Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brit's "Blackout" really best ever?

The critics can't seem to get enough of it...and I'm NOT talking about another Britney paparazzi encounter, or a crazy live performance, I'm talking her latest album: "Blackout".
Apparently every one of the 12 tracks on her most recent studio album, the first in four years, is solid. Spears should be sure to thank her producers, because we all know it isn't her vocal talent making the album shine. My question is this: Even with 12 critically acclaimed songs, can Brit bounce her way back to the top of the charts? In other words, can one great album salvage a rapidly diminishing career?
I have never thought Britney's success has come at the hands of her music. Granted people couldn't get enough of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" or "Oops I did it Again", but was it really the song they were attracted to? The music video was what made "Hit Me" a hit. And I'm pretty sure MTV played the "Making the Video" for "Oops" as many times as humanly possible when that hit airwaves. Brit's success has always come thanks in large part to her persona. Without the steamy seductress, or not-so-innocent school girl, look I don't think she would have every pulled it off. Imagine Kelly Clarkson singing "Oops". No, really. Kelly's success has come because she has an amazing voice. She isn't a sex icon. And I don't think she'll disagree with me. Had Kelly sang "Oops" on American Idol she would have gotten voted off in the first round. The song only works with the sex appeal.
So, after the bald head, bad mom, MTV award show disaster of a year that Brit has had, will her sex appeal be enough to drive this album to success?


FilmGuru said...

Sadly I think if the songs are catchy enough she just might be able to make a comeback. Yes sex appeal was the primary factor in her gaining success but I think people will be so surprised that she came up with something workable song wise that they'll be stunned into listening until she semi gets her act together and her sex appeal back up. If Michael Jackson can kinda have comebacks I see no reason why Britney cannot.

Maisie said...

the title "BLACKOUT" come on- what is redeeming about that title or inspiring for that matter..she is such a bad role model for girls growing up these days and with a title like that at the point in her life where she is in I don't understand where her promoters are going with this..she was just cute and likable the American Sweetheart and that is why she was so marketable- because she fit into the mold americans see as cute and symbolically a sweet southern american girl..her drastci change in values and appearance didn't bode well among critics because it is not what was the factor in her wish for her is she makes real music not techno and explores ideas outside of the confined box that is LA, MIAMI, and NYC..