Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am ecstatic right now. Despite the fact I had an exam today, one tomorrow, and I got a paper back...I am almost literally jumping for joy. What could instigate such a response? The CW has officially given the Green Light to Gossip Girl! That means we're going to see at least an entire season of the hip new show. Loyal readers of my blog know that my obsession with the hot new teen drama came from the very conception of the show. I even have a Gossip Girl group that watches it with me every Wednesday night (they'll be over at 9 for sure). With a hot young cast that includes Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted), Penn Badgley (John Tucker Must Die, The Bedford Diaries), and Kristen Bell (Heroes, Veronica Mars) what's not to love?
Set in the Upper East Side, this drama is a refreshing departure from the California standard MTV and The O.C. had made us used to. A new setting means there is new drama, and creator Josh Schwartz isn't afraid to dish it out. If you haven't checked this show out yet move your mouse to and watch the episodes for free. Then turn your TV on tonight to catch what, in my opinion, is the hottest new show on television.


Anonymous said...

AHHHH school has taken over my life..forcing me to miss Gossip Girl BUT I can second the notion that this show is amazing and I will be going to CW to check it out this weekend!


Gossip Guru said...

How come the Gossip Guru is not a part of the Gossip Girl group?!

jenny said...

I am impressed with this show's use of the internet more than anything. I think they have a super-fantastic marketing team. The site is original, informational, and adds a dynamic to the show that makes it a lifestyle choice as well as entertainment. Very smart. I bet we'll be seeing t-shirts and other products with "I'm a (character name)" before long! Crazy interactive media these days ;)