Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Um, can I get one for my birthday too?

So recently teen queen Hilary Duff said goodbye to her teen years as the singer/actress celebrated her 20th birthday. So what do you get one of the hottest stars on the planet when they have a birthday? Boyfriend Mike Comrie (I don't really get it either, he's a hockey player though) chose to go the four-wheeled route. When Duff opened up her garage she found a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV (valued at more than 100,000 dollars). Sounds like a winner to me.
It is going to make whatever I get for my birthday this year rather look rather lame. Then again...I'm rather lame so maybe that's fitting.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when Ben Affleck bought JLO a bentley and an amazing ring...and are they still together? No-- it is simple money doesn't buy happiness- this birthday have an amazing night full of fun and memories and you'll get one hell of a gift!!!

-baubs22 (my password still isn't working! ;( !!)