Monday, March 3, 2008

Box Office Buzz

So I had the chance to see a few movies over break and thought I'd share some insight on them here.

VANTAGE POINT: Out of all the movies I saw this one took the cake. It's premise was certainly original and the acting was all-around well done. As with every film there are flaws, this one was slightly overdone and dragged out, but overall it was attention grabbing, unique, and worth the theater going experience.

UNTRACEABLE: The worst movie I have seen in a really long time. I was thoroughly disappointed on this one. The premise had tons of potential but the writing and acting never gave it a chance. The movie was slow, poorly edited, gory, and sadly predictable. I was crushed, and angry that I had paid good money to check this one out.

THE BUCKET LIST: Alright this one is SO not for the twenty-something crowd. I vacationed in an "old people village" aka retirement community, so it was fate that I got suckered into seeing this film. I actually had semi-high hopes considering Jack Nickelson, Morgan Freeman, and "Will and Grace's" Sean Hayes starred. I was duped though. What had been promoted as a comedy turned out to be a major Debbie Downer. While still a well written and acted film, it was NOT at all what it was advertised to be. If you're looking for a feel good film you ventured into the totally wrong territory.

I don't know about anyone else but I REALLY want to see "The Other Boleyn Girl". I am a fan of Natalie Portman and combining her talents with those of Scarlett Johannson and Eric Bana should make for a great film. The film is based on a novel, which I haven't read but relatives of mine have and loved it. This worries me slightly if those also wishing to watch this film also read the book. Just remember going in to it that these are two separate mediums and thus should be judged individually. If the movie doesn't stick precisely to the book don't get your panties all in a twist.
COLLEGE ROAD TRIP: The fact I even mentioned this stupid movie in my blog is shameful. But in order to make fun of it, I had to mention it. Is Martin Lawrence in such a slump that he had to stoop to doing a Disney film with RAVEN? Come on. And can anyone tell me a single other project (Cosby doesn't count) NOT associated with Disney that Raven has been in? I ALMOST feel sorry for her. She's never going to shake that label if she continues to ride the mouse express (then again maybe she doesn't have a choice). You know a movie is bad when even it's trailer is painful to watch.


cheekies28 said...

I was disappointed by The Other Boleyn Girl. I didn't think that it got good until almost the end. The fake accents were bad and the hair extensions were...frightening. HOWEVER, the end of it did leave me almost in tears. So, yay? Besides, anything that combines Eric Bana and kissing/beds/lack of clothing is ok by me.

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