Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hannah Montana tickets are selling for WHAT?!

I admit, there are some things I couldn't put a price on being able to see. For example, last year's Michigan Ohio State game. But, when I read that tickets to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus' concerts are selling for up to $2,562...I just about sh*t a brick.
I received a press release from the Van Andel theater in Grand Rapids, MI. The concert sold out in under four minutes. FOUR minutes...that's less time than it takes to listen to one of Miley's singles off her new album.
My question is this: When do you cross the line from reasonable to COMPLETELY insane in the world of ticket brokering? When is the government going to step in to put a cap on these outrageous prices? And does it matter? Are parents still going to shell out the big bucks for their kids to spend an hour in the same room as their idol?
At an interview I did yesterday I was talking to the entertainment reporter for the ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids. She has two little girls and they have been begging since the concerts were first announced to get tickets for the event. So both the reporter and her husband jumped on the phone/internet the minute tickets went on sale. Forget it. How do you tell your kids, "Sorry hunny but mommy and daddy can't afford to mortgage the house so we can take you to the concert."


the mom said...

Lisa K. had to join the Hannah Montana fanclub (at &30 per daughter) in order to get first dibs on tickets! And to think it's for a fictional character. I do remember, however, waiting on the phone to get SOMEONE tickets to The Elephant Show (Skittle Marinky Dinky Dink) a FEW years ago! :)

EBUZZED said...

That wasn't even a CONCERT. Don't you DARE hold that over my head either...I mean seriously...had you been on the phone getting me tickets for the Backstreet Boys or something during their heyday then we could talk.

Anonymous said...

I remember Micheal Jackson's birthday celebration or something like that had tickets that were selling for a little under $2,000 and I thought that was ridiculous but he was an icon and an idol- MILEY CYRUS has been on the scene for how long? This seems a little insane but maybe parallels the ridiculous amounts of money parents are shelling out for sweet sixteens..One thousand dollars is a lot of money for any concert but a teen idol-phew that's incredible!

-baubs22 (my password isn't working either!!)

Anonymous said...

I know someone that bought tickets souly for the purpose of making money on them. Sad really for the other parents.

Anonymous said...

I am the mom of two kids ages 7 and 8 who watch the show every night. When I found out she was coming to perform in our hometown, I was estatic. I was thrilled to find out that tickets were reasonably priced ($26-$56), and I promised my kids we would go. It was supposed to be their Christmas present. I was online the moment tickets went on sale. It was impossible to get through. Within minutes, the tickets were gone, and so was the hopes to see the girl that my kids admire. I am most disappointed in what I have read about the way tickets are being sold-- of ticket brokers making a fortune and capitalizing on parents who want to make their kids happy at any cost. Kids who live in financially advantaged households and have parents who can make them happy at any cost. I know of people who are more financially advantaged than me (I am a single working mom of four kids) who paid thousands of dollars for two tickets! So much for the values that Disney and Hannah Montana display on the show and the entire culture of Disney being family oriented. I guess it's more like family oriented for the rich, and not for plain old middle America.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Disney is getting PO'd thinking they could have made more than what the original price was. To the brokers-I hope you just wasted money on buying those ridiculous tickets and I hope the government gets in on this unfair practice of digital scalping-I mean come on-if it's 3 times the original price it should be considered scalping-and it has to be a week before the concert ie $29.00 bought early and one week before the concert-it gets harder to find tickets-ticket price cannont exceed $86.00-I know that's still alot but what do ya expect for last minute items.

Anonymous said...

Since I have wireless in my home, I invited a couple of my friends from church to come over and get in virtual line on my 3 computers in my home (they don't have computers). Long story short..my so called friends got tickets and I did not in my own home!!! My six year old was there and she saw first hand how greedy someone can be. She is crushed!

tommy said...

no its even more the worst seats possible are 4,500 just to get in its 4,000 and for the tenth row they are 10,000 dollars for front row.........20,000!!!!!i am the BIGGEST hannah montana fan but my family cannot afford that if we did we wouldnt be able to eat for like a month or two

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