Monday, March 31, 2008

The Buzz

*Will you have "The Right Stuff"?
-What seems like forever ago EBUZZ reported that "New Kids On the Block", the precursor to the boy band blitz that was "Backstreet Boys", "NSYNC" and "98 Degrees", would be making a comeback. The wait is over! The reunion will kick off with an April 4th appearance on the Today show.
I just want to know whether they are going to bring back the dancing because after listening to a few of their songs I've discovered their vocals were NOT what made them popular.

*Speaking of Today...
-Matt Lauer has announced that Kathy Lee Gifford will be appearing on daytime TV again when she joins the fourth hour of the Today show starting April 7th.
Honestly, do they think a 54 year old has-been is going to help their ratings?

*Anything You can do I can do better.
-Nickelodeon is obviously feeling the pressure from the recent slew of Disney's successful TV shows/movies. The kids network has decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. If the Naked Brothers Band wasn't enough of a rip off of Hannah Montana, the network is now set to produce Spectacular a made for TV movie that draws from High School Musical's success.
According to, "Spectacular centers on a preppy high school girl who is part of the school's Spectacular choir. The group is in sad shape, with its most talented members either having graduated or been stolen away by a rival squad. The preppy sees salvation in a cocky rock guy who reluctantly joins the choir to win a money prize that would finance his rock 'n' roll dreams. But the rocker doesn't factor in falling for the preppy girl."
If the male lead they cast looks ANYTHING like Zac Efron I'm going to laugh my a** off.

*A celebrity in the hospital because they are actually sick
-Normally when you hear a celeb has checked into a hospital it's because they've a)Gone crazy (Brit that's for you) or b.) are having drug or alcohol related issues (that's for everyone else). Jessica Simpson, however, is breaking that mold as she checked into Cedar's for an ACTUAL MEDICAL PROBLEM. Simpson was diagnosed with a Kidney infection

*Dude, "Wipe Out" could be like, totally narly
-Admit it, you love watching people biff. Don't lie. The kid who tried running on the ice and face planted made you day. And, that is what ABC is banking on. The network is teaming up with Endemol USA to produce "Wipe Out", a new show hoping to capitalize on people's obsession with..well wiping out. If you have seen the show on Spike TV where the Japanese people run through the obstacle courses and suffer from horrific falls, then you've already previewed "Wipe Out" which will operate under a similar platform.

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