Monday, September 10, 2007

VMA= Vomiting May Arise

You would have thought Britney would have taken notes from Ashley Simpson. Lip-syncing is not good for the career...ESPECIALLY if your career is already heading down the toilet...and fast.
Britney tried to make her comeback while at the same time boost the ratings for the VMA's last night. Neither happened. In fact things went so poorly MTV has decided it won't air endless reruns of the event like it has in the past.
Let's look at the other reasons the show took a dive. Performers who were kind enough to actually grace us with their talents and NOT lipsync were only given about 30 seconds of air-time due to the seemingly endless stops for commercial breaks. Then there was the whole "private" lounge concept...which screwed up viewers and alienated those in attendance. I was utterly confused as to wear the real party was at and what was really going on back there.
The only reason that I am even writing about this monstrosity is because a column appearing on Yahoo! managed to cross the line, and in turn piss me off. Lyndsey Parker started off dissing Britney like the rest of us...but crossed the line when it came to the actress' appearance.
"a flabby physique that looked like it'd undergone only three minutes of its prescribed 8-Minute Abs routine..."
Now I agree Brit didn't look her best...HOWEVER what are we saying to young audiences when Brit's body is just as important as her dancing/singing ability (or lack thereof). She is by no means "fat". Should her body matter as far as the quality of her performance goes? This bewilders me. No wonder there are so many cases of eating both Hollywood and young women around the nation.
I read somewhere the other day an article about a Hilary Duff performance. The reviewer made a comment about how Hilary is finally stepping up her game. It wasn't talking about her singing or stage presence or the fact that she added a dance routine to her was talking about her body...and how she has finally slimmed down to a "sexy" body worth watching.
So this folks is where I leave the topic for the day. What do you think? Am I wrong in my opinions? Should image matter? Speak up!!!

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