Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Indiana Jones and the cast of the stolen pictures

Steven Spielberg won't have to spend much time on the next Indiana Jones script. He'll be able to draw from real life experiences. According to reports DreamWorks, the company responsible for Indiana Jones 4...has informed police that certain items have been stolen from the set of the new film. Computers and photographs have been taken. The next film: Jones has to track down the culprits, save the top secret materials, and bring them back to Hollywood where they can be made into a blockbuster film!
I can see why people are so anxious to get their hands on the's taken 19 years for the fourth film to start development.


Anonymous said...

In today's media overloaded world it blows my mind how movie producers can keep shooting still private and hold on to secrets at least until after a film's release..can someone explain to me how this is even accomplished?? But I think I will definately be checking out Indiana Jones 4 because of the cast and Mr. LeBoef- so even if there are spoilers out there I will still be going out to see this movie!!

-baubs22 (my password is STILL not working lol)

jenny said...

NO WAY is Shia in this movie!!! How did I miss that? LOVE him :) He was wonderful in Bobby and I think we have a lot to look forward to from him in the future... this is more of a comment comment than a blog comment, but LeBoef is a big distraction.
Sorry Stevie!