Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank you Miley for further clarifying your relationship to Billy Ray...

OMG! reports that Miley Cyrus has officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus in a nod to her famous father. As if she weren't successful enough on her own, Miley wants to be sure to solidify the connection that could potential grasp other fans. Wikipedia has already changed her official name on their site. Impressive.
Honestly is that necessary? On the one hand I'm thinking to myself, "aww that's cute, Miley's paying tribute to her dad. How great is their father-daughter relationship!" and on the other hand I'm thinking, "gag me with a spoon. Just tell him you love him. Hell you already followed in the family business and you have returned the favor by revamping a washed up career."
She could pay homage to her father by going by the name he gave her at birth: Destiny Hope Cyrus. No, that'd be too easy (besides Miley is way cooler).
The name change comes with some other changes recently for Miley. I mean she did die her hair. Look out, next thing you know she'll be changing boyfriends too (she's currently dating one of the Jonas Brothers, by the way).
Also, would it not suck to be one of her siblings? What are they going to do to honor their dad now.

OOOH!!!! I figured out the Hilary Duff thing...(I knew I'd come up with it eventually. I'm blonde so it took me a little longer than most). She's on the Forbes list for top female musicians. She is the youngest on the list at only 20 and joins the company of Madonna and Celine Dion.

Did I miss something?

I always check out Yahoo!'s top searches because most likely those people/things being searched most have some sort of news related event that has triggered the search. So I was stimied a minute ago when I saw Hilary Duff's name at number two on the list. I followed up and can't find a single reason why people are all of a sudden searching for the teen sensation. So I'm wondering if I'm missing anything, and if so if'd you'd be kind enough to enlighten me on what that may be. In the mean time I'll keep looking.
In the spirit of providing you with SOME Hilary Duff related content, here is the trailer to her upcoming movie, "War Inc."

Want a good laugh?

Starz, in an attempt to further promote their show "Head Case" has created this wonderfully entertaining site where you can experience a "free therapy session".
If you have any sense of humor whatsoever and you are looking for a good laugh check out this link: http://www.goodetherapy.com/

Speaking of Scandalous...

So more Miley Cyrus pics have been circulating on the Internet. I have to ask, though, what percentage of these pics are real and what percent are photoshopped...
See and judge for yourself here: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/01/25/miley-cyrus-myspace-pictures/

As far as the underwear pics I wonder if this was the result of a teenage girl sleepover... I highly doubt Miley posted them online herself...but even if she did, she isn't smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or actually having sex (cough Paris Hilton cough cough).
With regards to the pictures in her bikini with friends I don't get what the big deal is. Maybe it's because I live on a beach and see this sort of thing all the time from people of ALL ages (and I do mean ALL ages...honestly there needs to be an age limit on the bikini...). She's 15 years old. I'm pretty sure she's entitled to go to the beach, and with a body like that shouldn't be ashamed to wear a cute bikini.
I feel like people are taking these things WAY out of context, because, once again-they are just looking for a way to tear this teen sensation down.

And thanks to an alert Ebuzz blogger I'm also able to bring you this tidbit of information: Gwen Stefani is pregnant again! Congrats to the two time mommy. The 38 year old No Doubt frontwomen and her 40 year old rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale are seemingly ecstatic and couldn't wait to share the news. Stefani has been expressing for a while her desire to provide her 19th month old son Kingston with a sibling. She told reporters early this year that touring was preventing her from expanding their family, but that she wished to have another child as soon as possible.

Nick Allows Jamie Lynn to return to PCA

Nickelodeon decided that ratings trump controversy...and thus made the decision to air the fourth season of its hit show "Zoey 101". In the wake of it's star's pregnancy announcement, the network contemplated canceling the series. In the season three finale Jamie Lynn's character Zoey Brooks headed off to London in a cliff hanger that would have allowed Nick to pull the plug.
But the season three finale which attracted a record 7.3 million viewers (more than watched Big sis Brit make an idiot of herself at the VMA's) thus prompting execs to stick with the show that had already wrapped shooting its fourth season this past summer.
I really don't give a shit here. To be honest it's nice to know that at least one series on TV won't be airing RERUNS in the coming months. And maybe Nick can spin the show to eventually cover important topics like teen pregnancy. And, from a business standpoint it's certainly the right move. When the Disney machine is hoarding audiences with cash cows like "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical" if you have something that works, you'd be an idiot to pull the plug.
So to all you parents out there on the verge of disallowing your children to continue watching the series because of Jamie Lynn's bad behavior...think twice. Instead turn it into an educational opportunity and communicate with your kids about safe sex. Besides, wouldn't you rather have them watching "Zoey 101" than any of those other awful Nickelodeon shows?

Stallone on Steroids?

Sylvester Stallone has admitted to using the extremely controversial HGH (human growth hormone) to help bulk up for his latest film, Rambo. The actor laughs at those claiming the drug is a steroid and insists that in ten years people will be getting the drug over the counter.
Is that really what we want to be hearing from a celebrity though? In the midst of the Major League Baseball fiasco along with other major league and olympic sports crack downs on performance enhancing drugs are Stallone's comments outrageous and grossly inappropriate? In his statement he certainly seems to be advocating the use of performance enhancing drugs (while he only specifically sites HGH, he opens the door for others with his comments). How do you tell a teenage athlete now that HGH is wrong when Rocky himself has used it? It is like when Paris Hilton got pulled over for a DUI and claimed that it wasn't that bad because she'd only had a few and her blood alcohol level wasn't 'that much' over the legal limit. Her statement practically advocated drinking and driving. While Stallone may not want to advocate performance enhancing drug use, he has to be careful how his speech can be interpreted. Celebrity's statements can often be mis-construed and/or taken more seriously than the average persons comments.
I think Stallone is wrong on this one. Performance enhancers, including the use of HGH, are wrong and can cause significant harm if used improperly. Just like with marajuana, there can be medicinal reasons for use. But recreational use is dangerous and inappropriate.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Do the New Kids on the Block still have "The Right Stuff"

Before there was the Backstreet Boys...before Justin Timberlake wooed girls everywhere with his moves (and hair) in N'SYNC...there were the New Kids on the Block. My cousins had their bed spreads, sleeping bags, posters, a zillion issues of Teen Beat with them on the cover...
And why not? NKOTB were the 80's and early 90's teen version of the Beetles. And, according to E! Online, "Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood will be making like the Spice Girls and relaunching their once chart-dominating act."
Ok so the boys have aged a bit (like twenty years), and their moves may not be what they once where (I hear you lose flexibility with age), but there is still the chance that these men could still have "The Right Stuff".
I was too young to fully appreciate their act the first time around...but I just might make an effort to catch them this time around. I'll be the first to admit I'm in love with the Backstreet Boys. I counted down the days until this past fall's "Unbreakable" hit the shelves. I have a feeling there are still a few closet NKOTB fans (like my cousin whose name I'll withhold in hopes of still getting a birthday present this year) who'd financially support a reunion.
But should NKOTB bring it back? Do you risk tainting something that at once time was so good? The Backstreet boys have continued to pump out albums (their latest without member Kevin Richardson) and have seemingly found success...but they never really quit...just got old. NKOTB officially retired. The band broke up. And reunion tours can often get tempermental. So what do you think? Is it worth seeing Joey McIntyre out there again? WHOA!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Tough Wrestlers love Hannah Montana too!

I was commentating the WOLV broadcast of the University of Michigan wrestling meet versus Minnesota the other night and came across a great informational tidbit in the players media guide. Wrestler Steve Luke said he'd prefer watching Hannah Montana to watching the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Championships. I had a chance to ask Luke about his Hannah love.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Back. Time to Diss.

I finally have time to rip apart this apparent "Top 10" list. Let's go in order, shall we?
I'll start with Miley. I actually don't mind her being on this list so much. Her role as a dual threat, and the fact that she hasn't seriously f-d up to this point make me sympathize with her. Her music and acting are aimed at the younger crowd. She knows where she stands and it appears she'll keep milking it (much like Hilary Duff did with Lizzie McGuire) until that avenue hits a dead end.
Moving on to Taylor Swift. I'm a big fan of her music. "Teardrops on my Guitar" almost made me cry (and rush out to buy a guitar but that's a different story). I haven't really seen her as a role model figure yet. I've met her, and she's really nice...but beyond her concert appearances I don't see how she has been an inspiration and role model for young kids. Her music is aimed more at the adult crowd, she doesn't act (thank God)... kudos for not getting into trouble yet Taylor, but I don't know if you would have made my list. Actually I do know. You just got the axe.
Rihanna. There is no way in HELL she would have made my list. A power woman sure...she's young, talented, etc. But a role model? NOT being in the tabloids doesn't always make you a role model. She has lost me in her last few videos. Was it "Umbrella" that she almost had a wardrobe malfunction in? Yeah I'm done with this one.
Vanessa Hudgens. You have to be kidding me. What has she done besides pose nude for pictures on the internet and star in two Disney channel movies? NOTHING!!! She tried to make some solo music and, gee, I haven't heard the fruits of that labor, have you? Neutragena signed her before her nude stint thus making her a face wash girl...but please that doesn't make you worthy of the top ten (neither does dating Zach Efron).
Ashley Tisdale. I'm really stuck on this girl. I don't like her (although now that she had surgery to repair her deviated septum maybe I will...it really was her voice that got me). Most of her fame as come from HSM. Although, at least SHE has done other work. She stars in "The Suite Life" and has released a few singles through Disney. She is 21 and claims she doesn't drink. She hasn't been caught doing anything stupid (Vanessa and the nude photos I'm totally talking about you). I can't find really bad things to say about her...so I'll let her stay...even though I feel I could find a better, more qualified candidate. Then again, maybe not.
The Cheetah Girls. I don't want to waste my time here. If your music only appears on Radio Disney...IT DOESN'T COUNT! Making your own lame-ass movies on the Disney Channel and appearing on Dancing with the Stars to try and boost your adult appeal (thanks Sabrina) isn't cool. In fact I'm done talking about these guys because they SO don't deserve to be on this list.
Ah, yes! Finally I candidate I can endorse. Blake Lively is a 20 year old who has suddenly taken the world by storm thanks to her starring role in the new CW drama "Gossip Girls". Prior to this role Blake won over fans with her work as Bridget in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Making sure not to stick soley to the tween crowd Blake has also starred alongside Justin Long in the teen/tweenties comedy "Accepted". This girl is smart, funny, and seemingly has a good head on her shoulders. Blake Lively you would totally be at the top of my list.
Damn Amanda Bynes. Again I have a love hate relationship with her. I HATED her when she was on Nickelodeon. Gag me with a spoon. Then she did a slew of shitty movies, which I also hated ("Big Fat Liar" with Frankie Muniz ring a bell? Of course not...IT SUCKED). But now she's starting to grow into that 21 year old frame and she's growing on me. My friend and I just watched "What I like About You", her now defunct sitcom in which she starred alongside Jennie Garth on the WB, for the first time and had to admit we kind of liked it. Yes it was cheesy and predictable, but isn't that the definition of a sitcom? I also LOVED her in "Hairspray". She was perfect for the role of Penny and as much as a tried to hate her I couldn't help myself. I can say that I've been dissapointed in her other recent big screen roles. "Syndey White" may not have been as much her fault as it was a product of really bad writing. But "She's the Man" I can blame partly on her (maybe because I spent most of the time drooling over Channing Tatum). Bynes is a dual threat. She has her own fashion line at Steve and Barry's. Amanda, you can stay on my list.
Raven. Oh Raven. Why didn't you just leave the business after the Cosby show? Why did you decide to rap, then stick around and be in EVERY bad Disney show EVER created? And at 20-something years old you are STILL appearing in every bad Disney show. I don't get it! You never see this girl on the big screen, her music has failed to extend beyond the radio disney airwaves (thank God), and her show isn't even the most popular on the network. I'm sorry Raven but good girl or not, you don't make my list.
Finally we come to Ellen Page. Yes Ellen won over hearts in her recent big screen flick "Juno". But beyond that I feel she hasn't been a big enough name in this industry long enough to make the list. I bet more people know Raven than they do Ellen Page. Maybe in a year or two Ellen will have further defined her career so that she could crack my top ten, but in the meantime she'll just be a wanna be in my book. You have to have played the game for more than a year to be a force in the industry (and to prove that you won't screw it all up. Look how long Britney was in the industry before she cracked.) I think Ellen will be great, but she just isn't powerhouse material yet.

And now for my list. Including the people US Weekly so thoughtlessly left out.

1.) Hilary Duff
I'm not just putting her at the top because I'm a fan. You can't argue with this girl's success. She has a clothing line, a fragrance, multi-platinum selling albums, a multitude of movies, and she hasn't managed in over six years to screw anything up.
2.) Miley Cyrus
I can't argue with success.
3.) Blake Lively
4.) Hayden Panettiere
While Hayden isn't squeaky clean, she certainly pretends to be (thanks to Neutragena). She is a force to be reckoned with in the industry and has gone out on noticeable humanitarian projects to prove her worth as a celebrity on a mission (remember the dolphins? The girl has a fricken warrant out for her arrest!). She acts, she sings (kind of), and she'll be around for a while. I mean they DID save the cheerleader...
5.) Brittney Snow
This girl always gets ignored. While she isn't A-list Hollywood yet, she is certainly moving in that direction. She was in "Hairspray", she starred in NBC's hit "American Dreams" and of course she blew the teen world away with "John Tucker Must Die". The key is that she had a disease (she was bulimic and suffered from depression) and not only did she overcome it, but she has since worked to help others fight it. Plus if you are cool enough to get Punk'd you can make my list.
6.) Amanda Bynes
I didn't realize how hard it'd be coming up with a top ten. That's the only reason you're number six Bynes...
7.) Kristen Bell
Again this girl is an on the verge Hollywood personality. She was the star of the WB/CW hit "Veronica Mars" and rode that success to a spot on NBC's Heroes. She is also the narrator for "Gossip Girls". The key is that she doesn't get in trouble and she has a humanitarian side. Plus she made my list because she's from Michigan and I'm partial.
8.) Ashley Tisdale
Again...I'll let you stay...
9.) Danielle Panabaker
So I went out on a limb for this one. But she's really smart (she graduated really early and is enrolled in college classes while she works) and has yet to get in trouble. She has worked both the tween and adult circuits and looks to have some serious acting potential. Her notable works include the CBS TV hit "Shark", and the thriller "Mr. Brooks". She has tapped into younger audiences with roles in "Yours, Mine, and Ours" and "Sky High". The fact that she can't be labeled as a Nick or Disney kid is a certain plus and means she makes my list.
10.) Damn it Taylor Swift.
Only because her song made me cry and because I really can't think of anyone else. When it comes to me, I'll change it though.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

US Weekly's Ten most powerful girls in Hollywood

Sadly I don't have time to dish on the following list more right now. Don't worry, I'll come back to it. In the mean time, check out the following Hollywood do-gooders and see if you think they deserve to make the list.

1.) Miley Cyrus
2.) Taylor Swift
3.) Rihanna
4.) Vanessa Hudgens ***
5.) Ashely Tisdale
6.) The Cheetah Girls (arg?!)
7.) Blake Lively
8.) Amanda Bynes
9.) Raven Symone
10.) Ellen Page

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More TV Viewing options

If my aforementioned STARZ! shows aren't striking a chord...maybe you are in the mood for some demolition and super-charged fun. The Discovery Channel has a brand new episode of "Smash Lab". Think "Myth-Busters" only with more adrenaline. Of course, being the awesome entertainment director that I am, I've provided you with a sample video from the show. You can justify not doing your homework to watch because there is a good chance you will learn something by watching the show ;) (That's what I tell myself when I watch TV all the time. I learn a ton from watching CSI, you know for when I decide to enter the medical and/or science field...never. Oh well).

Take a Sneak Peak at these new shows on STARZ!

So if you are anything like me (a poor, starving college kid), you probably don't pay the extra money each month to get the premium channels. That doesn't mean, however, you should be completely deprived of their content!
STARZ! has two new shows starting up (which is big considering the writer's strike) and I have links where you can watch them. Both "Hollywood Residential" and "Head Case" make their debut tonight, and both feature some big cameo appearances. Joel Madden, Rosanna Arquette, and Andy Dick can be seen in "Head Case", while Jamie Kennedy, Chris Kattan, Carmen Electra, Tom Arnold and Cheryl Hines make their way into "Hollywood Residential". Don't watch another re-run. Follow the links and check out these two brand new shows!
You can catch a sneak peak featuring Paula Abdul right here:



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wish Heath could "Start All Over"

In the spirit of trying to get over the fact that Heath Ledger died today...I have decided to post a possibly more entertaining and potentially funny piece. I was reading this great section on Yahoo! Entertainment where a guy takes screen shots of a music video and makes fun of it. This week's video of choice: "Start all Over", Miley Cyrus' first official music video (I believe I've already stated that anything previously airing only on the Disney channel doesn't count).
So I've posted the video for us to make fun of. I want to hear what you think. I could dazzle you with my sarcastic wit, but why take the chance of stealing any of your thunder? Don't worry, I'll have my day with the "Start All Over" video soon (could this be a preview of this week's Table Talk? Possibly...)
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to close my eyes and attempt an awesome dream sequence full of dancing, guys on stilts, and big yellow school buses. J/K


I don't know what to say right now. I feel as though a piece of myself has been ripped out, as though someone is playing an awful April fools joke on me and it's only January.
It was just reported that 28 year old Heath Ledger was found dead in his NYC apartment today.
Apparently he was in bed with sleeping pills nearby. It has not been confirmed, however, that Ledger's death was suicide.
Ledger leaves behind a daughter, Matilda, whom he had with actress Michelle Williams. The two had been married and split early last year. Best known for his work in "Brokeback Mountain", Ledger also starred in memorable movies like "The Patriot", "A Knight's Tale" and "Monster's Ball".
I, however, fell in love with Heath because of his role in "10 Things I Hate About You". "10 Things..." was the 19 year old Australian's first big on screen break. Cast alongside Julia Stiles, Larissa Oleynik, Allison Janney, David Krumholtz, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ledger shined in the role of the bad boy turned love interest in the adaptation of Shakespear's Taming of the Shrew.
While most teen stars rode their success into other movies of the genre, Ledger decided to stray from the path and chose more egdy, adult, and sophisticated roles in his post "10 Things" success.
Heath just finished shooting "The Dark Knight", a Batman Sequel in which he played the joker.

Now I have to watch "10 Things I Hate About You" and mourn the loss of the man who made me melt with his singing of "You're Just to Good to be True".

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hilary Who?

While searching YouTube for an appropriate video to put with my Miley story, I came across this, and as per usual it got me thinking (dangerous, I know).
Miley has been compared to Hilary Duff on more than one occasion, and I have read in a number of locations that she has a great love and respect for her Disney protege. But this clip sums their relationship up. Hilary Duff was Disney's "has been". She got her start with Lizzie McGuire, chose not to ride along with the Disney machine after her 65 episode stint, and as a result...well...
Some will argue she's had a lot of success. I suppose I am one of those. She has had platinum selling albums, hit movies, and a successful clothing and fragrance line. Others will claim she's gone downhill. With the movie hits have certainly come flops, and with the album sales have certainly come slumps. But Duff has scored in one category: staying out of trouble. The 20 year old has dodged most of the tabloid ferver (with the exception of the weight issue, which seems to plague all of Hollywood thus not making Duff an exception). Duff hasn't landed in jail, isn't on E! every night for some social distraction, and hasn't gotten pregnant. In Hollywood that's the good girl tri-fecta.
But where has Hilary been as of late? Well she HAS been on the January cover of Cosmo. And, the star apparently has a big year ahead. She has two movies slated to come out in 2008, one an animated piece ("Foodfight"), the other a satire in which she stars alongside John and Joan Cusack, Sir Ben Kingsly, and Marisa Tomea ("War Inc."). She is also RE-releasing her most recent album complete with a couple new tracks ("Dignity"). All this while she maintains a hot relationship with hockey star Mike Comrey. You go girl.
So Hilary Duff may not be in the spotlight, or in the tabloids, but she certainly isn't the "Has Been" that many have labeled her. This girl is just getting started.

More Miley Mania

I don't know what to say anymore...but I feel like I have to keep posting about Miley Cyrus, the teen phenom who has inspired more responses to my posts on this blog than any other celebrity.
Miley is making headlines again as she recently hit the red carpet to promote her "Best of Both Worlds" 3D movie. The film, which is a look at the concert that has sold out nation wide, is only in theaters for a week. What is getting headlines is the fact that already the vast majority of showings for the movie are ALREADY sold out!
If I am a Disney executive this is the best thing since bottled water. Think about it: you are re-selling an already hot product to a bunch of celebrity-struck tweens.
The fifteen year old Cyrus just recently released her first official music video (I don't count anything airing on the Disney Channel). Her music is getting serious airplay...(again I don't count Radio Disney), just look on xm's 20 on 20 website for proof.
I can't help but remain in awe. What will Miley, and Disney, do next? (Besides the Hannah Montana movie...)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Holy High School Musical batman!

Ok I was flipping through the channels (more reason to invest in TiVo so I actually have something to watch) and I can across something that looked like the outside of a Detroit theatre. So I stopped. Big MISTAKE. It was the fricken Disney Channel. They were profiling the High School Musical Stage show, which was playing in Detroit! Honestly...I don't know what makes me more mad, the fact that I didn't come up with the High School Musical idea, or that I can't go anywhere or do anything without being exposed to the damn thing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wanna be a winner?

Don't we all? Come on, you know you love free stuff...and the Entertainment Buzz is your home for it. I've got all sorts of fun goodies to get rid of...so just respond to this post with your name and email and you could walk away with any one of the following:
*Free DVD (Balls of Fury, American Pie: Beta House)
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Make sure you head to the Brown Jug THIS TUESDAY from 7:30-9:30 where you can take part in a special "Cloverfield" movie night. You could win great prizes including VIP passes to see a special screening of the film, LOST season 3 DVDs, and much, much, more. The only way to win is to show up...so GET THERE!

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Christina Gives Birth...and her baby's name is normal!!!

Christina Aguilera is officially a mommy. Her and hubby Jordan Bratman welcomed their 6 pound 2 ounce baby boy into the world on Sunday. I'm going to admit I'm bummed. I thought for sure Christina would follow in fellow celebrity footsteps and pick a name that only the child of a celebrity could have without getting picked on. Instead, Max Liron Bratman will grow up with a normal name to go along with his abnormal lineage. I wonder if his pipes are as strong as his mommies? I have a feeling she'll know soon enough as cries eventually fill her home. Can you image the set of lungs that kid must have?
SO congrats Christina...now please DON'T follow in Brit's footsteps and instead attempt to be a normal parent (and by normal I mean don't do ANYTHING Brit has ever done).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

MILEY CYRUS BODY DOUBLE!---who fricken cares?

I've just about had it. Why are people trying to take down 15 year old Miley Cyrus? She hasn't been caught drinking, doing drugs, getting knocked up (yeah I'm talking about YOU Jamie Lynn Spears)...but instead her using a body double in order to enhance the hottest selling show in the nation right now is apparently enough to warrant social suicide. Let's get real folks...people are looking for any excuse to take this bubbly teen queen down. And, I hope, like Hilary Duff once did (and still often has to do_ amidst her Lizzie McGuire days at Disney , Miley comes out unscathed and ahead. I hope she continues to be a positive role model. The fact that Miley's body double is getting as much or more negative press as Jamie Lynn's pregnancy is insane. I know the writer's strike means it's been a little slow in Hollywood...but seriously must people pick on one of the only positive spots in the business right now?
Am I wrong? Am I missing a cruel scam that is leaving millions of teenage girls feeling depressed and scammed? Am I blinded to a greater injustice?
I think not.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm officially the worst Entertainment blogger ever...

My sincerest apologies. I have been neglecting this blog and in doing so have failed to comment on some serious entertainment news. I'll be honest, I've logged on to blog at least five times over the last week...it's just every time I went to enter text I found myself so thoroughly disgusted with the Entertainment world and the celebrities I was to be writing about that I quit, before I could write something I'd later regret. All this has brought me to this point...the point of no return...the point where I finally take out my aggression on the entertainment world and hope you'll understand.
I'll start with Britney. Maybe that's all I should say. Maybe I should ignore the Spears family in general. I mean, over the last month Jamie Lynn's announced she's knocked up, Brit's gotten her kids taken away (AGAIN), the whole family has gotten in a fight with Dr. Phil...I could go on but just thinking about it frustrates me. Why should we even care? I am a die hard entertainment enthusiast and even I don't give a shit anymore. These people are horrible roll models, they need serious help, and yet we stand here pretending we're all high and mighty as we watch their public demise. I don't know about you but I really don't feel any better about myself watching the Spears family crumble. Instead I feel kind of guilty. I feel like I might be part of the problem. Hell, I'm one of the interested parties that financially support the entertainment industry and thus fuel the photographers who incessantly hound Britney and her family. If it were not for the industry that made her into a teen sex phenomena, Brit might have grown up living a relatively normal life. I don't really blame me. But I blame society, and the way we worship celebrities sometimes. If we are going to worship people why not doctors who find new treatments for cancer, or teachers who spend their days educating America's youth? What do celebrities do for us? I don't even want to answer that. Why? Because there are good celebrities out there. Just like with the rest of the world one bad apple seems to always spoil the bunch. Not ever celebrity is a stuck up, spoiled, self-centered, ass. But the ones that are always seem to get the most attention. And thus, my rant.
I'm frustrated again. Time to move on. Oh wait, my other topic on conversation pisses me off too.
Damn it can we get this over with already? I'm beyond my own selfish reasons for the strike. The fact that all my favorite shows are already moving into reruns is something I can get over with. TV shouldn't dominate my life. But this is certainly an inconvenience and I am certainly annoyed. What gets me is that the strike has moved beyond making a point. It's gone from examining a wrong, to getting greedy. And what gets me is that it isn't hurting the people that are protesting the most. The strike isn't hurting the people you see with picket signs on TV. No, their fat contracts have allowed them to take time off to demonstrate their points. Their families don't depend on their incomes for housing and food. It's the people that are employed while shows are in production, those not associated with the WGA, that are being affected. They are the ones who are now jobless and without pay, whose families are dependent upon their pay checks and who are now in serious trouble.
So what if the Golden Globes got the axe. So what if Johnny Depp didn't get to accept his People's Choice award at a live ceremony. Do you really think anyone in the industry cares? Award show season is a crock anyways. Celebrities are on vacation, spending time with their families, enjoying the opportunity to expand their careers by testing the waters elsewhere (like shooting a movie, for example). Networks are getting around the strike by airing formerly shelved series, and mass producing reality shows. I just feel like the issues could have been resolved already. Every day the strike lingers on millions of dollars get flushed down the drain. For what? Will somebody just give in already. Compromise. Work together. They supposedly teach that stuff in elementary school...it's a shame no one involved in this process learned any of it.
So there you have it. All my pent up energy has been blogged about now. I will attempt to be more diligent in my blogging. I just want to be clear that reporting on entertainment news isn't what this blog is about. You can check Yahoo! for that. This blog is about examining the news, and finding the real story. It's about saying what Yahoo! entertainment writers aren't allowed to, but so often try to allude to in their writing. This blog is about opinion, right or wrong. So take a stand. Respond, let me know what you think. That's truly entertaining.