Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lohan short on dough?

Word on the street is that Lindsay Lohan is getting a little strapped for cash. The star's stints in rehab and lackluster box office performances are to blame for her diminishing bank account...that and her egregious spending habits.
In Touch weekly has reported that La Lohan has spent $315,000 on rehab, $1 million on hotel stays, and a stunning $70,000 on TANNING (honestly if you live in LA is paying for tanning really necessary? Haven't you heard of a beach and a bottle of bronzer?).
Sources say that Lindsay is starting to freak because offers just aren't flying in like they used to. Gee, I wonder why that would be? That's right, Lohan has done multiple stints in rehab, been to jail for a DUI, has gotten publicly reprimanded by former employers (Georgia Rule)...who WOULDN'T want to sign this 'star'? Add her personal baggage to the fact that her recent films haven't done so hot at the box office and you've got a career going down the tubes.
What saddens me is that Lindsay will probably come out of all this smelling like roses. She'll release another shitty album, put out a few more lackluster yet money making films, and do some career saving interviews to propel herself back to the top.
Before that happens though...I'd really like to see her having to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Is that sad?

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