Friday, November 20, 2009

Do Miley and Timberland Really "Belong to the Music"?

 I just listened to the new Miley Cyrus/Timberland track for the first time. They are certainly a pair I had a hard time picturing working together (Timberland doesn't scream "Squeaky clean Disney"). I think this may be the next "Party in the USA" adult-driven track. It's catchy, has a nice rhythm, and again has the power of Timberland--who has a lot of respect in the business right now--- behind it.
 What do you think?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catching up With Caspa'

Allow me to introduce you to Joshua (Caspa’) Roomsburg (It's in bold because it's a name you shouldn't forget anytime soon).  This West Michigan native is a SKILLED music maker. You can find the links to downloads of some of his tracks below, but before you do get to know that man BEHIND the music:

(KU): Who are some of your musical inspirations and why?
(Caspa'): There are many musicians I've used from time to time for inspiration.

2 PAC - Simply because he's the BEST!!!

Lil Wayne - For bringing a NEW sound and breath of fresh air to HIP HOP.

Jay-Z - For creating everlasting songs.

Eminem - For having so many songs I could relate to as a kid growing up.

Ludacris - For creating songs with passion and emotion.

Jadakiss - For being one of the best LYRICIST!!!

And Last but not least

Lil Flip - For being a REAL MC, as well as for being the first MAJOR artist I worked with.
(KU): Michigan has a rich musical history, but much of it is focused in and around the Detroit area... how do you think West Michigan's music scene compares?

(Caspa'): Personally, I believe in the NEW age music era there are equal opportunities on both sides of the state.. With that said, only the Performers/Songwriters/Producers who have the most national exposure and networking connections make great success in this business.

Due to prior work with DETROIT artist' I have seen both sides of the state make great progression. My producer from Ypsilanti MI, Flawless of THE OLYMPICKS who does production for the biggest DETROIT musicians has recently signed as an in house producer for MABACH MUSIC under the world wide recording artist RICK ROSS. Flawless introduced me to a few Detroit artist some of which are doing national projects as we speak.

On the other hand, I also see the spectacular progression WEST MICHIGAN has made in the last few years introducing ourselves into the worldwide music circuit. With Grand Rapids native Willie The Kid working with DJ. Drama that has been a breakthrough for a Local artist.
With his numerous national collaborations on the GANGSTA GRILLZ albums he has given WEST MICHIGAN the gateway to advance in the music industry.

There are many Muskegon, Holland, and Grand Rapids musicians who are good but either have no motivation, or no networking ability.

Soon enough, people will recognize WEST MICHIGAN as one of the best places for raw talent.

You also have to add to that DETROIT is a hard city to make anything happen in, don't get me wrong. But MUSKEGON has the LOWEST economy in the state, and if you think about it MICHIGAN has the lowest out of the UNITED STATES. Put it all together and you will have some of the BEST success stories to come from the bottom rather than a larger more recognized city.
(KU): You've collaborated on a number of tracks... who has been your favorite person to work with thus far?

(Caspa'): Yea, I've worked with too many artist to name but just to name my personal favorites;

LIL FLIP was a great artist to work with due to the fact of his world wide exposure.

As for on a personal note I would have to say my favorite artist to work with is CHRIS LEE.
Chris works with me day in and day out. We're currently working on a couple projects together. Caspa' & Chris Lee are putting out a mixtape together, as well as THE ALLIANCE mixtape to drop in JANUARY. THE ALLIANCE a NEW worldwide group Chris and I are a part of.
(KU): What are your long-term musical goals?

(Caspa') Honestly, there is NEVER one goal in this industry.
I can say I'd love to have a Multi-Platinum album, and a few more awards on these walls.

I started my company Ske-City Entertainment back in 2007.
My sole purpose of starting my company was to show my maturity and progression as an artist. It's not just about making songs anymore, this is LIFE how I plan to survive in years to come.

With that said, I make timeless records. Every song I write is because of a LIFE experience that I feel someone else in the world could relate to. If I can change one persons feelings by a song then that song has done it's job.

My goal is to touch as many peoples hearts as possible, and improve the quality of music which is being made at this very moment.

I will not be a one hit wonder, and I will not stop at 15 minutes of fame. I plan to become one of the biggest worldwide artist ever!!!!
(KU): Do you think the internet and music downloading has had a positive, or negative effect on the industry? How has it impacted your career?

(Caspa') As an independent artist I have to say the Internet has improved the chances of national exposure. Without MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER I would not have as big of a following as I have. When I release a link online for a {FREE DOWNLOAD} I get anywhere from 200 to 2,000 plays and downloads in the first hour. As where even with radio play not all of your fans have the same access to the songs when it is convenient for them. I don't believe I'm far enough along to realize the longevity role the Internet will hold on my career.

However, the Internet has also decreased ALBUM sales, as well as T.V. video exposure. People will not go out and buy a Store Purchased album when they can go online and download the exact same thing for half the cost, sometimes even for FREE.

I was actually thinking of this last night.

Why pay for Manufactured Distribution which can result in a loss due to the affects from INTERNET downloads, when you can now sign an ONLINE DISTRIBUTION DEAL that can do the same for you for a lesser cost and more effective result? This being a positive result from the Music Industry going ONLINE from an INDEPENDENT LABEL perspective.

As for a Major Label; YES, these results have shook the industry. With the average NEW artist to sign to a MAJOR LABEL for a longer deal with a lesser sign on bonus.
(KU): Do you write your own music? If so, where do you draw your inspiration from?

(Caspa'): Yes, I write all my own LYRICS. Like I stated before every song I create is from a LIFE experience. Something I have been through personally, or I have seen a friend go through.
The inspiration comes from my HEART, people always tell me I have a big heart. That's because I care about how people react to my music. Music is all about EMOTION and how you can create an interest for your explanation of these emotions.

As for production, I work with allot of great producers in the industry.
Flawless - THE OLYMPICKS {Mabach Music} (Detroit, MI)
C.P. Hollywood - {Slip N' Slide Records} (Miami, FL)
VYBE - {UNSIGNED} (San Jose, Ca)
Young Cash - {Custom Made Entertainment} (Dallas, TX)

(KU): What's your favorite place in Michigan and why?

(Caspa'): My favorite place in MICHIGAN is Muskegon, where else but Ske-City???
The reason being is this will always be home. No matter how far I go away or I where I move I've always returned to this city I love. I don't really know if it's the people around here, or because this is where my family and friends are but this is my city. This is what I call home.


That’s Nasty - ft. Cash {Produced by, Cash}
Blow Ya Whistle - ft. Lil Flip {Produced by, Dj DocRok}
Leave You Alone - {Produced by, CP Hollywood (SlipN’Slide Producers)
Where You From - {Produced by, The OLYMPICKS (Mabach Music)

Monday, November 9, 2009

For the First Time Ever, I Can't WAIT for Valentine's Day

 I am not one of those love-sick, sappy, sentimental people. Valentine's Day has always meant a crappy Hallmark holiday that has left me feeling sorry for the state of American culture. Call me synical, call me unhappy, call me jealous because I have yet to find that "special someone". It's cool. I just know that greeting card holidays aren't really my thing.
 And yet, for the first time ever, I'm really looking forward to the pink and red covered calendar day this February. Why, you ask? Because what could turn out to be one of, if not the, best romantic comedy of the year will be hitting theaters.
 Watch the trailer for the apporpriatly named "Valentine's Day" and you too will get giddy with excitement. With an all-star ensemble that makes the case of Ocean's 11 pale in comparison... this film already has every element necessary to get me into theaters.
 Bradley Cooper.
 Patrick Dempsey.
 Ashton Kutcher.
 And I'm just scratching the surface of the hot men involved in this flick.
 For men, there are a series of delights for you too.
 Emma Roberts
 Julia Roberts
 Jessica Biel
 Jessica Alba
 I'm still stunned I'm usuing all of those names TOGETHER.

 So watch the trailer (below) and get excited for the chocolate love-fest that will be "Valentine's Day."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glee's Mark Salling a.k.a "Puck"

 I have not been shy about proclaiming my love for Fox's hit new drama Glee. I think it is one of the best new shows on television... hands down. It crosses genres, takes risks, and tackles the new multi-media cross-platform culture like no other series in history. It's a High School Musical for grown-ups. It makes music, specifically choir and showchoir, cool again... and as someone who was in both all through high school that makes me like it even more.

 It is because of my unyielding devotion to Glee that I bring you today a closer look at one of the series' stars: Mark Salling.
 Salling plays "Noah Puckerman" better known as "Puck", the rebel-without-a-cause football playing man whore who also happens to join the showchoir. His role has grown substantially throughout the first half of the season and he now plays a crucial role in a key elemant of the season's plot-arc. It was his recent rendition of "Sweet Caroline", however, that melted my heartstrings.
 Watch and fall in love:

Mark is the perfect cinderella-Hollywood story. I'd bore you with the details, but his official website can do that for me. I urge you to check it out and also fall in love with the extremely talented and ruggedly-good looking Mark Salling.