Monday, March 24, 2008

Gossip Guy Gay?

According to a TVGuide article, when The CW's "Gossip Girls" hits airwaves again this spring, one of its leading men will be coming out of the closet. The article wouldn't say which Upper East Sider would be switch-hitting, but it did give "clues" so fans of the show could guess.
Here is how I feel about this: 1) Yeah for including another homosexual character on prime time TV. 2) Dan (Penn Badgley's character) was gay in the book, so it'd be true to form to find a homosexual character in the TV series as well. 3) It sure as hell better NOT be Dan or Nate...I'm having too much fun crushing over their characters. I vote either Chuck (who totally looks like he could go both ways) or Eric (Serena's brother)-that could explain his attempted suicide. I just like Dan and Serena together too much for him to flip sides, and Nate has too much drama with his coked out dad to have to deal with coming out of the closet.
Either way we'll find out when "Gossip Girls" hits the airwaves again soon!

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