Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Real Gossip from Gossip Girl

A big thanks to our very own Gossip Guru for pointing this story out to me. My second favorite Gossip Girl hunk (Penn Badgley takes the cake), is rumored to be Carrie Underwood's new boy toy!
The very hot Chace Crawford and country musics latest 'it' girl, Carrie Underwood have been spotted canoodling at numerous Hollywood hot spots. According to US Weekly, the two have been dating since July when the 22 year old Crawford introduced himself to the 24 year old Underwood at "Hyde".
I am happy for Carrie. Chace is a MAJOR step up from Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.


Anonymous said...

What!! Although he might not be a star qb, I think Tony Romo was a real ladies man. I could just imagine what their conversations were like
Tony: So I heard you won that competition on tv.
Carrie: Yup that was me, so I heard you won that competition on tv too!
Tony: No...that wasn't Manning
-the half italian stallion

EBUZZED said...

I like where you're going with this. My turn.

Carrie: So were you like, uber-popular in college?
Tony: Uh, nope. I'm not really popular now either, since I got my ass kicked by that really hot Tom Brady.
Carrie: So like, what are you known for?
Tony: I fumbled a very important snap that cost us the season last year...other than that...not much.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Underwood...she looks so different from the American Idol girl I remember..but good for old is this guy she is dating?? He seems a lot younger- more youthful I should say...


jenny said...

I was thinking he looked a lot younger too, but if Kate's got her facts straight (which I'm sure she does) it's only a couple years. They're too pretty to be together... I'm surprised they didn't break the camera!