Monday, August 27, 2007

Teen Choice Awards

I confess. I Tivo'd the Teen Choice Awards. I had too. Everytime I don't watch something noteworthy happens--Lindsay's commando acceptance, for example. So I fastforwarded through it this morning. First of all, the producers of that show are sheer genius. They reuse all their celebrities in order to fill their show. Zac Efron won two awards and presented and each time he was on stage it was three minutes of screaming girls. Jessica Alba was another example of a winner/presenter who gave the show and crowd a boost. Well done.
Hilary Duff and Nick Cannon were the hosts. Hilary has hosted before and as a result I was nervous. Her past foray into hosting wasn't entirely successful. BUT, she and Nick certainly pulled this one off. And this is why: The show opened with a spoof of High School Musical-they called it the reunion and it had a bunch of fifty plus old people dancing to the title tracks. From there it got even better. Nick showed Hilary a video of a "scary" ride he went on during the week. It was a go-kart ride called "Lindsay's Wild Ride." They spoofed Lindsay's drunk driving incident by having her drive a go-kart while drunk and get in an accident. If that weren't funny enough Hilary's reaction to the whole thing was hysterical (need I remind you about the Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter love triangle and ensuing chick fight?).
Anyways the whole bit was worth the Tivoing. Another funny note...Miley Cyrus won a few awards and wore this really skimpy dress and she started jumping up and down upon receipt of it and as a result was on the verge of a serious wardrobe malfunction. She was truly excited though so good for her.
If I heard one more shameless plug for the celebrity presenter or winner's next big project I was going to throw the Tivo remote at the TV. Then again if you can't promote your work why would you subject yourself to that lame-ass award show...

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