Monday, October 8, 2007

La Lohan Lowdown...making a comback

So Lindsay is officially out of rehab. That can only mean one thing: La Lohan Lowdown should be making its comeback soon on EBUZZ. Not familiar with the Lowdown? Here is what you've been missing: We scrutinize Lindsay's every move- making fun of every ridiculous incident she partakes in from disastrous relationships to drunken car-wrecks. Now that she's out of rehab, the starlet is sure to make a new mistake ripe for the tabloid pickings...and when she does...Ebuzz will be there.
Honestly I'm getting sick of having to pick soley on Britney Lindsay hurry up and mess up so we have something good to blog about. I hope everyone knows I'm kidding. Drug and alcohol addiction is serious and I hope that anyone dealing with these issues gets the help they need. I'm perfectly content with Lindsay screwing up while sober ;)
Speaking of Brit. Her new video is out. It is really bad. I'd give you a comparison but I don't have one that bad to compare it to. I'd rather watch the video to "So Yesterday" twenty times in a row than watch Brit attempt to salvage her career again.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan I don't want to hear any more about her..she needs to stay in rehab and maybe find alternative talents when she checks out because the way she is living and the intense tracking by the paparazzi hound her she will never find peace..


jenny said...

I think the girl needs to take a vacation. I'm sure she has enough money by now to afford a long hiatus from media scrutiny... even if it means the end of La Lohan Lowdown for EBuzz :(

PS What's going on with Paris?