Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Gotta Whole Lotta Nothin'

The title says it all. J. Lo. getting money from her ex for some tell-all book isn't interesting enough for me to write or rant about (and yet I just did...didn't I?).
So before I go into my rant for the day...I want to thank all of you (any reader out there I may actually have) that went to Festifall today at UofM. Spreading the word about WOLV is important...and for those of you who helped at the booth I thank you.
Ok, now that's settled. Time for my latest rant. By the way, does rant sound bad? Does it make me out to be a big complainer? Maybe I should change my verbage. Really I'm just lazy and rant seems to be an easy way to describe these pathetic excuses for a column. See, I'm getting off track again. Dang me.
So I am about ready to kill Comcast...and believe it or not it ISN'T about the Big Ten Network (although I'm pissed about that too. I'm thinking I should move back into the dorms just so I can get it.) My cable has been royally screwed up since I've moved into my apartment. My internet sometimes works, sometimes doesn't (more often than not it doesn't) and the TV is iffy on whether or not it wants to actually air programming. I've called them so many times their number is now programmed into my speed dial (I wish I were joking). The good news is: Now I can watch TV...the Bad news: for the last week I've been left to fend for myself. Now those of you that know me know that I am a TV/movie junkie. I have to have TV. Mostly because I would much rather watch people pretending to live a life than to actually live out my own pathetic one. That and I like to take notes for the screenplays I write (yes I'm a dork. It's no secret.) So...anyways...the point of all that was to explain why I spent an hour searching my ITunes movie catalogue the other day. Backing up a quick step further...let me just say my new favorite show is "8 Simple Rules". It is based in Detroit and the stars always wear Michigan clothing and there are always Michigan props on the sets. For this reason, and the late John Ritter, David Spade, James Garner, and Kaley Cuoco...I like this show. It is brainless, funny, and right up my ally. I was searching for episodes of that when I came across the Kaley Cuoco, Caroline Rhea movie "Fat Like Me". Now that title was an eye catcher. So I read a review and decided for three dollars I'd give it a shot. Plus I thought the content might hit home.
For a Lifetime original piece of entertainment I would like to say how thoroughly impressed I was. I have watched the ABC news piece on which the movie is based. For those of you with now clue what I'm talking about...a producer at ABC got a high school prom- queen popular skinny chick to wear a fat suit and attend a high school for a day. Kids were incredibly mean to her and the undercover show documented her efforts. The Lifetime movie is based VERY loosely on that project. The movie is very well acted and its content touches on a lot of difficult issues. It was emotional, interesting, and all in all well worth my three dollars. For those of you with cable difficulties...or free time (I don't know maybe I'm the only loser who has it) I suggest taking a look. It originally aired in January of 07. I doubt it will be winning any Oscars (or any awards for that matter) any time soon...but that's not really the point of it. It is a lot like a Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan film...only this one has a point and two good actors in it (that's right...I went there).
And, before I forget, I'll be doing a sneak peak of fall programming coming soon (that actually does tie in with all this because the aforementioned Kaley Cuoco has a new show this fall on CBS I'll be previewing) so if there is something you'd like to share, or would like me to look in to please let me know.
Well I need to get back to my mundane life now. I have a history text calling my name (hey I've procrastinated up to this point...aren't you proud of me? I know my mom would be. LOL)


Ryler32 said...

See Kaley Cuoco's new show called The Big Bang Theory this Fall Monday's
on CBS starting September 24 starting on September 24 at 8:30PM.. I have seen the pilot and it is very, very funny. It comes from Two and Half Men's
Chuck Lorre. This could be the next hit show.

See clips from the show here :

or see clips here :

Jenny said...

Comcast BLOWS!!! I have been without cable for the last two weeks. I even live on campus (well, Northwood... but C'MON). I share your pain, Kate. I have been watching old Grey's episodes for two weeks because they are online... and free :) Let me just say this cable situation best be worked out by the time the new fall programing starts up, or someone at Comcast will feel my wrath.

I'll see you Thursday at the EBuzz meeting. I'm VERY excited for the new season!