Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ok...here's the dish

Sorry. That's about all I can say for my recent lack of entertainment news blogging. But, despite having to 'steal' other's internet to write this...I'm back.
Let's start with the topic I've been trying desperately to avoid: Owen Wilson's suicide attempt. I suppose I've been ignoring it because I still can't believe that it happened. I don't know the intimate details of his life...but I have a hard time feeling sorry for a guy who has so much going for him (talent, looks, hot girlfriends). I know he needs help, and for that I'm sorry...but taking your life...that's drastic. For his sake, and the sake of Wedding Crashers fans all over, may he get better and return soon to the big screen.
Now to the most recent entertainment dish. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are calling it quits after their 3 year relationship. Despite the fact the two have had children together, they weren't able to reconcile and have "split peacefully". This is bad news for Michelle because, as I recall, she hasn't been in anything noteworthy since Brokeback (Dawson's Creek was too long ago to mention). Ledger still has star power and marketability...I mean look at the guy.
I would like to point out here...more as a sidenote than anything...that I was a Heath Ledger fan BEFORE he became all famous. You see...I was a die hard 10 Things I Hate About You junkie (I think I saw it at least twice in theatres, and I own it on VHS AND DVD). Heath was the man. He has been in some real floppers since that time...but I have faithfully watched practically every one to show my support for the man who stole my heart with his rendition of "You're Just to Good to be True".
So...this is all I could come up with at the present moment. I did a quick scour of the entertainment sites and I am STILL coming across crap from the aftermath of High School Musical 2. I could care less if they do a third. And for the love of God we know already about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens...we knew about them after the first movie. Is it really necessary to post "new" pictures of the musical couple? Maybe I am just jealous (check that...I'm not...has Zac even reached puberty yet? J/K) . I want to know what you think. Is Zac Efron worth all the excitement? Am I being to synical? Is there something better I should be writing about?
Ooh, I just thought of another good one. Movies with Myspace Accounts. This is a rant. Movie companies are getting cheap and it's ticking me off. An EBUZZ colleague (you know who you are Ms. Gossip Guru) mentioned that I should check out the trailer for the upcoming Amanda Bynes movie, "Sydney White"...thinking it might be something I'd be interested in. So I googled it thinking I'd be directed to the movies website with clips, trailers, pictures, etc. Instead I was taken to a dummy page directing me to visit the movies "official MySpace site". I'm sorry but MySpace sites DON'T COUNT!!! There is nothing there. You can view the trailer...check out all Sydney's "friends" and sign up for stupid prizes and crap...but very little is given in the way of the movie itself. This is not the first movie that has been promoted this way (I feel like John Tucker Must Die is another example) and I feel this is a cop out. I want an official site. I want to be able to learn about the film before I spend money I don't have going to see it. I could care less how many MySpace "friends" think the movie is worthwhile...hell most people just friend movies in hopes that a star will "friend" them back...or write on their wall or whatever. Well people, let me be the barer of bad news: IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Sorry. SO there is my rant for the day. Feel free to comment on this also.

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