Sunday, September 16, 2007

Russell Crowe responsible for Michigan's win

So I have decided that Russell Crowe's presence at the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game yesterday was largely responsible for Michigan's dominating win. Why not right? I mean it was Russell's "Cinderella Man" that Lloyd showed to his football team a few years ago sparking a win over a rival team and leading them to a successful season. And Lloyd and Russell are good friends...good enough that Russell invited him and some players to vacation in Australia with him this past summer. Russell knows good football...he is the owner of the South Sydney team (here we call it Rugby, by the way). If you were a player and Russell Crowe was sitting on YOUR team's bench wouldn't you be inspired? I thought so. I know I was. May Russell come to the remainder of our games this season because I truly believe he is the man. If nothing else I enjoyed walking the sidelines so that I could look at him every time I passed. Ahh.
This brings up another point...what has Russell done entertainment wise lately? I am drawing a blank. I can't think of the last time I saw him in a serious role on the big screen. I think he's due.


Anonymous said...

Dude!! You gotta get me down there on the sidelines at least once this year! Pleeaassseee!!
Pablo's Protege

DJ Caterina said...

That's a nice picture of the Crowe-man. What's he doing?....He's only in a little movie called "3:10 To Yuma" that was #1 last week!

EBUZZED said...

YES! I love that people who read this are knowledgable about entertainment news! I was going to do a whole post on 3:10 to Yuma and decided to through this question out instead to see if anyone actually reads these things! Good news is, now I can do my post on the movie knowing my readers are loyal to the cause!!!