Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Even Batman can't save stuntman...and Keifer joins Lindsay, Paris, and the rest of the Hollywood drunks

Even Batman couldn't save a stuntman who lost his life while working on a project for the new Batman film: "The Dark Knight". According to reports the stunt driver was following the Batmobile around a stunt lot when his vehicle ran into a tree. Filming was not taking place at the time of the incident. None of the cast was reportedly involved in the accidnet. Chistopher Nolan's follow up to the successful 2005 Batman Begins, has been shooting in Chicago and is due out for release next year.

24's Keifer Sutherland was feeling left out. Apprently the actor felt Lindsay and Paris have been getting all the press for their run ins with the law, and thus the 40 year old actor decided to drink and drive so he too could join the DUI club.
The actor was arrested early this morning after pulling an illegal U-turn in West L.A. Sutherland's blood alochol level was .08, enough to charge him with driving under the influence. The actor was taken to jail where he was released several hours later after posting 25,000 in bail. Sutherland will appear in court October 16.
Personlly I'd love to see Jack Bauer behind bars. They should just build a celebrity prison. They could take all the money from fines handed out recently and invest in a new facility just for the rich and famous. It could be called "The almost Hilton". The facility could feature a "how to drive while drunk and not get caught" school, seeing as how none of the stars have seemed to figure out that its just not a good idea to drink and dive in the first place. Classes at the jail could include "how to program the number of your personal driver into your cell phone" and "how to say your ABC's backwards". These are all useful life skills for the rich and famous.

Also, why did actor Kevin Spacey have a chat with Hugo Chavez? Seriously what was going on there? I can't envision Spacey as a diplomat...and Chavez isn't exactly a best friend to the US. So besides the obvious topic of conversation (drugs) what else could the American Beauty star have in common with the leader of Venezuela? Spacey was very secretive about the meeting and wouldn't discuss topics of conversation afterwards. Then again, I wouldn't tell people about my drug dealing either if I were him. Maybe I'm being too critical. Maybe Kevin is truly out to help encourage the people of Venezuela to be more receptive to Hollywood and it's products. I mean seriously, Hollywood is in desperate need of more movie goers and greater revenues. Look at Spiderman 3...it didn't make ANY money at the box office (sorry I gaged on my own spit while writing that blatent lie).

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The Half Italian Stallion said...

Well, at least Spacey didn't want to invite the president of Iran to dinner last week.