Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Lohan Reality Show? Are you for real?

E! has announced that coming soon viewers can delve deep into the lives of Dina and Ali Lohan in a new reality series. I almost vomited. I can't tell which is worse, the fact that Dina is pimping out another one of her children, or the fact that audiences are going to have to watch as Hollywood attempts to pump out another, more sober version, of Lindsay.
This is another case of "my sibling is famous so why can't I be famous too!" Previous examples include: Ashley Simpson (who also had a 'reality' show, by the way), Haylie Duff (she got some lover for her part in "Napoleon Dynamite" but when your follow up is "Material Girls" you know you've got problems), Kay Panabaker (she's trying to steal the spot vacated in the Disney lineup by big sis Danielle who can currently be seen on CBS's "Shark"). I could go on but I don't have that much time and you don't really care. The point has been made. Good talent is being passed up so that the industry can cash in on name recognition all the while praying that talent is genetic.
The only good news this show brings, is the fact that we can see first hand what a shitty mom/manager Dina is in public (unless of course E! does us the disservice of editing that part out and making her look angelic).


Anonymous said...

Kay Panabaker is a really sweet and talented actress and believe me, she is not trying to become famous because of Danielle. She doesn't even care about fame, and she just loves to act. It's true she got into acting after Danielle did, but they both started getting big jobs at the same time. Don't forget, Kay was on Summerland before Danielle was on Shark.

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cheekies28 said...

ok. there is absolutely NO talent in the lohan family. lindsay SUCKS. her sister SUCKS. the LAST thing they need is a reality show. the least they could do is wait for the other lohan kids to go to rehab. come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.