Friday, September 14, 2007

Something better to talk about

So this is one of those instances that as I was writing my own question, I discovered my answer. Here was my original question: "Why must Entertainment sites make news out of starts doing mundane things like shopping and eating?"
Answer: Because they too, have nothing interesting to write about otherwise.

I wish I had something as catchy and controversial as my previous topic. The response was insane and was truly inspiring. I do wonder we like celebrities more when they are bad and newsworthy? I mean people seem to hate on people like Hilary Duff...would they suddenly like her if she took off her clothes in public (wait, bad example...OF COURSE THEY WOULD)...I mean if she got and DUI or something? Are celebrities more appealing if they're "bad" or if their flaws are exposed to the world? Should we spend so much time obsessing about them? Is it my duty as an entertainment reporter to attempt to spread the positive stories too? I'm stuck. They may not be nearly as exciting...but they are news just the same. So until I come up with something more a celeb DUI...I leave you with this.

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