Saturday, March 1, 2008

TV for next season. Are you favorites making a comeback?

Yahoo! has just released it's list of TV shows destined to either make the cut for a new season or get cut. It seems to be good news for the majority of the shows aimed at the 20-something audience. The CW is predicted to bring back it's new hit "Gossip Girls" which will also air an additional five episodes this season. The show, starring "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" Blake Lively, has gotten lots of buzz in it's first season thanks in part to its racy story-lines and cult book following.
Another 20-something comedy perfect for college students is "The Big Bang Theory". If you haven't already checked out CBS's new hit from the creators of "Two and a Half Men" you certainly need to do so. Not only will you be able to catch about five more episodes this year, but you'll be able to see season two as CBS has already extended the show's life into next year. "The Big Bang Theory" stars "8 Simple Rules" Katie Coucuo and is about this group of nerds who live next door to your stereotypical dumb blonde. Where this story-line may sound lackluster, the plots are hilarious and the subject matter is perfect for the educated masses.
Michigan alum Lucy Lui won't be making a comeback on ABC's "Cashmere Mafia". The show got neither critical support, nor the audience support to bring it back.
"7th Heaven" got the axe after 11 seasons last year, but the CW tried to keep that winning family drama formula alive this year with "Life is Wild". Shot on location is Southern Africa the show had a beautiful backdrop, but cheesy plots and poor ratings will keep it from making a post-strike comeback. Yahoo! reports the cast is already out of Africa...meaning show's over.
Another CW drama in trouble is "Reaper". "Stick Its" Missy Peregrym and company gave the network high hopes after what critics called "a nearly flawless pilot". But, viewers haven't taken the bait thus leaving the future of this one uncertain.
"Grey's Anatomy" fans that found themselves addicted to "Private Practice" can rejoice. Kate Walsh and company will be making a season two comback.


Ryler32 said...

The Big Bang Theory is coming back this season with 9 new episodes. It starts on Monday, March 17 at a new time slot of 8:00 ET/PT. Be there, great show.

Charles said...

nooooooo not Reaper

Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this entertaining audio interview with Bill Prady, co-creator of "The Big Bang Theory." Prady's other writing and producing credits include "Gilmore Girls," "Muppets in Space," "Dream On," and even an episode of "Star Trek Voyager."