Monday, August 27, 2007

Teen Choice Awards

I confess. I Tivo'd the Teen Choice Awards. I had too. Everytime I don't watch something noteworthy happens--Lindsay's commando acceptance, for example. So I fastforwarded through it this morning. First of all, the producers of that show are sheer genius. They reuse all their celebrities in order to fill their show. Zac Efron won two awards and presented and each time he was on stage it was three minutes of screaming girls. Jessica Alba was another example of a winner/presenter who gave the show and crowd a boost. Well done.
Hilary Duff and Nick Cannon were the hosts. Hilary has hosted before and as a result I was nervous. Her past foray into hosting wasn't entirely successful. BUT, she and Nick certainly pulled this one off. And this is why: The show opened with a spoof of High School Musical-they called it the reunion and it had a bunch of fifty plus old people dancing to the title tracks. From there it got even better. Nick showed Hilary a video of a "scary" ride he went on during the week. It was a go-kart ride called "Lindsay's Wild Ride." They spoofed Lindsay's drunk driving incident by having her drive a go-kart while drunk and get in an accident. If that weren't funny enough Hilary's reaction to the whole thing was hysterical (need I remind you about the Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter love triangle and ensuing chick fight?).
Anyways the whole bit was worth the Tivoing. Another funny note...Miley Cyrus won a few awards and wore this really skimpy dress and she started jumping up and down upon receipt of it and as a result was on the verge of a serious wardrobe malfunction. She was truly excited though so good for her.
If I heard one more shameless plug for the celebrity presenter or winner's next big project I was going to throw the Tivo remote at the TV. Then again if you can't promote your work why would you subject yourself to that lame-ass award show...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do we/Should we care about HSM 2?

I'm sorry to even have to be writing about this. I scoured the entertainment pages for anything better...but I kid you not...this was the hot story of the moment. I figured if it was worth Access Hollywood covering the Blue Carpet premiere than it should be worth Ebuzz's attention as well.
So what is the big deal about High School Musical 2? Granted the first created a cult phenominan and made stars out of Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.....
No one has commented on the actual film itself yet. No critic has come out and said "this is worth all the hype", there haven't been any comments on the directing, the new music, the acting, etc. All of the attention has been focused on the brand---a part of the ever popular Disney machine that continues to mass-produce teen royalty.
Case in point: At the HSM 2 premiere Miley Cyrus and famed father Billy Ray showed up. The premiere wasn't for Hannah Monatana, yet the Disney channel star received as much applause and maybe even more than her HSM 2 counterparts. It is all about branding and name recognition. The Disney machine has been releasing tidbits of music videos featured in the movie for well over a month now. There have been more "behind the scenes" featurettes than I ever thought possible. And EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE is in on the action. The teen stars have been making the talk show circuit. Disney got double their money out of Efron who made the circuit in early July to promote "Hairspray". You have to believe his upcoming appearance in HSM 2 came up more than once.
Rolling Stone got in on the act when they made Efron their cover boy. Even I started to drool when I saw his sexy shot. This kid has it all, the pipes, the looks, and the marketability to keep going strong in the business.
I will not be joining the expected millions of tweens that will tune in tomorrow night to watch the HSM 2 premiere...but I fully expect to watch it sometime in the future...I may not like it...but I feel it a necessary evil in order to keep up with the entertainment times.
The musical trend isn't over yet. Reports claim Efron will play the role once held by Kevin Bacon in a remake of Footloose. There are also reports that there will be one final installation of HSM...and this one will premiere on the Big Screen (funny with all the media attention I thought THIS HSM was premiering on the big screen...)---which, by the way, will be yet another marketing ploy used to make even MORE money.
I was mistaken when the first HSM came out and I thought it was only for the tween population. Then I got to college and realized I had a ton of friends I knew who had seen it. Not all of them had the "fever" that the younger generations had, but they saw it and sang the music nonetheless. I don't doubt that upon my return to class this year I'll experience the same thing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've had it. The whole Brit and K-Fed ordeal is driving me insane. I feel awful for their children. I don't care who gets custody at this point...neither looks good. A report on claims that Britney has called her kids "mistakes" and has done such aggregious things as leave them in soiled diapers and force feed them coffee. Even Britney's family is for K-Fed getting custody of the kids. And yet, I still KFed a "better" choice than Britney? For the kids' sake I certainly hope so. I want to believe Kevin is a loving and doting father who will give his kids all the love and attention they deserve. But this IS the same KFed that relased "Playing with Fire" (an album with the same name as Hilary Duff's hit the way) to less than enthused crowds (those cancelled shows ring a bell?).
Out of this whole ordeal what upsets me most has been the media's reaction and their pursual of all things Brit and K-Fed. Were you aware that there is a younger know Jamie of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101...Kid Choice Award Winner...etc. Yeah she is what Britney used to be...a role model...a clean cut version of what society hopes their girls will grow up to be. And yet her achievements have been sadly overshadowed by her failure of a sister's. It reminds me of my elementary (and even high school) days. You would do something great...but the idiot in the back row that got in trouble all the time would always be the one getting the attention. As a result the kids in trouble were often some of the most popular...every one else was easily ignored.
I hope that Jamie Lynn learns from her big sister's ways. I hope that she follows in the footsteps of the Hilary Duffs of the world instead. To think that I used to be a Britney fan makes me sick. I never really saw her as a role model, per say...I just always looked at her with an intense envy and jealousy. I wanted to live her life. I thought she was so fortunate to be able to do all the things she got to all the places she got to travel, etc. She took it all for granted. But maybe, as a result, she was a better role model than I thought. She taught me what NOT to do with my life. I just hope that others out there got that same message.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lindsay's Bodyguard agrees with me too!

Have you read any of the numerous articles featuring insight from La Lohan's former bodyguard? If not you should...just for sh*ts and giggles. Lohan's former bodyguard describes numerous instances where her parents were negligent (really? No way...I can't imagine...Dina Lohan not a good parent? ((sorry I'm going overboard here. Just making a point)).
The story is that Lindsay was begging for attention. She attempted suicide, did drugs, had sex...and the consequences...well until now anyways...nothing.
Compare this story to Hollywood's "good girls" the Hilary Duffs, Miley Cyrus', and Amanda Bynes whose parents have played an integral role in their upbringing. As previously mentioned in this blog Miley's parents aren't only strict....they're making it sharing their parenting methods with millions of readers. There are consequences to Miley's wrongdoings (the People article mentioned punishments for crimes like buying a super-expensive purse without permission...things young starlets like Lindsay seem to do all the time).
What Amanda Bynes said in her interview on Access Hollywood really go to me though. She said because her parents are strict and they have such high expectations for her she is afraid to dissapoint them. I don't think Lindsay ever felt that way. She never had those expectations placed upon her (her dad spent most of his time in jail...). Bynes said she would be embarrassed and would feel guilty if she was shown in a negative light or caught doing something inappropriate. Again, I don't think Lindsay would know that emotion. And for that I ALMOST feel bad for her. Parents are an integral part in our lives and in the way we grow up. For young Hollywood the expectations and pressure of the media can be very difficult to handle...making it even more important for them to have a safety net and support system at home. Without it...I think you end up like Lindsay....fighting for attention from the people who SHOULD be giving it to you anyways---her parents.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More proof good parenting key to starlets success?

According to Amanda Bynes, in an Access Hollywood interview, good parenting is one of the key reasons she has yet to follow in the footsteps of the Lindsay Lohans of the world...and doesn't intend to.
Bynes said that her parents were strict growing up...and that helped keep her out of trouble. She said she'd love to see what would happen if Lindsay tried living under her roof for a while.
I admit I haven't always been a huge Amanda fan (can you blame me? Her big gig growing up was the Amada show!). But, in recent roles, I've had to admit she has talent...and she has her head on admirable quality. Bynes skills transcend to fashion where she has a new line featured at Steve and Barrys---and all her goods are under 20 bucks (a college kids dream right?).
With the recent success of Hairspray I hope Bynes can find a solid niche in the acting world and get some of the more mature Hollywood roles out there. By the looks of it her next role will be similar to those of her past (She's the Man, What a Girl Wants, etc.) It's called Sydney White...and it's supposed to be Snow White meets the Greek system. Why do I have a feeling it won't be winning any awards? Then again...neither did Hilary Duff's A Cinderella Story and that racked it in at the box office. We'll just have to see.
Speaking of Ms. Duff...she is on the cover of Seventeen this month...and the article is worth a read. Duff has had a tougher year than most (even I felt bad for her---the cynic that I am) and much of it has flown under the radar in the midst of the Lindsay-Paris-Nicole hooplah. This girl deserves some props for not falling off the deepend. I won't spoil it with the details.
Now for my quick rant of the day...why is Hayden Panettierre getting all sorts of attention lately? Granted Heroes was awesome...but it is on vacation right now and in the mean time I haven't heard hyde nor hair of another Hayden project worthy of note. It seems like every gossip source still has her picture plastered on its site though. OMG! on Yahoo! had pictures of Hayden walking down the beach, then at a restaurant with boyfriend Stephen Colletti. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was. When she does a successful film (sorry but her role in Remember the Titans wasn't big enough to count) then I'll be cool with all the publicity. So far I like Hayden...I just hope all the publicity doesn't go to her head and turn her into a Lindsay (the two were reportedly friends for a while).
Well there you have it folks. Let me know what you think. Shoot those emails my way via

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT!!!

So maybe I am the only one on Earth excited about the Backstreet Boys upcoming release of their 6th album. But hey, I have been a loyal fan for 14 years now...and I deserve to be excited. I owned the Backstreet Boy's first album, and had it memorized, BEFORE they even hit the US. I was a bonafide boybander. When I went to the Superbowl in Tampa, FL my favorite memory wasn't of on the field festivities, it was when I got to meet Kevin of the BSB.
The boys are now men, and the five that started the journey are now only four (the aforementioned Kevin has called it quits) but the sound is still the same and the excitement is still palpable.
The BSB know what it takes to reach out to their fans. They are staying true to their roots and putting out a product that doesn't stray far from their original sound. Compare that to other artists recently who have tried to revamp their sound and you'll see why I think they know the key to success. Look at Mandy Moore. While "Wild Hope" is a solid album doesn't cater to the fans who made her successful. And while I am glad she didn't go back to sugary pop-Britney Spears like songs...I feel like she has alienated any fan base she might have had by excluded all of that sound from her new album.
Example deux: Hilary Duff. The teen queen has polished off too many albums to count in her 6 years of pop stardom...her last one, however, has stuck with me. Dignity is great. I love the new sound and the more mature tracks. They had to come sometime (you can't sing for Disney forever), but again...Duff didn't leave her tween fans even a HINT of the musical style they had grown accustomed to. Duff's fan base is in those High School Musical lovers. They want sugary pop, rather than dance rythms.
I could come up with a handful of other examples but all scream the same thing: the key to muscial success lies in the fans who BUY the music. As a result artists with staying power-Mariah Carey, The Goo Goo Dolls, The BSB- while growing and maturing through their music have left their fans with tastes of the original style that made them popular in the first place.
So back to the BSB...they have a new look (getting old will do that to you.) They have families and kids. And they have a musical style that hasn't aged a bit. I think part of the reason their sound hasn't gone off the deep end is because the individuals in the group have been able to go and explore their own unique sounds with solo albums. Brian is working on his second Christian album. Nick dabbled in the solo business a few years ago and even had a semi-successful solo (now after a reality show he is 40 pounds slimmer and ready to give the group thing another go). Howie is also working on his first solo album, a Latino influenced CD. So at the end of the day when the boys get together...well the boys can just be boys.

Monday, August 6, 2007

More La Lohan Lowdown!

So I have received permission to share with you another blog reader's response in light of the Lindsay Lohan situation. Considering the update on her rehab status today (she's in a new rehab in Utah now) I felt it was a perfect time to share that reader's thoughts about her predicament.
If you have thoughts you'd like to share regarding this, or any other topic, please send them along as I would love to read them---and with your permission---post them for all to enjoy.

"I feel badthat Lindsay has an addiction to something and is getting moreattention for her lifestyle than she is for her movies. Unlike ParisHilton, she actually has talent and deserves to get attention for it.It's sad that she has an addiction to something and is going down thatstereotypical path of a child movie star. However, I'm betting that afew years down the road she'll turn her act around, just like DrewBarrymore did. I mean, Drew used to be a wild child in Hollywood andwas in rehab when she was 12 or 13, and now look at her. Maybe it'sjust me, but when I look at Drew Barrymore I don't really think of herwild ways back then. So I'm thinking Lindsay might follow the samepath. It might take a few years and then some, but I think that if shegets her act together, she should have some longevity in Hollywood.And you're right, it's also sad that other young stars in Hollywoodthat don't follow the same path that she is, aren't getting as muchattention, but for whatever reason, everyone seems to flock to a goodscandal. And this summer has been filled with great stories of those"bad" girls in Hollywood. Between Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, and Britney,it's just surreal at this point. I bet you didn't think that thatsomewhat cute girl from The Parent Trap would turn out like this in tenyears. But then again, that's Hollywood for you."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've Got the Music in Me!!!

I have always been a music person. I have sang and danced for as long as I can remember. And it is because of this love of music that I am even more excited to see this new wave of musical mania!
It started with Disney's gutsy release of High School Musical. Their risk paid off as millions tuned in to sign with a new generation of Disney stars. Kids couldn't get enough of the teen hearthrobs that graced the screen and soon solo albums were released and tv specials aired. This was just the start of a new genre and a new target audience. This summer music fans can rejoice as Hollywood attempts to tap into that target audience once again.
Hairspray is a star-studded film that delivers a punch as it stays true to its musical roots while at the same time showing off its cinematic style. The casting is perfect, the music is catchy, and the laughter can't be helped. John Travolta, Michelle Pfiffer, Brittany Snow, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelly, Christopher Walken, James Marsden, Queen Latifah, and newcomer Nikki Blonski are all spectacular and you can't help but leave the theatre smiling when all is said (or sung) and done.
Hairspray starts the musical theatre, then-in case you've lived in a box and haven't noticed- Dinsey is picking up where it left off to bring you the much aniticipated High School Musical 2. Disney has already milked this for all it's worth by promoting other shows through specially placed sneak peak packages throughout the summer.
Other muscially related shows are also finding much success. I have already talked about Hannah Montana...Nickelodeon is also reportintg that they too will have a show with a similar premise out this fall. NBC and FOX have come out with lyric trivia games. Movie channels are showing Rent, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and other musical classics turned movies.
Tickets for live musicals are also getting a boost. Just recently in Michigan a run of Wicked was sold out so quickly that it has already been reschedualed and tickets have already gone on sale for shows NEXT year.
Personally I'm loving all of this. I have seen a handful of live musicals and hope that more people get to experience that form of entertainment. Movies aren't the same...but they can do justice to a show that people might otherwise not be able to see.
It's Grease mania all over again...and I'm all for it.

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