yahoo! reports the cast is already out of Africa...meaning show's over.
Another CW drama in trouble is "Reaper". "Stick Its" Missy Peregrym and company gave the network high hopes after what critics called "a nearly flawless pilot". But, viewers haven't taken the bait thus leaving the future of this one uncertain.
"Grey's Anatomy" fans that found themselves addicted to "Private Practice" can rejoice. Kate Walsh and company will be making a season two comback.