Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Back...Hilary, Brooke, Miley

Sorry for the vacay. I needed some time to unwind after finals. I was going to take the rest of the weekend off, but the news is just TOO good to hold off on.

*Miley Embarrassed?
-The internet photos circulating of Miley Cyrus in her underwear may be fakes, but the picture of Miley nearly topless appearing on the next issue of Vanity Fair is certainly real. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz is the responsible party, and Miley, well she's just plain irresponsible. At least that's how she's putting it. In a statment to ET Miley says, "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about."
I am totally confused as to which message the Disney star is trying to send. If Miley DIDN'T admit to being embarrassed the picture probably wouldn't be a big deal. However, by her claiming it didn't turn out as planned, she's turning the shoot into a media spectacle. She didn't pose nude. It's OK to be comfortable in your own skin and to show that off once in a while. While Miley being fifteen treads a fine line, I'm stepping towards the side of it being no big deal.

*Hilary Duff hitting up 90210?
-It's a long way from her Lizzie McGuire days, but Hilary Duff may just be the next resident of 90210. According to People, the former Disney star has been asked to read for the role of Amanda in the new CW series. I'm all for it. It isn't like she's done anything else of note lately. Fans will be able to catch her in a sexy new role this May when she hits the big screen alongside John and Joan Cusack in War Inc.

* Brooke Hogan can't get in to college
-Brooke Hogan has been denied admission to multiple Florida Universities. Is it because the blonde is lacking brains? According to reports the real answer lies in the fact that Brooke doesn't travel alone. Three Florida schools turned down Hogan who comes with a nine person camera crew in order to film Hogan Knows Best. Hogan you obviously don't know best, because if you did you'd know that your daughter getting an education trumps making a TV show. I bet Ohio State would take her. They'll take just about anyone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Miley...

I'm thinking of starting a pool. It will be like the ones people make when they try to guess when a pregnant woman is finally going to give birth only MINE is going to guess when there will be a day when Miley Cyrus doesn't make headlines. I'm not putting my money on anything within the next two years.
Recently there has been more buzz about risque internet pictures. MSN brought new scandalous photos to light on their homepage this week. That isn't the story that has most caught my attention, however. The Miley headline that caught my attention this week is the one that claims the star is going to be writing her memoirs. SHE'S FIFTEEN FRICKEN YEARS OLD!!! Honestly, I know Miley has experienced more in her short life than many people three times her age, but still is it necessary for her to "write" a memoir?
The book is set to be released next spring (great timing considering that's when the new Hannah Montana movie is scheduled to hit theaters). Miley says, "I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams."
The book deal is worth seven figures. Let's put it this way: If Miley stays on her current path as a goody-two-shoes (which I totally endorse, by the way) than this will be one BORING book.


First of all, how awesome is it that Gossip Girl is back and in full force? I was one of the loyal viewers who couldn't get enough of the show as it made its comeback Monday night. Now I'm excited to find that a real-life heiress will be joining the ensemble as Lydia Hearst, heir to the William Randolph Hearst empire, will make her debut in time for the season finale.
Also, don't forget that Monday night Michelle Trachtenberg will be making her first appearance as Serena's (Blake Lively) nemesis. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!!!

The Buzz: Oprah's Magic,News on ANOTHER Jamie Lynn, Lucy Liu to get Dirty, Claymates beware

*Shes got Magic to Do...
-Oprah will be featuring a very magical guest. No I'm not talking Mickey Mouse. At the end of the month David Blaine will be attempting to break a world record on Oprah's show. The magician, of sorts, will try to break the world record for holding one's breath. This from the man thats been buried alive AND had been frozen alive.

*Jamie-Lynn Sigler splits again
-Jamie-Lynn Siglers first marriage to A.J. DiScala didn't work out. Ever their 2006 breakup the 26 year old former Sopranos star has been dating Scott Sartiano. Now that relationship has gone down the crapper too. If Jamie Lynn were still in the Sopranos I have a feeling Sartiano would be getting wacked pretty soon.

* University of Michigan alumna to get Dirty
University of Michigan graduate Lucy Liu is planning on getting dirty. The star has signed on to appear in season two of the ABC show Dirty Sexy Money. The deal will only go through if Liu's current show, Cashmere Mafia, doesn't get picked up.

*Clay Aiken still thinks people want to hear him sing
-At this point I think only loyal Claymates are excited for the upcoming release of former American Idol winner Clay Aiken's recent album. On My Way (where is that exactly?) hits stores on May 6. For those of you who absolutely can't wait to hear the new album (I'm sorry if that's you) you can tune in Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m. for QVC's QSessions Live.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buzz: Sandra's latest Smash, Bush's New Deal, Emma 18!, Gossip Girls is back!!!

*Sandra's latest smash not on film
-Sandra Bullock and husband Jessie James were involved in a car accident Friday night. 64-year old Lucille Gatchell is the party responsible for the crash. Witnesses say that Bullock and her hubby were being driven to their hotel when the other vehicle came swerving towards them. The cars crashed at about 15-20 miles an hour and both were eventually towed from the scene. The stars' publicist said that both Bullock and James were unhurt.

*Bush's New Deal
-President George W. Bush will be appearing on an episode of the hit NBC gameshow Deal or No Deal. According to ET: "Bush will deliver a message to one particularly brave contestant: Captain Joseph Kobes, a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient who served three tours in Iraq." Is it just me or is this eerily similar to American Dreamz? If Bush were appearing on American Idol I'd really be freaked out.

*Emma Watson 18 and fully loaded
-Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, has finally become a legal adult. This means it is much less creepy for her to be dating Jay Barrymore, a 25-year-old banker. What's the rule regarding appropriate age differences again? Oh well.

*Gossip Girls is BACK!!!
-I know where I'll be tonight. Actually that's a lie. My hometown cable company is retarded and doesn't host the CW. So I'll be paying two bucks on iTunes to download tonight's new episode of Gossip Girls. Am I the only one that is in love with this show? No way! New York magazine is head over heels for the show too. In fact, the cast was featured in a VERY sexy cover just recently that clearly stated how the magazine felt regarding the show: Best. Show. Ever. I agree! You're nobody until you're talked about!!!

*Kelly Sings for the Pope
-Kelly Clarkson isn't just ANY American Idol winner. This pop star has the voice of an angel. At least the someone thought so. Clarkson sang "Ave Maria" for the Pope during his visit in the States. You can check it out below!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Buzz: Emma's new role, Vanessa Hudgens is trying to sing-AGAIN, JAG star making a comback, Ashlee's song and dance

*Move over Scarlett, Emma's coming through

-Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, will next be attempting to fill the shoes left by Scarlett Johansson. Johansson was set to play the role of Betsy Balcombe in Napoleon and Betsy but she back out upon finding the role was skewed younger than originally planned. Enter: Watson. Watson will take over as a young noblewoman who fell in love with the Napoleon when they were both confined on St. Helena, a British Isle. Johansson may not be the lead, but she'll still be on board with the project as a producer.

*Vanessa Hudgens new album

-Vanessa Hudgens, the High School Musical star who recently made headlines for her nude internet photos, is hoping to use her new found popularity to push another album. For people who actually want to hear her sing, you can pick up her new album, Identified, in stores on Tuesday, June 24. The album's first single, "Sneakernight," is said to be hitting iTunes on Tuesday, May 20.

* David James Elliot's new gig

-He was quite possibly the hottest man in uniform on television and now, David James Elliot, is set to be the best looking astrophysicist on Earth. Elliot has signed on to star in the four-hour miniseries Impact. The show follows Elliot's character who discovers that a meteor shower has pushed the moon off its orbit and put it on a collision course with Earth.
*Ashlee Simpson hopes to sell her music to kids
-Ashlee Simpson's music career has been in the crapper since her lipsincing fiasco. Now the newly engaged singer is hoping to reel in a new audience. Simpson is set to appear on the Nickelodeon show Dance on Sunset where she'll share with audiences her latest single "Little Miss Obsessive". You know things are bad when the only channel that you can sell your music through is Nick.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The University of Michigan just hosted a step show and the Entertainment Buzz has all the highlights. Check it out below!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Buzz: An MVP marriage, Hilary Duff Alluring, Ashley Tisdale's OTHER movie plans

*Manning to Marry?
-People is reporting that New York Giants quarterback and Superbowl MVP Eli Manning will be tying the knot this weekend. Eli and fiance Abby McGrew are flying to Cabo San Lucas to stay at the super posh Palmilla Resort. The resort has played host to celebrity weddings in the past so it should be well suited for this close personal ceremony. Manning and McGrew met while students at the University of Mississippi.

*Hilary Duff Alluring
-Hilary Duff graces the cover of the new issue of Allure. Inside the 20 year old dishes about her decade in the business and hanging with other celebrities. Duff talks about Miley Cyrus whom she says, "I see a lot of myself in her." She also dishes on Avril and Lindsay. She makes a great point though, "It's hard to find people who don't feel like they're in competition with you." She'd fit right in at Michigan.

*Ashley Tisdale to star in something other than HSM
-I've never been a huge Ashley Tisdale fan. I am not one to judge talent based on roles in crappy Disney shows/movies, so I'm looking forward to reviewing Tisdale's latest endeavors. The star is set to star in the remake of the 80's flick Teen Witch. She is also close to signing a new first-look deal with Fremantle Media North America. Who knows, maybe the nose job will make her sound less annoying now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Buzz: MacFarlane likes men, Cameron Diaz's dad died, Garth 90210 bound?

*Brothers and Sisters star likes brothers more than sisters
-Actor Luke MacFarlane, who ironically enough plays a gay character on the ABC hit series Brothers & Sisters, has announced he is a homosexual."I don't know what will happen professionally — that is the fear, but I guess I can't really be concerned about what will happen, because it's my truth," the actor told a Canadian newspaper.

*Cameron Diaz dad dies
-Emilio Diaz, the 58 year old father of Hollywood hottie Cameron Diaz, died Tuesday. He had been suffering from a flu, which turned in to pneumonia. Our hearts and prayers are with Cameron and her family.

*Jennie Garth heading back to 90210?
-Rumors are swirling that Jennie Garth may be heading back to 90210. This comes after the star backed out after having been set to play the role of the ex-wife in the new CBS pilot My Best Friend’s Girl. Reports indicate that Garth's role as Kelly Taylor could make a comeback in the form of a teacher at the high school which will be featured in the CW spinoff.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CMT Roundup. Yee Haw!

The CMT country music awards were last night. If you didn't tune in to see Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus host the much hyped shin-dig fear not, we've got the recap below:

*18-year old Taylor Swift took home the top prize for Video Of the Year. Her hit "Our Song"had the video that put her over the top.
*It's all about the former Idols. We mostly hear about Carrie Underwood's country success, but last night it was Kellie Pickler who took home three awards: Breakthrough Video, Tearjerker Video and Performance of the Year.
*Bon Jovi knows how to pick 'em. Last year he collaborated with Sugarland. This year he teamed up with LeAnn Rymes. Both times he was a winner for Best Collaborative Video.
*Other winners on the night included Rascal Flatts, Trace Atkins, and Sugarland.

* The most entertaining part of the show came at the beginning of the night when a taped segment aired featuring presidential candidates all vying for Hannah Montana tickets. Trust me, it's worth a watch!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Buzz:Melo's DUI, CSI fatality, Pregnancy just a rumor, Miley's new spoof as popular as the real thing

*Melo's Personal Foul
-The Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony was pulled over at 4AM Monday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence. Police said the suspicion was a result of Melo driving with his high beams on and weaving his Mercedes all over the road. Anthony was probably drowning his sorrows as a result of the horrific game he had played earlier that night.

*Another fatality on CSI-Gary Dourdan
-CSI star and producer William Peterson may have signed on for another season, but reports indicate that co-star Gary Dourdan will be following in the steps of Jorga Fox and calling it quits. Dourdan's contract is set to expire next month, and he has indicated that he won't be returning to the show.

*Ashlee Simpson not knocked up
-Pete Wentz has come forward and told reporters that it is absolutely not true that his new fiance is with child. OK and US Weekly had been reporting that Ashlee Simpson was pregnant. Thank God the rumors aren't true. Can you imagine Ashlee Simpson a mom?

*Miley's new spoof just as popular as the real thing
-Miley and her older BFF Mandy (21) have posted an elaborate spoof of Madonna's new 4 minutes video on YouTube. The spoof has gotten as much press as the real thing!
The ridiculous thing is that this music video is better than the one Miley did for her OWN song!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Britney in Boo Boo

*Britney gets in another jam...literally
-Britney Spears was in an accident Saturday night while driving along the 101 in LA. Reports indicate that Spears' Mercedes collided with a man driving a Nissan 350 Z. Police were called to the scene where they administered a Breathalyzer to Britney. She was released and taken home by her bodyguard.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Audiences made a date with Brittany Snow and Co.

Movie goers made a date Friday with Prom Night, the 1980's horror remake starring Brittany Snow (American Dreams, John Tucker Must Die). The movie brought in $9.6 million at 2,700 locations which, according to Variety, is the highest opening day for an April horror flick.

NOIR 2008

The University of Michigan played host to "Deja Vu" a fashion show put on by NOIR. The show not only featured some hot new fashions, but it also raised money for a great cause. Check out some highlights here!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Buzz: Vanilla gets vicious, Natalie not afraid of Heights, Prince William Flying High

*The Icing on the Cake
Robert Van Winkle, also known as Vanilla Ice, was arrested on a domestic battery charge. Police were called to his home after Vanilla got into it with his wife. He allegedly pushed her during a disagreement.

*Natalie not afraid of Heights
-Natalie Portman has a new leading role in the adaptation of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. For those of you who can't wait that long to catch Natalie on the big screen, fear not, she can be seen soon starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire in Brothers.

*Prince William Flying High
-Move over Tom Cruise, there is a new Top Gun in town.
The gorgeous piece of royalty (It's true. I've seen him in person. The photos don't lie) received his wings at a Royal Airforce graduation ceremony today.
The ceremony was extra special as the award is presented by Britain's Air Chief Marshall, who in this case also happens to be William's dad!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Did Miley Pull a Hilary?

Hilary Duff did it not too long ago. With her it was painfully obvious. But Miley's latest move may be a little harder to confirm. Star magazine is reporting that teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus has gotten veneers.
“It looks as though she’s had some porcelain veneers put on her front teeth. And her small incisors appear to have been covered to make them look longer and more balanced with the rest of her mouth,” said Michael D. Kosdon, D.D.S., a Burbank, Calif.-area dentist.

Either way I'll sympathize with Miley. It'd be hypocritical not to. I totally had braces growing up. I figure its doing the same basic thing. The difference is that I had a lisp for a while and metal in my mouth to fix my problem. To think, if I'd just gotten veneers my dog would never have been able to eat my retainer.

Idol Gives Back highlights

I don't know about you, but I didn't have two and a half hours to watch "Idol Gives Back" last night. After reading the reviews of the show, I've put together some of the 'highlights' and 'lowlights' of the evening. So if you were like me and missed out, consider this the cliffnotes version.

Miley Cyrus was certainly a fan favorite. She may not have been the best performer, but she was certainly one of the most talked about the day after.

Miley was SO special she performed twice. I just found this song and because I like it better than the other one, I've included it too.

Terri Hatcher gets the "I would have paid you NOT to sing" award. This just proves that having a successful TV show DOESN'T mean you can automatically sing.

Mariah Carey rounds out my top three because, well, there's nothing like "giving back" just when you're about to release a new album. Fans got a sneak peak at her new single, and Idol got more money for charity. Hopefully everyone's a winner. Either way Mariah was a hit.

The Buzz: Idol Gives Back-a lot, More Marie, Beckham's Boo Boo, Ashlee Engaged

*American Idol is the gift that keeps on giving. It's been giving Fox great ratings for 7 seasons, it's been giving record execs hot selling artists, and it's been giving back to charity. During Idol's "Idol Gives Back" episode last night Ryan Seacrest delighted fans everywhere by announcing that now Idol will be giving mail too. Fans of the show will soon be able to purchase Idol stamps featuring Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and the rest of the season's winners. Of course, net proceeds will go "Idol Gives Back". You can send Kelly Clarkson's face to your friends by going to or

*Marie Osmond thinks people still care
-Poor Marie Osmond. She's under the impression that she's still uber-popular. Granted there are still fans left out there from her "Donny and Marie" days (they were kind enough to support her on Dancing with the Stars) but no one under 35 gives a crap about a washed up former musician. Osmond is hoping to chance this by writing a new book, "Might as Well Laugh About it Now". It's set to hit shelves in 2009. How much you want to bet that Marie will promote her own book on the upcoming talk show she's set to host?

*Beckham's Boo Boo
-I love it when celebrities get pulled over. I love it even more when they get a ticket! I'm not sadistic...I just like seeing justice being applied to all. David Beckham is the most recent recipient of police attention. He was pulled over in his Cadillac Escalade while running errands in Hollywood. I hope Becks can afford the fine...

*Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz engaged
-Jessica's younger sister is finally engaged! The actress/musician* (cough, cough. Sorry I still have doubts she can actually do either) and her rocker beau made it official by offering a statement on a website. Here's the good news: We won't be subject to the whole "I'm a virgin this is a big day for me" bull crap that we suffered through when big sis Jessica got married. I wonder if preacher/dad Joe is going to perform the ceremony...

*I beat you Perez
-This is more a personal pat on the back. I reported yesterday on Natalie Portman's new beau. Today the story appears on It isn't often that I can one up the self-proclaimed "Queen of Media", so when it happens I have to gloat.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Natalie's New Man

Natalie Portman has been spotted hanging out with Devendra Banhart. Who the hell is that, you say? Bandhart is a folk rock singer songwriter. He has performed with a full band, Power Mineral. So what on Earth would attract Harvard educated Natalie Portman to Banhart? I don't have an answer, sorry.
This picture of the two of them blows my mind though. If you weren't looking closely you might have thought Portman was with another girl (his beard could look like a shadow, and it does blend in with his long hair). And is it just me, or is he carrying a PURSE?!
Natalie is having quite the year. She has two movies currently in theaters, My Blueberry Nights (Norah Jones, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz) and The Other Boleyn Girl (Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana).

The Buzz: Harry Potter going nude on Broadway, Mike Myers new MTV role, Barron's punishment

*Harry's "Potter"
-Daniel Radcliffe has already given fans a chance to get personal with his role in Equus during its run in London. Now the Harry Potter star will share his goods, and his acting skills, with Americans as he'll reprise his role in the play for a 22-week run on Broadway. I have a feeling that this will create a whole new group of Broadway lovers...

*Mike Myers MTV gig
-MTV has announced that Austin Powers funnyman Mike Myers will be the host of the MTV Movie Awards June 1st. So what does Mike have to say about his new gig? "Hosting the MTV Movie Awards is like a party, but without having to do beer runs in your mom's mini van; we do beer runs in Will Smith's four-story motor home."

*Following in Lindsay's footsteps
-Barron Hilton has pled no contest to his D.U.I. As a result Paris' brother will serve three years probation, and like Lindsay Lohan before him, be forced to visit a morgue. There's nothing like seeing dead people to set you straight. The 18 year old heir will also be without a license for an entire year. Gee, that must suck. He'll have to hire someone to drive him around.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brittany v. Kelly-Toe Wars

Brittany Snow was on Regis and Kelly today to promote her new film Prom Night, due out in theaters this Friday. Don't ask me how, but I managed to come across this great video on YouTube featuring a sort of toe-war between Brittany and Kelly. If nothing else it was worth a good laugh. Enjoy!

The Buzz: More HSM, Swayze doing well, Project Runway changing channels, Barton avoids jail

*Another High School Musical
-Disney said that 3 would be the end of the High School Musical franchise. They also said that the "Hannah Montana: Meet Miley Cyrus 3D movie" would only be in theaters for two weeks. So they lied. Disney Channel Worldwide chief Rich Ross has confirmed the mouse is hard at work on a fourth HSM. Funny, I thought that that was what Camp Rock was supposed to be. The good news is that if Disney tries to do a fifth, they'll have to rename it College Musical. Unless, of course, they go with "I got held back in High School Musical".

*Patrick Swayze leads in his fight against cancer
-According to his doctor, Patrick Swayze is responding very well to the treatment he's receiving to fight pancreatic cancer. I wonder if he'd be responding even better without the extra carcinogens he gets from smoking?

* Project Runway gets a new line
-Heidi Klum and company are going to try and "make it work" on a new channel. Project Runway, formerly found on Bravo, is moving over to Lifetime. The fifth season of the show is still contracted to air on Bravo, but the sixth will make the switch, much to NBC's chagrin.

*No Jail for Mischa, dang it.
-We won't have the fun of watching Mischa Barton go to jail. The former O.C. star has entered a plea deal after her December D.U.I. By pleading no contest Barton will get probation for three years, a fine of $1,700 and be made to participate in an alcohol education class. She'll get away with her possession of pot and the penalty for driving without a license will be reduced. Gee I hope she learns her lesson after this slap on the wrist.

*Pulitzer Prize winning Bob Dylan?
-It's no joke. The singer/songwriter has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize "for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power." You certainly rock my world Bob Dylan.

*Lindsay Lohan Sued
-One of these days I'm going to write a positive story about something Lindsay Lohan did...wait, who am I kidding? This time Lohan is on the receiving end of a lawsuit claiming that she failed to pay her bodyguard. The $55,000 suit will, if nothing else, keep Lohan's lawyers busy for a while. They have probably been getting bored since she entered rehab for the, wait I lost count, time.

*Cars Sequel on the Way
-Disney has announced their animation schedule for the next four years...and I'm excited to say that it includes a Cars sequel! Miley Cyrus fans can also rejoice as she'll lend her voice, opposite John Travolta, in "Bolt"-to be released at Thanksgiving. How much you want to bet she'll have at least one song on the soundtrack too? Another popular addition to the lineup is "Toy Story 3". All I know is that it will feature a Ken Doll as one of the main characters. For more check out:


I told you earlier that Hilary Duff has a steamy scene in her new movie, War Inc. I have finally found an extended version of the video that shows just what I'm talking about. So much for being a "good girl". Damn.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Interviewing "The Visitor"

I had a chance to sit down and talk today with the star of the new movie "The Visitor", and Detroit Native Haaz Sleiman. Check it out below, and be sure to check out "The Visitor" when it hits theaters soon!!!

Prom Night: A Night to Laugh About

Gosh I miss High School, especially the prom...wait a I don't! I do find it fitting that Hollywood has decided to remake the 1980 horror classic inspired by the antiquated event, though. Brittany Snow has taken over for Jamie Lee Curtis is this modern day retelling.
I have only bothered to write about his after my mother and I saw the trailer over Easter and instead of being the slightest bit scared, found ourselves laughing out loud.
I laughed at the fact that the last two Brittany Snow films have featured Quiet Drive's "Time After Time". Not to mention, the fact that this film (or at least its trailer) takes itself WAY to seriously.
I've put the trailer below just in case you want to decide for yourself. If you are brave enough to go see Prom Night in theaters it opens this Friday.

The Buzz part. deux: text message break up, Thursday Night Live?, Pam Anderson's reality

* Text Message Dump
-Damn technology. In today's society when couples break up they don't even have to do it in person! Carrie Underwood has dished to the press that her breakup with Gossip Girl's star Chace Crawford was done via text messaging. She claims it was "completely mutual". I wonder if that's because when they broke up Chace didn't have any service and couldn't respond in disagreement.

*Pam Anderson's reality
-Haven't you always wondered what goes through Pamela Anderson's head? Good'll get to find out thanks to a new E! reality show. The former Baywatch star will fly solo in the series, meaning you won't get to see her kids. The network's release regarding the new series had this to say: “Viewers will get to know the real woman behind the famous breasts and follow Pam as she tries to juggle love, career and peace of mind. Going beyond the fame and fortune, this is Pam at her core, living her life with no regrets.”
Yeah that doesn't sound very exciting. A better reality show would be "Pam Anderson's plastic Surgeon". It's be like Dr. 90210 only better.

*SNL on Thursday?
-Maybe it's just me, but the whole point of Saturday Night Live being called Saturday Night Live IS THAT IS AIRS ON SATURDAYS AND IS LIVE!!! The peacock apparently didn't watch High School Musical because they sure as heck aren't sticking to the status quo. NBC has ordered up new episodes of SNL with specific politically themed sketches to air on Thursdays after The Office. The show will run in the weeks directly before the 2008 election. Here's my question: Are they going to open with 'Live from New York it's NOT Saturday Night!!!"

Jonas Mania commence...

Tween girls already have something to be giddy about...the Disney Channel has just released the new trailer for Camp Rock starring the incredibly popular Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe, and Kevin star in the new High School Musical-esque film. It has singing, dancing, and, of course, a love story wrapped in a positive message or two.
The Jonas Brothers have been happily riding the wave of success they've garnered from opening for Miley Cyrus on her "Best of Both Worlds" concert tour. They'll soon be headlining their own tour as well as staring in a reality show based on the experience.
So we know they can sing...but can they act? They've already made numerous guest appearances on Disney Channel shows, including a very successful spot in an episode of "Hannah Montana". Their skills are perfectly on par with the low-level acting usually featured in Disney Channel productions.
So this is your warning...parents and kids alike, be on the lookout for Disney's mass marketing push regarding everything Camp Rock from now until the end of summer.

The Buzz: Entertainment news from Abroad, More song leakage

*Busy Brits
-British news reports indicate that the very adorable Prince Harry (hey I've seen him in person and can totally vouch for his hotness!) is not off the market. The Prince apparently popped the question to Chelsy Davi while on a safari in Botswana. I didn't know people actually vacationed in Botswana. Then again, when you have as much money as the royal family you can probably vacation wherever the heck you want.

*The Verdicts In...Princess Di's Driver and Paps to blame for Death
-It's been more than ten years since everyone's favorite Princess and Dodi Fayed,boyfriend and son of Harrod's owner, died tragically in a motor vehicle accident in a Paris underpass. The results of an official inquest are out. It was deemed that the actions of the vehicle's driver and the pursuing paparazzi caused the unlawful deaths. Recklass speeds and the lack of seatbelt use also contributed to the crash.

* New music on the Internet..."It Sucks".
-Kelly Clarkson found four yet unreleased songs leaked onto the internet this week. The demos were featured on a music blog and were obviously a work in progress. Kelly voiced her opinion of the leak saying to Billboard that, "The fact that people have heard music that's not ready yet sucks,but I hope they like it." The country inspired tracks (Kelly did just wrap up her tour with Reba McIntire) have already been taken down from the site. Bummer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Buzz: Cameron Diaz dating, Mariah's new album out-ish, Charlton Heston RIP

*There's something about Cameron.
-It seems as though Cameron Diaz now knows the answer to the question that was on every girls mind after the release of last year's 300. Are those Gerard Butler's real abs? Published reports indicate that Butler and Diaz have been quietly dating and were recently seen sharing drinks at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica.

*Mariah Carey is having a bad week.
-You'd think Mariah Carey would be on top of the world right now with a new album on the way...but insteady Mimi has been laced in controversy as of late. Carey performed on German Idol recently but both judges and fans of the show suspect she was lipsyncing. To add insult to injury Mariah's new album has been leaked on the Internet. Bummer.

*R.I.P. Charlton Heston
-Sadly Oscar winning actor Charlton Heston passed away this weekend. The man who once played Moses died at his home with his wife of more than 60 years at his side. He was 84 years old. In 2002 Heston announced he had Alzheimer's and disappeared from much of the public eye.

*Jamie Lynn celebrates her B-Day by going to Wal Mart.
-So I grew up in a small town. A big day always includes going to Wal Mart, which is why I would have NEVER expected someone like Jamie Lynn Spears to include a trip to the famed retailer on her birthday. I might even let that slide, had her dinner plans not included a stop at Ruby Tuesday. I'm not saying Ruby Tuesday is bad. I'm saying that it seems like an odd place for a celebrity, even a 17-year old knocked up girl from hick-town Louisiana, to celebrate her birthday. It does make me feel much better about my life though. I've celebrated many a birthday at Applebees.

*Leatherheads gets sacked
-Maybe it was a case of over-marketing. I certainly feel like I've already seen George Clooney's latest film and I haven't set foot in a theater recently. Whatever it was, audiences across the nation haven't been drawn to the film as expected. The football film lost out at the box office to 21 and tied for second with the childrens flick Nim's Island (yeah I haven't really heard of it either). While the official numbers aren't in yet, Leatherheads is projected to pull in $13.5 million from the box office this weekend. Could it be that ole George is losing his touch?

Friday, April 4, 2008

NKOTB:Bringing back The Right Stuff

So they're a little older, but that doesn't mean that the New Kids on the Block aren't any worse looking than they were when they originally won over girls hearts fourteen years ago. Rainsoaked women stood wearing NKOTB apparel in front of the stage at the Today show hoping to get a glimpse of their one-time idols. Sadly the boys-scratch that-the MEN didn't perform...but they did say they'd be making a return trip to the show for their first performance on May 16th.
Check out their appearance here:

The Buzz: Dressing up in Brit, Cage gets an apology, Scarlett's trying to sing too

* Dressed like a Brit
Britney Spears doesn't just want to be a bad role model, she wants to be a model for children's clothing. The former Mousketeer and mother of two wants to tap into that inner child by starting a line with Hollywood outfitter Ed Hardy.

*Sorry and then Some
-Lying is bad news. Kathleen Turner found that out the hard way as the ruling from London's High Court of Justice granted Nicolas Cage an apology and then some. The "Peggy Sue Got Married" co-star will also owe Cage damages as a result of the libel suit brought against Turner and her publisher for an excerpt from the book Send Yourself Roses. In the book Turner claims that Cage was arrested twice for drunk driving and once for stealing a Chihuahua.
Seriously super stars don't need to steal puny little dogs. Get real.

*Another actress attempts to sing.
-Scarlett Johnasson is getting ready to release her first solo album. Anywhere I lay my Head is due out May 20th. Here is my question: Can she actually sing? If you've seen The Other Boleyn Girl you know that she tests her vocal chords out in that one...and its SERIOUSLY painful. I know she was acting, but still...I can't imagine she could get THAT much better. Then again, technology is a wonderful thing.

The Buzz: Jamie Lynn still not an adult, Molly Ringwald is back,

* Being pregnant at 17 sounds a little better...right?
-Jamie Lynn Spears is no longer pregnant at 16, that's because today she celebrates her 17th birthday. Which means, that the actress and younger sis of Britney, STILL isn't a legal adult.

*Almost 7th Heaven...
-Brenda Hampton, the writer of TV's longest latesting family drama 7th Heaven, is bringing a new family drama to...well, ABC Family. The drama which will center around pregnant teenager (anyone else seeing a pattern here?) played by Shailene Woodley is also set to star former teen queen Molly Ringwald. The 40 year old Ringwald is best known for the popular 80's flicks, Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

*Leatherheads hopes to score big
-The highly anticipated Leatherheads starring and directed by George Clooney opens today nationwide. This is the first time that a Clooney directed flick has made it to wide release and the studios are banking on it to bring in the dough.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miley Makes her Mark

It seems like the tween queen already has it all: top albums, a hit TV show, hot selling merchandise, and a movie on the way. But, now it's clear Miley Cyrus is more than just a super-star...she's a TRADEMARK. According to, the star officially filed to protect and trademark "Miley" with regards to a plethora of goods and services. I wonder if Billy Ray will ever try to Trademark his mullet? That would rock my world.

War Inc. finally a go!

It's been two years but audiences will soon get the chance to see Hilary Duff drop a scorpion down her pants when War Inc. finally hits theaters this May.
The movie has a stellar cast that includes John and Joan Cusack, Sir Ben Kingsly, Marisa Tomei, and even Montell Williams. This past week John Cusack dropped by Jimmy Kimmel's show to promote the film and he was kind enough to give audiences a sneak peak of Hilary's sexy scene.
I've compiled some clips from the film below to wet your appetite until the movie finally hits theaters.
The question is whether or not this satire will be a sleeper success or another of Hilary's famous theatrical disasters. We'll see!

The Buzz: Seinfeld spills, Usher-ing in a new album, and then some

* Give Seinfeld a Brake
-Jerry Seinfeld was driving his 1967 Fiat BTM in East Hampton when his brakes failed, causing the star to swerve to avoid an intersection resulting in the flipping of his vehicle. Amazingly the comedian was able to walk away unscathed. In normal Seinfeld fashion, Jerry tried to make a joke out of the incident (if you watched my interview with him he did the same thing to every question I tried to ask). He told MSN Entertainment, "Because I know there are kids out there, I want to make sure they all know that driving without braking is not something I recommend, unless you have professional clown training or a comedy background, as I do. It is not something I plan to make a habit of."

*Ushering in a new album
-Apparently popular demand is so high for Usher's new album that the record label is bumping it's release date from June to May 27. Here I Stand is the artist's first album since the 2004 release of Confessions, which went on to sell 9.5 million copies. The first single from the new album, "Love in this Club" has already moved to the second spot on the R&B 100 list.

*Super my a**
-Naomi Campbell was arrested for her assault of an officer at London's Heathrow Airport. There hasn't been an official word on what caused the altercation, but it did take place in Heathrow's new terminal which has angered numerous passengers over the last week for intense delays.
Recall that this is the same supermodel who was forced to attend anger management classes after throwing her cell phone at a housekeeper. I guess those classes did her a lot of good.

*Lindsay Lohan f-ing things up again...imagine that
-Perez Hilton ( is reporting that Lindsay Lohan's new album may not get released on time due to the star's uncooperative scheduling. She has apparently canceled meetings with hot producer Timberland. Here's my deal...if a record label is willing to take a chance on you after previously crappy albums, rehab, and run ins with the law, maybe you should just be thankful and stop being such a stuck up princess. I hope when her album finally does come out in flops worse than a fish out of water. Either way I'll make fun of it shamelessly.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still Buzzing...

*Brit a stalker?
-Britney's critically acclaimed role on CBS's How I met Your Mother may mean the former pop-star could be back for seconds. TV Guide reports that the star is in talks to return as Ted's stalker. I'll admit...I watched her the first time and would totally go back for seconds.

* The Hills are alive with the sound of politics...
-Earlier this week The Hills Heidi Montag publicly endorsed Republican John McCain for president (yup she totally helped sway my vote...gag me). In response McCain claims that he is a HUGE Hills fan and never misses an episode (he must have TiVo because I highly doubt he puts his campaign on hold for MTV). Maybe, if McCain wins the presidency, he'll just play a marathon of the show instead of the ever-boring State of the Union address.

* Now THIS is entertaining.
-I can't help it. I am enjoying this story WAY to much. Penn State basketball player Stanley Pringle has been charged for masturbating in public. More specifically he was wacking off in the LIBRARY. Two things are wrong with this story: 1) Basketball players in the library? Penn State's library must have a video game center or something. 2) If you are going to get off in the library you're supposed to find a girl to take to the stacks with you. Apparently Pringle was flying solo, saw a women in the stacks, and starting masturbating at her. Nice touch.


I know it's not even the weekend yet, but this week is just chalk full of celebrity buzz! Just try not to O.D. The celebs are already taking up all the spots in rehab.

*Speaking of Rehab...
-What a coincidence... Eva Mendes is out of rehab and is talking about the experience. Basically its a bunch of "blah, blah, blah, this was great for me, blah, blah, I'm happy now, blah, blah, blah."

*Another relative of a famous person stars in something
-I admit with the Willis, Kutcher, Moore clan things are already messed up...but up until now only the three "adults" have paraded in front of the cameras. That's about to change, however, as Rumer Willis (seriously Rumor? Was that a shot at the paparazzi because if it was I think it backfired.) will be guest-starring on ABC's Mis-Guided. I'm sure the ability for Rumer to land a guest spot had NOTHING to do with the fact that the show is produced by Ashton Kutcher...

*Beckham's mom has her tiddy-whitties in a twist
-I'm pretty sure you'd be hard pressed to find a single woman (and even some men) in America NOT excited to see David Beckham star in an underwear ad...with, of course, the exception of HIS MOTHER. Beckham talked about his mother's reaction to his Armani underwear ads while on Leno Tuedsay night. Sorry mum, but David's a big boy now and can pose almost nude if he wants to...ESPECIALLY with a body like that!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Buzz

* Reject gets to try buying love again
-The Bachelor's DeAnna Pappas couldn't keep the "love" that she and Brad Womack had ABC has decided to let her give it a second go. May 19th Pappas will be introduced to 25 hot single and incredibly shallow men in this season's Bachelorette. I guess ABC couldn't find any other incredibly desperate and insincere women to fill the role.

* Jay-Z and Beyonce getting FOR REAL YO
- According to, Rapper Jay-Z and singer Beyonce have taken out a marriage license. The couple got the license in New York and it will be good for 60 days (plenty of time for either of them to get cold feet).

* Janet Jackson feeling gay over award
-I'm sorry. My play on words was semi-inappropriate, but kind of funny. Janet Jackson is being honored by
the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, April 26. Question: Why are they honoring Janet Jackson? They are honoring Ellen Degeneres but that makes what has Jackson done for GLAAD?

* CSI is da sh*t
-The original CSI is set to produce a 9th season and star and executive producer William Peterson is already on board. He reportedly signed a contract for a whopping 600,000 dollars AN EPISODE!!! The star will, however, not appear in as many episodes due to his role in the Chicago play Dublin Carol. It's ok... I bet even in the episodes where Gill is away the rest of the Las Vegas crew will STILL totally nail the bad guy!

*Daniel Craig: Looks Can Kill
-Ok, so Daniel Craig's looks might not be able to kill, but they HAVE earned him the top spot on GQ's list of "Britain's Best Dressed Man". Maybe it's just me...but I prefer Craig WITHOUT clothing.

*Jennifer Aniston creates film corporation so she'll have more to star in
-The former Friend's star has hooked up with partner Kristen Hahn to create Echo Films. The new company has already snagged a first-look deal with Universal Pictures and has already acquired a number of projects for which Aniston can star. Seriously, could she not find work elsewhere? Was it necessary for her to create her own production company to keep her name in lights? I love Jennifer Aniston, but even I think this is borderline ridiculous.

*90210 gets '1'
- The first cast member for the new 90210 spinoff has been officially cast. The CW's Justin Milligan will play a, "likeable, athelte" says the show's producers. Yeah what an original role. I wonder what sport he'll play. My money's on Basketball or Football. His picture has him pegged as more of a basketball guy, but One Tree Hill totally already has that covered. Maybe he'll branch out and play something sweet like lacrosse!

*Britney is trying to time travel...hasn't figured out it isn't possible
-Poor Britney Spears thinks that time travel is possible. She has re-hooked up with former manager Larry Rudolph in an attempt to bring back the success of her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" days.

* I'd wear Patrick Dempsey...oh wait it's just a perfume
-I never would have thought I'd associate Patrick Dempsey with Avon, but McDreamy is set to be the new face of the company's latest fragrance. According to ETOnline, "Dempsey will launch his own men's fragrance this fall, even acting as creative director for the new scent." Yum. Dempsey will be smelling a little green too, as he'll reportedly make between five and six million dollars for his work.

*Steve-O may be insane but he has sobering outlook on life
-Having been hospitalized in the psych ward at the Cedars-Sinai medical center has given Steve-O time to establish a new outlook on life. The star has been dealing with reckless behavior issues and drug and alcohol abuse. Imagine that? I don't know about you but most NORMAL people I know attempt bodily harm to themselves and others on a daily basis...NOT! Steve-O has been blogging from the hospital and expects he'll complete his treatment by April 8th.