Sunday, August 31, 2008

FALL TV: What to Tune in to

The Fall TV season can be a lot like a parade: Hours of so-called entertainment featuring only a handful of things you actually want to see.
The writer's strike last year has left many fans in the dark about their favorite shows, and has left the door wide open to a slew of up-and-coming series. So her is a quick guide to what's coming back, what's new, and what you should tune in to.

These shows may have left fans hanging during the writer's strike, but this fall they'll pick right back up where they left off and are certain not to disappoint.

Heroes: The NBC hit left off last season with some major deaths. HRG took a bullet, but thanks to blood from Claire managed to make a comeback. And in the season finale Nathan was shot before he could reveal his true powers to the world. This season Sylar is back and as evil as ever, a Hero gains a new power, and everyone's favorite Asian teleporter will use his ability to make a key new discovery.

Chuck: Zach Levi stole many a girl's heart as he made his debut in this NBC show last season. Quirky characters and interesting storylines allowed it to come back this fall. Look for great guest stars like former O.C. babe Rachel Bilson to keep things interesting.

The Office: Do I really need to say more? All the stars are back, and the inter-office love affairs are still blossoming, and all the comedy is still really fresh.

Desperate Housewives: The season finale left fans realing. The housewives were thrown five years into the future and Wisteria Lane could not have looked more different. Gabby a mom? That alone will be worth tuning in to.

Brothers and Sisters: The two hour season finale both tied up loose ends and revealed a slew of new ones. Scotty got married, Uncle Sal finally came out, and Justin and Rebecca got romantic. If Rebecca isn't the mystery Walker, however, just who is? It's family drama at its finest.

The Big Bang Theory: If you didn't catch this quirky comedy last season you seriously missed out. "8 Simple Rules" Kaley Cuoco leads a super cast in this comedy about two socially inept intellectuals who live across the hall from a blonde bombshell. This show's smart humor is perfect for the college crowd.

CSI, NCIS, Numbers, etc.: I'm grouping all these dramas togther because, well, if you've seen one you've seen them all. I happen to enjoy all of them. And trust me each left its fans with a major twist at the end of last season. Many main characters either got the axe, or their futures' are in an uncertain limbo. It will be worth tuning in just to see how the new cast will play out.

Gossip Girls: The only truly worthwhile show to watch on the fledgling CW network, Gossip Girls is everything one could want in a teen drama and more. Featuring a super hot cast (Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chase Crawford, and Penn Badgley) and some sizzling storylines each episode is a sensory delight. This season the gossip will get even hotter as some new cast members are introduced and some new flames ignite.

These new shows have a ways to go to prove themselves in primetime, but by their buzz already, we think they'll be season staples.

90210: This is one of the most talked about new shows of the season. The spin-off of the uber-popular teen series is bringing back some of the original stars (Jennie Garth) and adding some hot new faces of their own (Tristin Wilds). It certainly has some big shoes to fill, but the critics are saying it certainly has the potential.