Tuesday, November 27, 2007


SO as promised the Colbert Report swag has arrived and "The Entertainment Buzz" is giving it away. All you have to do to win is reply to this post with your name and email. Also tell me why you love Ebuzz!


Anonymous said...

I love ebuzz because it is an action adventure epic packed show on the High Seas. I heard one guy can actually talk to Dolphins! I really like their special effects and how they make things look so real. Also the producer is cool too!
-the half italian stallion

Anonymous said...

I love the ebuzz because of Kaitlin Urka.Let me tell you she is going places. That blend between hard hitting journalism and comic relief gets me every time. Not to mention she is good in the sac.

Anonymous said...

I love ebuzz..why- because of all the delightful personalities headed by Ms. Urka who make this a truly dynamic show....listening to the inciteful discussions on table talk that demonstrate wonderful varied viewpoints...ATU keeping you informed of what's going on or worth attention to keep you entertained around Ann Arbor...WHIH chooses great stories worth noting from the Hollywood sphere..With the style segment Tamra offers great advice and local finds for students on a budget but who like style...BOB gives great reviews and highlights new releases in theaters that help isolate ones movie going decision for the week...ALL IN ALL Ebuzz is awesume and worth checking out on a weekly basis to keep you informed and entertained!