Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The stupid questions I ask

How does Yahoo! figure out which topics/people are most searched for and thus deserve to make their list? And if it by sure numbers...what inspires people to suddenly search for those things/celebrities? Why do I suddenly ask these questions you ask? Because in Today's Top Searches on Yahoo! this afternoon I found these: Kirsten Storms, 50 cent, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, and Led Zepplen, and I thought to myself...what a weird mix.
For example, I can see why Miley Cyrus would make the list...she is tween royalty right now...but why Kirsten Storms? The last time I heard her name was when the Disney Channel was viciously promoting another Zenon movie...and I think I was a freshman in high school then. Is she making a comeback? Should I be on the lookout for another horrible Disney channel original?
And why Kelly Clarkson? What has she done recently to deserve the searching attention? Am I missing something?
50 Cent at least I understand...but with 50 should people be searching for Kanye too? As an entertainment director I don't know who I should be following because I want to please the masses and it appears the masses want people who aren't exactly in the news!
Here I pose another question: What celebrities fall under the University blanket? If I fail to talk about Miley Cyrus and her recent success am I being a bad entertainment reporter? She makes it on Access Hollywood almost nightly. But, do college kids care? I used to think not, until recently when I discovered that Hannah Montana has a cult following on college campus'. People may not admit they watch it and/or like it...but they do. And what about people like Kirsten I take the time to comment on her career even if she hasn't done anything of note recently? This is why I should have stayed in sports. Things are far more clear cut. Someone wins, someone loses, and someone is always being accused of doing drugs. The end.


Anonymous said...

Nice bloggin, but I totally disagree with everything you just said. I LOVED Zenon girl of the 21st century, and if 50 cent is mentioned, my name comes right above his. Heck! I don't know why my name isn't the top searched!!! Peace and Love to the World but EBUZZ is Forever

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree; Zenon was awesome! And Kirsten Storms has been in daytime for a while now, most recently on General Hospital...which some of us take time out of our day, everyday, to watch. But the DUI story does not surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

Well, personally I think Hannah is the new hilary duff who will fizzle out her career in the next couple years.
Disney has way overexpised her.

Maybe you should do research before commenting on why certain people are on the list like Kirsten storms. She's there just because US media is obssessed w/ young girls who get DUIs.

Kelly Clarkson, who has just recently announced a tour after controversy, currently has her previous #1 hit Because of You, a song she wrote, at #1 on the country charts. Maybe people are curious about that.
Maybe you should get back into sports (rolls eyes) cause they apparently 'make' more sense.