Friday, March 28, 2008


This is going, hopefully, to be a new segment to the blog. Below you'll find brief updates on what's going on in Hollywood and, of course, my witty banter to go along with it. Enjoy!

* Kenan making a trip to Hash Bash?
-SNL star Kenan Thompson (yeah you remember him from your "Kenan and Kel" and "All That" days) was pulled over for driving erratically. Police who approached the vehicle were then overwhelmed with the smell of pot and upon further investigation discovered Kenan's passenger had marijuana and rolling papers on him. I feel smoking pot may be a prerequisite for working at else would you find half of those skits funny?

* Jamie Lynn asking for over-priced baby goods
- The Zoey 101 star and her fiance did some registering for an upcoming baby shower at "Babies R Us". According to ETonline she registered for, "everything from a $759 Bugaboo FROG Stroller and a Cookie Monster Bath Towel to a variety of Baby Einstein products." The good news is that she went for the baby Einstein products. This could mean that at least ONE member of the Spears family will have half a brain.

* Lindsay Lohan has made another bad decision
- Linds has signed on to play one of Charles Manson's followers in the upcoming Manson Girls. This will be the third film in which she has starred that is based on a major historical figure. Apparently Lohan's pappa is unhappy with her decision. He claims he dislikes her choice and would prefer that she go back to doing the type of films that made her popular in the first place: fun family dramas/comedies. In other words...cheesy chick flicks. Hey I'm all for it.

* People watched The Hills
-Apparently life on Monday night was SO dull that Americans found themselves tuning in to MTV to watch The Hills. The 4.8 million viewers who tuned in gave the show the highest rating of the year for its target demographic. I just wish they'd stop calling it a "reality" show.

* Carrie and Chace cut ties
-All I have to say on this is YEAH!!! It's a lot easier to crush on someone when they're single. Now I just have to pray that Gossip Girl creators didn't turn Chace's character gay. As far as Carrie is concerned, I'm sure the "All American Girl" won't have too hard a time finding another piece of man candy.

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