Monday, March 24, 2008

Miley and Mandy who?

They garnered over a million hits on YouTube and they're making headlines on some of Hollywood's hottest entertainment sites (People, E!), but who is the "Mandy" of the "Miley and Mandy" show?
I figured the YouTube videos were popular because everyone wanted to see more of Disney's tween queen, Miley Cyrus, but after checking out a story on I've come to discover that there is more to this "Mandy" than meets the eye.
In the duo's latest video it is revealed that Mandy has joined a new all-girls group (she claims is a mix of the Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls only "age appropriate"). So does this now pave the way for friends of OTHER celebrities to become famous? If I'm best friends with Hilary Duff, for example, does that mean that I can weasel my way into the spotlight and score a gig thanks to her star power? What ever happened to people getting famous for ACTUALLY HAVING TALENT?
I refused to watch the webisodes to find out who this Mandy girl actually is and what her background may actually be...but I DID post their latest video here so you can see for yourself.

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