Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WANTED: Shia LaBeouf

We know women want him, we know producers want him, but now the law wants him too. A warrant has been issued for Shia LaBeouf's arrest after the 21-year old Transformers star failed to appear in a California court. LaBeouf had received a citation for unlawful smoking on Feb. 18th. His failure to appear has meant a $1000 bench warrant.
None of this would have been an issue, Shia, if you didn't smoke in the first place. Didn't anyone ever tell you how bad that is for your health?
And, speaking of smoking, apparently Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff has picked up a nasty smoking habit which has left co-stars concerned for his well-being. I guess when you have millions of dollars spending a few bucks (or pounds) on a pack of cigarettes isn't a big deal.


Anonymous said...

it IS a bad habit

Anonymous said...

wow he's a cutie

Anonymous said...


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