Thursday, January 28, 2010

EBUZZ Giveaway!!!

Movie goers get excited! Screen Gem’s have partnered up with us to promote their new movie Dear John (below is the synopsis). With only days till its premier, we have plenty of great prizes to give away to our EBUZZ viewers and Blog readers. The prizes include movie passes to an Ann Arbor Theater soon to be announced, t-shirts, bookmarks, 2 sets of Dear John limited edition postage stamps that feature art from the movie itself, and a copy of the Dear John novel signed by THE Nicholas Sparks!! The first few followers of our blog to email will be some of the few lucky winners! When you email state in the subject box: your full name, Dear John, and your favorite WOLV TV show…hint hint EBUZZ! Also watch our show this coming week for more chances to win!

Getting closer to Valentine’s Day, it’s time for another great romance. Coming to theaters is Dear John, based on the novel by the best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, also greatly known for his other book the Notebook. The story surrounds a young soldier John, played by Channing Tatum, who on leave meets and falls in love with an idealistic college student Savannah, played by Amanda Seyfried, who is on her spring vacation. While falling head over heels for each other, reality checks in with their forced separation. They are separated when John is faced with increasingly dangerous deployments which span over the next seven years. While they are disconnected physically they continue their bond by sending a continuous stream of love letters overseas. With their lives filled with danger and passion, their ultimate fate is unknown. Watch it on the big screen February 5th.

Monday, January 11, 2010

#MusicMonday: Must Watch Video

 I've been slacking on my #MusicMonday posts. In fact, I've been slacking on posting altogether (my apologies). When I saw the following music video this morning I new, though, that no matter how busy I got today, I'd have to take time out to share this with you.
 DJ Earworm's "United States of Pop" took massive hits from 2009 and made them into one, entirely awesome, and slightly sensory overloading, experience. The fact that he made the mix is impressive, the fact that there is a music video TO the mix, rocks my world.
 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Why I love the AP Entertainment Wire

 When I read the following AP entertainment wire story today I KNEW I was going to have to blog about it. I didn't include it in our morning show (come on, we report on REAL NEWS lol), but I did share it with the other morning show producer so we could have a laugh together. I'm sure you'll see the irony and laugh out loud as well.

Here it goes:
NEW YORK (AP) -- Doesn't it seem like Miley Cyrus already has moved on from "Hannah Montana?" The show could be on its way out. A Disney Channel executive tells the New York Post "Hannah Montana" probably will shut down for good after filming its fourth season. But, he says "you never know in this business." And, a Disney spokeswoman confirms those comments but won't say anything more. Production on season four is expected to begin later this month. Those episodes will start airing in late spring and continue through next year. The Post reports that the fourth season will reflect the real-life struggle Cyrus is having about saying goodbye to the character that made her famous. The Disney Channel is just airing the third season now. The third season finale will air in March as a one-hour episode. That's when the character of Miley Stewart will decide if she wants to continue being popstar Hannah Montana in disguise or just be a regular girl.

Now let me highlight what made me laugh. "That's when the character of Miley Stewart will decide if she wants to continue being popstar Hannah Montana in disguise or just be a regular girl."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't that been the question in EVERY episode of the show since the series began? Isn't that what the movie apparently tackled in its plot too? So basically Disney is saying we'll officially resolve the issue in the last episode ever of the series. It's like Gilligan getting off the island. If he does, the show is over. So I guess Hannah won't be going full-out Miley anytime soon.
 And how much you want to bet that the Hannah character dies in the end to make room for a big Disney Miley push? Maybe a Miley only season 4 album? Maybe a Miley headlining tour (oh wait, been there done that TWICE).
 The good news is that if you AREN'T a Hannah fan, you only have one more year of fresh material to put up with. The bad news is that much like Hilary Duff's departure from Disney, Miley's separation will be the subject of serious debate for the next two years.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Shocker Miley ditching Hannah, NOT

Anyone else wonder why the entertainment world has their panties in a twist over Miley Cyrus putting an end to her Hannah Montana days?
 We all knew this was coming. Much like Hilary Duff once let Lizzie McGuire go, it was only a matter of time before Miley said goodbye to her blonde-wigged alter-ego.
 The fact that the popular series has lasted four seasons is a testament to Miley's appreciation of Disney. If I were he I probably would have bailed after the Hannah Montana Movie hit theaters.
 I do give Cyrus credit though, she's been really smart about her career thus far. Her slow, but deliberate seperate from her Hannah character has made it easy for her fans to grow up with her. She hasn't left many feeling alienated, and in the mean time has even matured to the point where she's gained support from older audiences (admit it, you've belted out "Party in the USA" when it has come on the radio). This spring she'll hit the big screen in her first non-Disney film: "The Last Song". The movie, which was written specifically for her by best-selling author Nicklas Sparks, also stars some solid adult talent (Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston) which should be a great resume booster for the young talent.