Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can't get enough Colbert? Catch him on DVD! AND...Should we care about Katie?

On this campus I know that there are A LOT of Colbert fans. I also know that homework can sometimes impede the TV process. So if you want a laugh on-demand check out "The Best of the Colbert Report" now on DVD. The educated masses have long been rejoicing about Colbert's witty and unique political perspectives. This DVD captures his best moments.

Now to my rant of the day. I am sick and tired of seeing Katie Homes/Cruise in the headlines. Besides marrying Mr. Scientology himself and giving birth to their alien child (just kidding-but Suri? Come on.), Katie has managed to do a whole lot of diddly squat with her career as of late. Yeah running in a marathon is great. Would you like an award? Check that, yes she wanted an award, and she got one...a big fat headline! For three years the star has been off the big screen (her last role was 2005's "Thank You for Smoking"). When "Mad Money" due for a 2008 release, finally appears in theatres I don't know if I'll be ready to rejoice or if I should cry. Life without Holmes in Hollywood hasn't been all that bad. Let's think back to Katie's more memorable projects shall we? So we all know about Dawson's Creek. Yeah for a successful WB teen-soap. So that ends and where do we go from here?---"First Daughter". Yeah I'm guessing you didn't see it. Probably because it was a rip off of Mandy Moore's "Chasing Liberty"...or maybe it was because you heard how bad it sucked. Things got brighter as Katie played opposite of Christian Bale in 2005's "Batman Begins". It was a box office success, but very little of that had to do with Holmes' presence in the film.
For me this was a dissapointment. I'll give. I was a Dawson's fan (granted I started watching right about the time they STOPPED taping...oh well), I wanted Katie to go on to great things...but let's face it...in THAT cast she was far from the most talented. And that, my friends, is why almost three years after her last film hit theaters the once teen-queen is forced to run marathons, go on shopping sprees, and name her daughter Suri, in order to get her name in the headlines.

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Anonymous said...

I just recently completed a half-marathon in two hours and I gotta say it is quite an achievement but I never stopped..Katie STOPPED I don't get it- yes it's great that she so smartly chose a break where she stopped to greet her so-called hubby and child...but what bewilders me about the situation is the fact that (a) she stopped- and I fell mile 2 but got right up and she took a break!! but (b) she registered as "Katie Smith" in order to avoid publicity and actually got away with it BUT then threw all that away to get what else or what seems to be a great publicity shot for her family and her drive to run a marathon...CRUISE and HOLMES as a couple is gaining more solidity in my eyes as time goes on, however it still strikes me as extremely choreographed and a very random pairing.