Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheetah Girl cheated?

Can I just say how excited I am that Sabrina Bryan, Cheetah Girl and dancing with the star wanna be, was finally voted off the show last night.
Here's the deal: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. While I know millions can't get enough, it just isn't for me (I don't like American Idol either, if that makes you feel any better). So why would Sabrina's presence bother me? Because I am throughly sick of the ridiculous cross-promotion taking place within Disney! If ABC weren't promoting the show enough as is, Sabrina's presence made it excusable for the Disney Channel to plug the show. I thought Billy Ray being on it last year would be the end of the shameless self-promotion. But no! Not only did ABC bring Billy Ray AND Miley, back to DWTS, they added ANOTHER Disney channel celebrity to the mix. You couldn't watch a Disney Channel show, or movie without seeing a "behind the scenes look" at DWTS and Sabrina. Now that she is gone we'll probably be seeing the motivational "don't give up, Sabrina's triumph after DWTS" special.
I wouldn't care except I happen to watch a Disney channel movie once in a while (Harry Potter was on the other day, I'm a fan), and I HATE seeing those shameless plugs every two minutes. Granted I know that's how the system works. With Billy Ray I didn't even mind it so much. He was a) an actual celebrity (YES ACHY BREAKY HEART COUNTS!) and b) he was really good looking. But Sabrina, she's got nothing. Are the Cheetah Girls even on the radio? (and by radio I mean a station NOT Radio Disney).

Bond, Leno, and Britney Oh My!

Ok, I have just enough time for quick recaps on these awesome entertainment stories. So, help me out and post your thoughts.

Let's start with James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan. Allegedly he hit a photographer and as a result is under police investigation. Now I know Brosnan is losing his edge, I mean he did lose his Bond title to the very sexy Daniel Craig, but that is not excuse to go hauling off and hitting a photographer. Besides, Pierce, if you're going to do it at least be all stealthy and cool about it. Didn't they let you keep any of those Bond gadgets from the set? You could have used SOMETHING to at least mask your get away. Tiss tiss.

So it's pretty much official, Jay Leno is out and Conan O'Brien is in for the Late Show starting in 2009. Should we care? Leno has been around the block a few times, and it's highly doubtful he'll give up his mic for good... At the same time he is the kind of late night ratings, and the network could take a dive by putting O'Brien in his place. I have a feeling there is more to this story than is being released to the press. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next year. I suspect something big is in the works for Leno...I doubt the king of late night comedy would hand over his coveted late night spot unless he had something better up his sleeve. Retirement? Nah, he's got some time.

Finally, Britney. I feel sorry for her everytime I open up an entertainment website or magazine. This girl just can't get ANYTHING right. I mean look who she's hanging out with right now...TONY ROMO. Romo, for those of you not familiar with football or entertainment, is the left overs of one, Carrie Underwood. Ms. Underwood has moved on to bigger and better things (I.E. Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford). I can't tell who settled for less in this one, Romo who just got a HUGE contract extension from Dallas and is riding a one-loss season thus far, or Britney who just dropped a new album and is currently working to rebuild that image of hers. I'd say for now, they are the same...perfect for each other's image. The story here, by the way, is actually the fact that Brit still doesn't have equal custody of her kids. Apparently more than one intelligent human being in the form of a judge agrees Brit needs to keep working to get her life in gear BEFORE she takes on the parent roll.
By the way, if I'm Brit's lawyers I am loving this right now. She is paying them a shitload so they can fight a case EVERYONE knows they won't win. Everytime they reappear in court they are counting the legal fees. Then again they should get paid big for having to deal with the public affairs disaster that Brit has turned out to be.

So that was entertainment today in a nutshell. For more be sure to watch this week's episode of The Entertainment Buzz on WOLV TV!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Backstreet Boys, are they unbreakable?

I couldn't help but smile as I woke up this morning. My late nineties obsession was the Backstreet Boys. I wasn't allowed to put their posters on my wall, but if I could, they would have covered every square inch. I even got to meet Kevin while at the Superbowl in Tampa. This was when TRL was still cool, mind you. Either way, I always rushed out the first day one of their albums dropped so that I could start memorizing their catchy pop ballads.
And so today, on the first day of the release of yet another album, "Unbreakable", I couldn't help but smile. I already have the tracks on my Ipod. Even Kevin-less the Backstreet Boys have managed to find a way back into my heart. Maybe I like the music because it takes me back to a time of innocence, and fun-before college, exams, term papers, and work. It reminds me of a period when music was a culture that permeated the hallways of my junior high school. We used to dance to "Bye Bye Bye" (Nsync was another favorite), and sing along with "Oops I did It Again". And, while Britney's comeback may be more vocalized, and less successful, the Backstreet Boys slip back into mainstream from almost obscurity is just plain refreshing.
The songs on the album most closely resemble their first work. The harmonies are tight, the lyrics profound, and the rhythm enchanting. If anything, the boys have gotten better with age. What impresses me most is that they stuck with their bases. They could have gone more techno, or rock for that matter, but instead they stuck to the soulful ballads that put them on the map. So while the boy band phase has faded, sorry to all those 98 degrees, LFO, and LMNT groupies out there, and solo acts have stolen the spotlight (Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, etc.) the Backstreet Boys continue to prove that they are "Invincible".

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brit's "Blackout" really best ever?

The critics can't seem to get enough of it...and I'm NOT talking about another Britney paparazzi encounter, or a crazy live performance, I'm talking her latest album: "Blackout".
Apparently every one of the 12 tracks on her most recent studio album, the first in four years, is solid. Spears should be sure to thank her producers, because we all know it isn't her vocal talent making the album shine. My question is this: Even with 12 critically acclaimed songs, can Brit bounce her way back to the top of the charts? In other words, can one great album salvage a rapidly diminishing career?
I have never thought Britney's success has come at the hands of her music. Granted people couldn't get enough of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" or "Oops I did it Again", but was it really the song they were attracted to? The music video was what made "Hit Me" a hit. And I'm pretty sure MTV played the "Making the Video" for "Oops" as many times as humanly possible when that hit airwaves. Brit's success has always come thanks in large part to her persona. Without the steamy seductress, or not-so-innocent school girl, look I don't think she would have every pulled it off. Imagine Kelly Clarkson singing "Oops". No, really. Kelly's success has come because she has an amazing voice. She isn't a sex icon. And I don't think she'll disagree with me. Had Kelly sang "Oops" on American Idol she would have gotten voted off in the first round. The song only works with the sex appeal.
So, after the bald head, bad mom, MTV award show disaster of a year that Brit has had, will her sex appeal be enough to drive this album to success?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dr. Steve-O Swag Bag giveaway!!!

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Aren't the Nick Kid's Choice Awards in America bad enough?

I understand why the rest of the world looks to the United States for entertainment. We have CSI, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I would want a piece of the American pie too if I lived across the ocean. But there is some programming I think should stay within the States. For example, the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. A wretched excuse for an awards show, viewers tune in to see their favorite celebrities as presenters, winners, and everything in between. One lucky star will even get "slimed". The orange blimp means little to the winners, who show up mostly due to contractual obligations thanks to the upcoming or current promotion of their entertainment endeavors. So when I was scouring for something good to blog about, I just started laughing when I read the following headline: "Emma Watson is Named Nickelodeon's Best Actress". I never realized that was news. So, in a bout of curiosity and sheer boredom, I decided to read further. It turns out the English teen queen received her award in the first ever UK edition of the show. Nick even managed to drag their tween stars across the globe for the event (Emma Roberts picked up an award and she has a show on the network). Unfortunately for the Brits, the fan favorite High School Musical stars couldn't make the trip (someone was too busy attempting to erase her hard drive with all those nude photos on it).
Really though, the Kid's Choice Awards? Isn't it bad enough when broadcast in America? Did they have to take it overseas? I want to apologize to the Brits and ensure them that we have better programming than that here in the states. Really, we do.

Friday, October 19, 2007

S3E3 Table Talk- Miley Cyrus

This is the aforementioned video.

Hannah Montana madness part deux

We talked about it in last night's show (you can see clips from it on here soon)...but the madness continues. Yahoo! made it one of their entertainment headlines...and it's a scary trend sweeping the nation by storm...Hannah Montana tickets going for INSANE amounts of money. People are doing almost ANYTHING to get their hands on them. The average resale cost for a ticket is 240 dollars (not quite the cost of a Michigan vs. OSU ticket last year, but close).
So what is Disney doing about this Hannah Montana debacle? Making more money of course.
According to a Yahoo! music report, "The Walt Disney Co may have hit upon one way to quell the uproar. Disney's movie studio division said it will film the early "Hannah Montana" concerts using new digital technology.Then, for one week starting on February 1, 2008, it will screen the film in movie theaters using new three-dimensional technology."
I wonder how much tickets to THAT show will cost.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Real Gossip from Gossip Girl

A big thanks to our very own Gossip Guru for pointing this story out to me. My second favorite Gossip Girl hunk (Penn Badgley takes the cake), is rumored to be Carrie Underwood's new boy toy!
The very hot Chace Crawford and country musics latest 'it' girl, Carrie Underwood have been spotted canoodling at numerous Hollywood hot spots. According to US Weekly, the two have been dating since July when the 22 year old Crawford introduced himself to the 24 year old Underwood at "Hyde".
I am happy for Carrie. Chace is a MAJOR step up from Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.


I am ecstatic right now. Despite the fact I had an exam today, one tomorrow, and I got a paper back...I am almost literally jumping for joy. What could instigate such a response? The CW has officially given the Green Light to Gossip Girl! That means we're going to see at least an entire season of the hip new show. Loyal readers of my blog know that my obsession with the hot new teen drama came from the very conception of the show. I even have a Gossip Girl group that watches it with me every Wednesday night (they'll be over at 9 for sure). With a hot young cast that includes Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted), Penn Badgley (John Tucker Must Die, The Bedford Diaries), and Kristen Bell (Heroes, Veronica Mars) what's not to love?
Set in the Upper East Side, this drama is a refreshing departure from the California standard MTV and The O.C. had made us used to. A new setting means there is new drama, and creator Josh Schwartz isn't afraid to dish it out. If you haven't checked this show out yet move your mouse to and watch the episodes for free. Then turn your TV on tonight to catch what, in my opinion, is the hottest new show on television.

I Suck at Life...but so does Lindsay

I am a horrible entertainment director. Look at this. I have been neglecting my blog so that I could study for mid-terms. Shame on me. The closest thing I got to entertainment this past weekend, was watching "Georgia Rule" with my mom. And so, I shall rant about that, because was rant worthy.
I am glad I waited until just recently to see "Georgia Rule". Knowing Lindsay Lohan's real life drama made the movie all that more enjoyable (like a two on a scale of one to ten rather than just a one). I don't think Lindsay had to do a whole lot of 'acting' for her role. Granted the storyline was rather intense, and there were some scenes that required a stretch, but the part where she was a self-obsessed bitch...she nailed without effort. And that saddens me. I have always thought Lindsay could be a real acting talent. Despite her best efforts to screw her career up with roles in ridiculous films like "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" (when Hilary Duff turns down the role before you snatch it up, shouldn't that say something about the quality of the script?), and "Herbie: Fully Loaded", I have still hung on to the hope that she would be the Reese Witherspoon of our generation. Now I'm starting to think Hilary Duff has a better chance (did I really just say that? Whoa.).
"Georgia Rule" was well acted, horribly edited, and clumsily written. It has the potential to be a great just fell horrible, horrible, short. It made me laugh, but mostly I was laughing AT it, rather than WITH it (like the people that watch Ebuzz do when I tell a joke).
So I recommend this movie to you, not on its merits as a cinematic masterpiece, but rather because watching Lindsay play a role as a messed up teenager, during a time when she was a messed up teenager, is just well...enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baywatch HELP! The HOFF is down!

And to think I had picked Lindsay as being the next celebrity to relapse. WRONG! David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized as a result of a "a brief relapse". The Hoff's rep claims the actor checked himself in after recognizing the importance of receiving assistance from professionals. Can you blame the guy for relapsing though? Honestly I'd drink to if I had to judge "America's Got Talent". Good grief.

Monday, October 8, 2007


We've still got "Knocked Up" DVD's to give away. If you've been watching EBUZZ (like any intelligent person does) you know what you have to do to win. If not, I'm going to throw you a bone just for reading the blog. Just post a response to THIS with your name and email (feel free to comment on previous posts while your at it!).

La Lohan Lowdown...making a comback

So Lindsay is officially out of rehab. That can only mean one thing: La Lohan Lowdown should be making its comeback soon on EBUZZ. Not familiar with the Lowdown? Here is what you've been missing: We scrutinize Lindsay's every move- making fun of every ridiculous incident she partakes in from disastrous relationships to drunken car-wrecks. Now that she's out of rehab, the starlet is sure to make a new mistake ripe for the tabloid pickings...and when she does...Ebuzz will be there.
Honestly I'm getting sick of having to pick soley on Britney Lindsay hurry up and mess up so we have something good to blog about. I hope everyone knows I'm kidding. Drug and alcohol addiction is serious and I hope that anyone dealing with these issues gets the help they need. I'm perfectly content with Lindsay screwing up while sober ;)
Speaking of Brit. Her new video is out. It is really bad. I'd give you a comparison but I don't have one that bad to compare it to. I'd rather watch the video to "So Yesterday" twenty times in a row than watch Brit attempt to salvage her career again.

Friday, October 5, 2007

More BEE MOVIE stuff

So you got to see The Entertainment Buzz's interview with Jerry Seinfeld for "Bee Movie". Now check out the exclusive interview with the directors of the film...Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Indiana Jones and the cast of the stolen pictures

Steven Spielberg won't have to spend much time on the next Indiana Jones script. He'll be able to draw from real life experiences. According to reports DreamWorks, the company responsible for Indiana Jones 4...has informed police that certain items have been stolen from the set of the new film. Computers and photographs have been taken. The next film: Jones has to track down the culprits, save the top secret materials, and bring them back to Hollywood where they can be made into a blockbuster film!
I can see why people are so anxious to get their hands on the's taken 19 years for the fourth film to start development.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Um, can I get one for my birthday too?

So recently teen queen Hilary Duff said goodbye to her teen years as the singer/actress celebrated her 20th birthday. So what do you get one of the hottest stars on the planet when they have a birthday? Boyfriend Mike Comrie (I don't really get it either, he's a hockey player though) chose to go the four-wheeled route. When Duff opened up her garage she found a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV (valued at more than 100,000 dollars). Sounds like a winner to me.
It is going to make whatever I get for my birthday this year rather look rather lame. Then again...I'm rather lame so maybe that's fitting.

Hannah Montana tickets are selling for WHAT?!

I admit, there are some things I couldn't put a price on being able to see. For example, last year's Michigan Ohio State game. But, when I read that tickets to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus' concerts are selling for up to $2,562...I just about sh*t a brick.
I received a press release from the Van Andel theater in Grand Rapids, MI. The concert sold out in under four minutes. FOUR minutes...that's less time than it takes to listen to one of Miley's singles off her new album.
My question is this: When do you cross the line from reasonable to COMPLETELY insane in the world of ticket brokering? When is the government going to step in to put a cap on these outrageous prices? And does it matter? Are parents still going to shell out the big bucks for their kids to spend an hour in the same room as their idol?
At an interview I did yesterday I was talking to the entertainment reporter for the ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids. She has two little girls and they have been begging since the concerts were first announced to get tickets for the event. So both the reporter and her husband jumped on the phone/internet the minute tickets went on sale. Forget it. How do you tell your kids, "Sorry hunny but mommy and daddy can't afford to mortgage the house so we can take you to the concert."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld!!!

So I had the opportunity to chat with Jerry Seinfeld today about his new animated feature film "Bee Movie". You can see a sneak peak of that interview BEFORE it makes it's way onto EBUZZ right here!!!

SPEARS ORDERED TO GIVE UP CUSTODY OF KIDS...and Steve-O has a new show...should u watch?

A judge has ordered that Britney Spears give up the custody of her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline.
The judge pointed to Spears drug and alcohol use as one of the reasons for his decision. All transcripts from the preceding have been sealed, and seeing as how it was a closed door decision specific details of the decision are not available.
Spears may not have lost her children for good, however, as sources claim with a little help, if Spears gets her life on track, the 25 year old performer could regain custody at a future hearing. Spears and Federline are due back in court on Oct. 3.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of thrilled for Brit's kids that she can't have custody right now. No child deserves to grow up in that unstable of an environment. I do hope, for both Brit's sake, and the sake of her children, that she gets the help she needs so she can be in there lives. As much as I hate thinking of Brit as a mom, I hate more thinking of her kids without one. May this be a lesson to all the current tween queens (Vanessa Hudgens are you listening...this is especially for you), make wise decisions, as bad ones WILL come back to haunt you.

Now on a lighter note. USA network is hoping that all you "Jackass" fans will tune in tonight for the premiere of "Dr. Steve-O Will See you Now". Steve-O is donning a white jacket and hitting the street looking to rid the world of...well...the wuss.
Don't plan on taking this show seriously. Expect nothing more than you would from an episode of "Jackass". Situational humor and physical comedy are essentially THE entire content of the show...which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It provides a nice opposition to its Monday night competition. For example: "The Big Bang Theory" intelligent and witty comedy that is geared more toward the educated masses. There is no education required to view "Dr. Steve-O". This is pure, brainless fun. Below I've included a quick preview...just in case you want to check it out.