Monday, September 24, 2007

Miley Cyrus pregnant? You have to be kidding me

So Miley Cyrus made the top of the Yahoo! search list again today. I always check the top searches to see if there is anything interesting. I almost skipped her name this time thinking I already knew why people were searching. Whoa, good thing I looked because man was I wrong.
You see I thought the search was about her new episode of Hannah Montana on Friday featuring the Rock (yup the one I interviewed), or about the 20/20 episode featuring Miley and Billy Ray, or even her outrageous ticket sales for her Oct 18 tour.
Instead I discovered people were buzzing about Miley because of a rapid internet rumor that claimed the 14 year old (that's right 14...) is pregnant! Whoever made that claim obviously has a lot of time on their hands and was incredibly bored. Out of all the stars they could have picked they went after the least likely of candidates for pregnancy. First of all, Miley may not even be physically mature enough to bare children. Second, if you read or even heard (it was all over the nightly entertainment news shows) about Miley's family life and strict upbringing, along with the fact that she is single (note: I'm not claiming you can't have one night stands...but for the love of pete, she's 14!).
The rumor started when someone doctored a J-14 (who reads that stuff anyways?) article that talked about Miley's gross habits on the set of her hit Disney show. The habits included farting and poping co-stars zits (ok, it's one thing to do that, but to tell a magazine? That's weird. I didn't need to know that stuff). The article was doctored to say that Miley was expecting and had already gained 7 pounds.
J-14 quickly issued a response saying the allegations were completely false and they had never published such a horrendous lie.
Good thing...I was starting to think they weren't reputable journalist.


Vipin said...

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shiyla said...

iy isn't true and she's 15

Anonymous said...

shes 14

Anonymous said...

i was about to say i thought she was on crack but usually teen stars do that and if it was true i would believe it

Anonymous said... go to it, it is a picture of a baby bump!!! I didn't believe it at first..... but.... who knows?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap she farts??? I thought she was all 'miss pretty pretty ooh look I AM A FAMOUS PERSON'

Anonymous said...