Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baywatch HELP! The HOFF is down!

And to think I had picked Lindsay as being the next celebrity to relapse. WRONG! David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized as a result of a "a brief relapse". The Hoff's rep claims the actor checked himself in after recognizing the importance of receiving assistance from professionals. Can you blame the guy for relapsing though? Honestly I'd drink to if I had to judge "America's Got Talent". Good grief.


Anonymous said...

Some people need to know when to get out when the gettin's good! Unfortunately, for the Hoff man, it ended about 15 years ago.
-The half italian stallion (life-saver of people in need)

Anonymous said...

THE HOFF...people love him it's so bizarre..I am embarrassed to say caught America's Got Talent the finale and he got up and sang which was just hard to watch..I agree with the stallion he needs to step down and give back..


jenny said...

Yes... go get a burger, sit in your tub, and stay out of the public eye! Maybe he could even go abroad... they love him in Germany from what I recall (anyone remember the Berlin wall coming down?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxAd2sHtMf0&mode=related&search=
I'm sure that jacket is still in his closet!