Monday, October 1, 2007

SPEARS ORDERED TO GIVE UP CUSTODY OF KIDS...and Steve-O has a new show...should u watch?

A judge has ordered that Britney Spears give up the custody of her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline.
The judge pointed to Spears drug and alcohol use as one of the reasons for his decision. All transcripts from the preceding have been sealed, and seeing as how it was a closed door decision specific details of the decision are not available.
Spears may not have lost her children for good, however, as sources claim with a little help, if Spears gets her life on track, the 25 year old performer could regain custody at a future hearing. Spears and Federline are due back in court on Oct. 3.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of thrilled for Brit's kids that she can't have custody right now. No child deserves to grow up in that unstable of an environment. I do hope, for both Brit's sake, and the sake of her children, that she gets the help she needs so she can be in there lives. As much as I hate thinking of Brit as a mom, I hate more thinking of her kids without one. May this be a lesson to all the current tween queens (Vanessa Hudgens are you listening...this is especially for you), make wise decisions, as bad ones WILL come back to haunt you.

Now on a lighter note. USA network is hoping that all you "Jackass" fans will tune in tonight for the premiere of "Dr. Steve-O Will See you Now". Steve-O is donning a white jacket and hitting the street looking to rid the world of...well...the wuss.
Don't plan on taking this show seriously. Expect nothing more than you would from an episode of "Jackass". Situational humor and physical comedy are essentially THE entire content of the show...which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It provides a nice opposition to its Monday night competition. For example: "The Big Bang Theory" intelligent and witty comedy that is geared more toward the educated masses. There is no education required to view "Dr. Steve-O". This is pure, brainless fun. Below I've included a quick preview...just in case you want to check it out.


jenny said...

Dr. Steve-O? C'mon, I don't think it will fly.
As for the Britney mention, it reminded me of this youtube video my friend sent me that was kind of interesting and shows a look at photo re-touching in Hollywood.
Here's the link:


Baubs22 said...

I second the feeling about the Steve-O show I probably will not be watching it- though I am guilty of catching a couple episodes of the Jackass boys and Viva La Bam- this has truly little appeal to me..Regarding Ms. Spears- this morning I was watching nbc, and abc morning programs and even cbs all of which were talking or had someone come on to "Comment on Britney"..the real answer to her problems is she truly needs to get away- away from NY and LA and try and put some work into finding herself..her story and parenting woes remind me of a single mom who dealt with so much and had to deal wth a much smaller but still very prominent media. That woman and mother was Judy Garland...she was so talented and had some pretty amazing children- like Liza Minelli but could Garland's troubled, drug-filled, weight issue, alcohol induced life by so much exposure have been put on to her kids- I mean common look at Liza now and over the last decade something has always seemed a little off- yet she is an amazing performer..ANYWAY the issue- Britney- I commend the judge for their decision of taking the children away, because maybe this will be the driving inspiration for Spears to really get her life back by focusing less on her career and what's left to salvage it and more on the most prominent issue for her at the moment her sanity and space so she regain her ability of what it means to be a mother and good role model! BOTTOM LINE- she needs to move and work on her chi without any toxins like alcohol, drugs or the paparatzi-sp? xx Spears needs some EBUZZ guidance! ; )