Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Michigan Pops Orchestra Goes WILD!!!

I had the chance to take a behind the scenes look at the Michigan Pops Orchestra as they prepare to GO WILD for their December 2nd concert. Tickets are only 8 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for students. You can Go Wild too at 7pm Sunday night at the Michigan Theatre.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


SO as promised the Colbert Report swag has arrived and "The Entertainment Buzz" is giving it away. All you have to do to win is reply to this post with your name and email. Also tell me why you love Ebuzz!

Justin Bua Interview

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with famed graphic artist Justin Bua. If you weren't able to catch his interview on "The Entertainment Buzz" here is your chance to check it out!

Check out GIMBLE!!!

The Entertainment Buzz had a very special guest...the acapella group GIMBLE dropped by the studio to promote their upcoming concert at the U. Check out a sample of their music and our interview here!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jessica's Thanksgiving treat

Jessica Simpson had leftovers for Thanksgiving...Carrie Underwood's leftovers to be exact. Apparently Simpson brought home Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo home for the holiday.
I don't really have anything else to say on the matter. I could care less about Jessica's love life. I was/and always will be a Nick and Jessica fan so I am still holding out hope for a Desperate Housewives-esque reunion.
Speaking of can catch him Wednesday night on NBC as he co-hosts the Christmas from Rockefeller center celebration with Disney channel star Ashley Tisdale. I think Carrie Underwood might actually be set to the by.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

15 and singing

Do you remember your fifteenth birthday? Miley Cyrus will remember hers. She celebrated with more than 15,000 friends who were lucky enough to get tickets to her Nashville show. Those fans sang to Cyrus at the end of her "Best of Both Worlds" show. She even had a cake delivered onstage. The concert ended with what has made Miley such a marketable household name: her family. She and dad Billy Ray teamed with her guitar playing sister to sing their hit single, "Ready Set, Don't Go".
I just hope Miley continues to stay out of trouble so her 18th birthday celebration won't be from rehab.

Hogan must not know best

So I was sitting in the tanner today enjoying the fake rays that will ultimately lead me to get some sort of disease or skin cancer, when I heard over the radio that the Hogans are getting a divorce.
Any of you that have watched "Hogan Knows Best" have probably seen this coming for a while. But, if you're anything like me, you'd hoped that Hulk and Linda were being over-dramatic for the camera's sake and would fix their relationship with some well timed and television therapy sessions. It was not to be. Which brings me to my point for the day. If you want your relationship to last DON'T PUT IT ON A REALITY TV SHOW. Case in point: Nick and Jessica, Britney and KFed, all of the Bachelor seasons... The list goes on.
I actually feel bad for Brooke and Nick. Right now, more than ever, Nick needs his parents (if you haven't been reading this blog or keeping up on your E news, Nick will be going to court for the accident he was in that left his friend in critical condition). And Brooke is going to need a shoulder to cry on when she realizes her career is going nowhere faster than the Hulk can rip an opponent to shreds in the ring.
Mostly I am just upset because this could very well mean the end of Hogan Knows Best which is just about the only reality show (if you could call it that) that I watch.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dolphin Drama and Oprah's new favorite thing

So "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere tried to be a hero...and as a result has a warrant out for her arrest.
The teen starlet made a trip to Japan recently to help save dolphins from fisherman. Her escapade was caught on tape and a tearful Hayden made for some great entertainment news drama. Her actions, however, have prompted legal action. Hayden doesn't seem too worried and says that it would be worth it even if she did suffer consequences.

And, from one teen starlet to another...Oprah Winfrey is showing off one of her favorite things this Wednesday...MILEY CYRUS. I know, I'm sick of talking about her too...but she's just THAT popular right now. I figure if Oprah loves her, than it's ok for Ebuzz to love her too. Miley will be bringing dad Billy Ray along for the show. I wonder what surprises will be in store for audience members. I suppose just getting tickets to see the tween queen was gift enough (seeing as how concert tickets are selling out in seconds and going for thousands of dollars).
Bottom line: It's good to be Miley Cyrus.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saying goodbye on CSI

I have watched CSI since it first appeared on CBS in 2000. Part of its continous appeal has been the relatively steady cast. But now, after being a primetime staple for over 7 years, one of the main stars is stepping down. Jorja Fox, the 39 year old actress who plays Sara Sidle, is making this season her last. Apparently the star has other career options she wants to pursue, and because she feels CSI will remain a CBS staple for years to come, has decided to pull the plug now while she still can.
Fox was almost cut from the show a few years back when she and co-star George Eads were briefly fired over contract disputes. CBS was quick to re-hire the dynamic duo, and since the cast situation has been relatively calm.
I am dissapointed. For me this marks the beginning of the end. It takes me back to Jessica Biel's departure from 7th Heaven. Once she left you knew the show was basically over. And even though 7th Heaven trudged on for more seasons ratings slumped, loyal fans disappeared, and the shows overall excitement collapsed. Will the same happen on CSI? Fox's character was finally starting to get interesting. Her relationship with Grissom was, for the first time in two seasons, finally going somewhere. And just when she asserted herself as a integral part of the series, it's all over.
I am certain the show will survive. But I fear the end result will be much like that of 7th Heaven. More cast members will eventually follow suit and a hollow shell of the show will remain. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that audiences barely notice Fox's departure. But who am I kidding? Would you not notice if Lana Lang got killed off in Smallville? I think not, because up until this point she has been an integral character, and although she may not be important in the futre of the show's plot, she will always be a storyline staple.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can One Tree Hill survive the fast forward?

"One Tree Hill"...if you haven't seen it, you've at least heard of it. Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz have for years lit up the screen as a group of-way to mature and old for their age- high school kids. The subject matter had been adult, the story lines have been adult, and now, finally after years of being stuck in high school, the characters will finally be "adult". But how do you catch viewers up when you put your central characters in a messed up super-time warp? Can you maintain a show that has seemingly moved away from its once target audience? One Tree Hill was a HIGH SCHOOL drama. If you look at the demographics you'll find that when it was on the WB it was the 13-20 year olds that were watching. So will those same 13-20 year olds, now a good four to five years older still want to watch? And, if they don't, will the new high school generation want to pick up where they left off?
I'm going to say no. But THE CW is hoping that they will. That's why they have held the first episode for a mid-season premiere. And, that's why they are pushing it hard core on the internet. Only time will tell.

In Case You Missed It

SO if you live under a rock (or just off-campus) and weren't able to catch EBUZZ last week you missed out. We had singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs in the studio. Because I love you guys so much I've decided to post part of her interview online. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You are so Sueable to me

Ok so I admit it's cheesy as hell that I used a title of a "Hannah Montana" episode to describe the current Entertainment News section...but hey I do my research and I like to be witty, so there you have it.
Apparently a parent of an obsessed Miley Cyrus fan has filed suit after she discovered joining the Hannah Montana fanclub DIDN'T automatically mean you'd get a ticket to the show. The parent thought her forty dollar fee would get her exclusive ticket deals...yeah you and a few trillion other parents with the same idea. I honestly want to know how much money that fan club is raking in. Damn.
Here is the deal...Miley Cyrus herself has said that her concert is not worth the outrageous ticket prices. AND, if you really want to see Miley perform and can't get tickets, Disney has found a way to make THAT happen too. Apparently her concert will be put in three-D and played in movie threatres in the near future. So honestly, let's not get our panties in a twist over a CONCERT.
What are we teaching our children if we put this much emphasis on something this superficial? Maybe I am just jealous because I know my mother would NEVER have gone to such extremes to get me a ticket for a show. Then again, thanks mom. I appreciate the fact that you were so realistic.

Regina King interview

It's holiday movie season...and the Entertainment Buzz has your hookup. We went to Detroit to interview Regina King about her latest film and the holiday movie "This Christmas". Check it out!

La Lohan Lowdown: Community service edition

Thanks to TWO DUI convictions, Lindsay Lohan has some community service to do...and she got her start by helping out the Red Cross. The actress had been sentenced to four days behind bars...but prosecutors cut her a deal in exchange for ten days of community service.
Is it just me or would anyone else really like to see Lohan out on the side of a highway wearing a bright orange vest picking up trash? When I think community service I think "Gilmore Girls". Come on, all you closet Lorelai fans know what I'm talking about. Rory had to do community service after stealing a yacht. She too had to walk around wearing a bright orange vest and picking up trash. It was the highlight of that season.

Monday, November 12, 2007


So the Colbert Report may be on hiatus due to the ever-annoying writers strike...but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy Steven's hilarity! Not only can you run out and buy his new DVD in can also win some awesome Colbert swag courtesy of the Entertainment Buzz. If you want to be a winner just reply to this post with your name and email! And, as always keep watching The Entertainment Buzz on WOLV TV!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miley meets her match

SO you think Miley Cyrus has it all? (Ok, I do too, but still...hear me out). A conversation on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning show might convince you otherwise. Currently the tween queen is without an allowance. Why? She's grounded! I know, I'm laughing too. It's one thing to get grounded (what 14 year old hasn't?), but it's another to have your crime and punishment splattered on the internet and radio.
Apparently Cyrus tried to put on Juicy suit after one of her recent concerts. Upon leaving her dressing room mom Tish noted that it showed too much of her stomach and ordered her to change. Miley, much like myself, was stubborn and decided not to change. Bad move. As a result the star missed a meet and great, lost her cell phone, and ended up grounded. But my question is this: How do you ground a celebrity?
Gee Miley you can't go out with your friends Friday night. Oh wait! You couldn't go out with your friends anyways because you had to do a concert at a sold out venue. And Miley I'm taking away your allowance. So you'll only get to wear the designer clothes you already own and use the things you already have. And, if that weren't enough, you can't watch your own show on TV! Ha. Take that.
OK, so I'm sure there are real consequences. And I'm sure Miley regrets getting grounded (or maybe not). What I like most about this story is that there are actually consequences for her actions. Kudos to her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, for setting groundrules and not letting her newfound stardom get the best of her. Maybe if Britney and Lindsay's parents had played similar roles they wouldn't be where they are today.

If you want to hear Miley talk about her crime and punishment it's all online: Miley's in trouble!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nick Hogan to face adult criminal charges

Nick Hogan may be a skilled drift-car racer in "Hogan Knows Best", but his abilities behind the wheel couldn't keep him from smashing his Toyota Supra into a tree in August. Hogan sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the next day, but his passenger, 22 year old John Graziano wasn't wearing his seatbelt and as a result was critically injured. He is STILL being hospitalized.
The 17 year old son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is being booked on criminal charges. He turned himself in to the police on Wednesday. Hogan's lawyers seem confident that in court the situation will be deemed an accident. In the meantime they have released a statement on behalf of the Bollea (Hogan) family. The statement claims that as a result of the accident the Hogans will campaign for seatbelt use.
My question is this: If Nick ends up being found guilty, and does prison time, does "Hogan Knows Best" go behind bars?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can't get enough Colbert? Catch him on DVD! AND...Should we care about Katie?

On this campus I know that there are A LOT of Colbert fans. I also know that homework can sometimes impede the TV process. So if you want a laugh on-demand check out "The Best of the Colbert Report" now on DVD. The educated masses have long been rejoicing about Colbert's witty and unique political perspectives. This DVD captures his best moments.

Now to my rant of the day. I am sick and tired of seeing Katie Homes/Cruise in the headlines. Besides marrying Mr. Scientology himself and giving birth to their alien child (just kidding-but Suri? Come on.), Katie has managed to do a whole lot of diddly squat with her career as of late. Yeah running in a marathon is great. Would you like an award? Check that, yes she wanted an award, and she got one...a big fat headline! For three years the star has been off the big screen (her last role was 2005's "Thank You for Smoking"). When "Mad Money" due for a 2008 release, finally appears in theatres I don't know if I'll be ready to rejoice or if I should cry. Life without Holmes in Hollywood hasn't been all that bad. Let's think back to Katie's more memorable projects shall we? So we all know about Dawson's Creek. Yeah for a successful WB teen-soap. So that ends and where do we go from here?---"First Daughter". Yeah I'm guessing you didn't see it. Probably because it was a rip off of Mandy Moore's "Chasing Liberty"...or maybe it was because you heard how bad it sucked. Things got brighter as Katie played opposite of Christian Bale in 2005's "Batman Begins". It was a box office success, but very little of that had to do with Holmes' presence in the film.
For me this was a dissapointment. I'll give. I was a Dawson's fan (granted I started watching right about the time they STOPPED taping...oh well), I wanted Katie to go on to great things...but let's face THAT cast she was far from the most talented. And that, my friends, is why almost three years after her last film hit theaters the once teen-queen is forced to run marathons, go on shopping sprees, and name her daughter Suri, in order to get her name in the headlines.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shia Sh*t-faced, Christina Carrying

ANOTHER celebrity arrest went down this weekend. Former Disney star and newly anointed teenage heart throb Shia LaBeouf was arrested in Chicago Sunday morning. The Transformers star was apparently drunk and disorderly in a drug store and when asked to leave refused, prompting security to call police. Authorities said that the star was "very courteous and polite".

Obviously this next headline comes as NO surprise to anyone who has been following entertainment news as of late. Christina Aguilera has finally confirmed that she does indeed have a bun in the oven. There goes her sex appeal. This will be the 26 year old singer's first child. She and husband, 30 year old Jordan Bratmann, were married in 2005. I hope she turns out to be a better mom than rival Britney Spears. Then again, Spears has set the bar pretty darn low. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling old seeing our generation's teen queens grow up?